This is a template for movie ideas. Please describe clearly to prevent misunderstandings. The italic text is default so overwrite it with your ideas. Description, Synopsis, Plot, and Cast are permitted, so don't forget to create them! Delete everything before the description before publishing the page.

      Describe in what franchise your movie is. If it is a Original Movie, say the genre of your movie. Also, you could tell when your movie comes out, if it is a sequel or has sequels and which actors/actress returns or plays in the movie. You could also add who the director, writer, and producer of this movie idea.


Tell shortly what your movie is about. Or give a description where the movie starts and what happened before the movie.


Describe clearly everything that happens in your movie. Also don't forget to describe it as a story.

Deleted ScenesEdit

Here you could add scenes that you had in your mind, but didn't add it into the movie (your spare ideas). If you don't have a deleted scene in your mind, delete this heading.


Here you could add some important quotes in your movie. If you don't have Quotes, deleted this topic.


Add every actor and actress that plays in your movie. Don't forget to add who this actor and actress play in your movie.    

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