The school of monsters: the movie- the mythical strike is about a book i'm writing, The school of monsters: the mythical strike. the book is about when Mike Scarings saves Dracula from a gang of mutants and is rewarded my taking in part of a school of monsters in England, where New Transylvania is located.

the movie is based off my idea for my book. the idea is that Terrence Richer, descendant of a famous monster hunter, sides with the mutants to follow his ancestor's legacy and destroy all monsters, but is defeated by Mike Scarings, and teams up with an army of mythical creatures to destroy the school in New Transylvania. the movie is an action movie.


It's about an evil boy and mutants who teams up with mythical creatures to destroy a school in New Transylvania, but is defeated.


When Mike Scarings saves Dracula from a gang of mutants on Halloween by buying him a plane ticket and giving him sunscreen, he is rewarded by being invited to a school of monsters in New Transylvania, England. he makes friends with a mummy, the son of Frankenstein, and a vampire at the school, while having fun and making new inventions. after Mike stops a gang of mutants invading the school, the toughest mutant, Timemaster, makes a plan to bring Sheila Richer's descendant to their side. when he joins them, he attacks the school of monsters, and when he fails, he teams up with an army of mythical creatures for the ultimate attack, and is beaten my Mike, the kid that he picked on for years, and then he is crowned king of the mutants, and sends the 4 toughest mutants, other than Timemaster, to destroy Mike. then the screen says "to be continued".

Deleted ScenesEdit

driving around looking for the school, and watching TV.


" the mutants will all fall to the might of the mutants!"    

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