Zorgon is the Tritagonist of the film, Starseeds. He's played by Vin Diesel.


He was born on the Reptilian planet, Alpha Draconis. Zorgon was a soldier serving under King Drago. He was taken from his family when he was very young and has lived his entire life training to serve as a soldier.

Participating in a mission to Zeta Reticuli to abduct grey aliens, clone them and use them as slaves, Zorgon was horrified when was ordered to execute a disobeying Grey, and attempted to kill his master. But Drago was so skilled that a he quickly defended himself, knocked Zorgon out and ordered his comrades to arrest him and send him to his dungeon with a death penalty.

Powers Edit

Shape-Shifting: Reptilians can change into other people in order to hide their true identities. 

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