Vanessa Land is a Character of the Scream Series. She appeared in The Scream. She is portrayed by Emily Osment.


The ScreamEdit

Vanessa Land is a friend of Isabelle Fletcher. Isabelle's boyfriend Logan was killed by a anoymous killer.

After Logan's death. Charlotte Cole notices that Isabelle isn't in school. She is afraid. Vanessa land says that Logan was murdered.

The same day, Vanessa land is making a test of her teacher Mr. Chapman of maths. She is done and walks out of the classroom to the toilet. Later somebody opens toilet room door and goes in. He knocks on her door. I am almost done she says. She opens the door and sees a man with a mask standing before her. He closes the door and attacks her. He picks her up and pushes her head in the toilet. The Scream flushes the toilet sometimes. Vanessa chokes and dies. The Scream walks out of the toilet room and closes the room by jumping to an open window and goes out of it.

The next day on school, a random girl goes go the toilet where she sees the death body of Vanessa. She screams and is shocked tells it to a teacher she first sees. He says to other people and soon the whole school knows it.

Relationships Edit



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