Vrillon is a supporting character from the film, Starseeds. He's portrayed by Sean Bean.


Vrillon is a Pleiadian from the Planet Erra. He is the father of Orion Johnston and ex-husband of Martha Johnston. Like most Pleiadians, he would come to Earth and hookup with humans. He met Martha when he went to a dinner and they started dating. Eventually they got married and had Orion. Vrillon wanted to take him to Erra for his Pleiadian training, but Martha disagreed and threatened to expose him to the government if he didn't leave. So, walked back into his shuttle and took off lonely and heartbroken.

Relationships Edit


  • Orion - Son
  • Martha - Ex-Wife


  • Ashtar - Commander
  • Semjase - Friend
  • Zorgon - Friend


  • Drago

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