The Tolkien Legacy Project is an ongoing cinematic universe of films based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, created by JackMiner11. The film series will cover the history of Middle-Earth throughout all three of it's ages. It Is currently being written, with the films based on The Lord Of The Rings to be released first.

After the Lord Of The Rings, JackMiner11 will go back and make the films about the first and second ages of Middle-Earth.

List of Films Edit

Films Based On The Silmarillion Edit

The War Of Powers Edit

The Rebellion Of The Noldor Edit

The Fall Of The Noldor Edit

Untitled Film Set In Beleriand Edit

Beren and Luthien Edit

The Children Of Hurin Edit

Untitled Fall Of Gondolin Film Edit

The War Of Wrath Edit

Films About The Second Age And Sauron Edit

The Downfall Of Numenor Edit

The Rings Of Power Edit

The Last Alliance Edit

Untitled Angmar Film Edit

Possible Angmar Sequel Edit

Films Based On The Hobbit Edit

Untitled First Hobbit Film Edit

Untitled Second Hobbit Film Edit

Films Based On The Lord Of The Rings Edit

The Ring Sets Out Edit

The Ring Goes South Edit

The Treason Of Isengard Edit

The Ring Goes East Edit

The War Of The RIng Edit

The End Of An Age Edit

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