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The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants is an action cartoon movie where the characters of the two popular American cartoons go to war. All of the voice actors will remain as the same as the ones in the regular shows.


Bikini Bottom turns up to be in chaos after many things from above come down. The Krusty Krab gets a letter saying that some people from the land are destroying their life - The Simpsons characters. The SpongeBob characters come up from the ocean to get revenge for what Springfield has done.


The movie starts with SpongeBob walking out of the Krusty Krab after a day of work. He is happy because he had a good day, and it was going to become better since he was going to have sex wth Sandy. However, he looks back at the Krusty Krab to see a rocket falling down. it is aimed toward the center of the place and is spiraling. SpongeBob panics and gets a shield. However, on the way, he gets pushed back from an explosion. He looks back again to see that most of the Krusty Krab has blown up. "Hmm...I wonder what caused this." He sprints to Patrick's house and sees a laying Patrick on his bed. He hears SpongeBob coming in and he sleepwalks to him. "Ahh! Patrick, you scared the crap out of me. Stop acting like a fricking zombie." He then explains how the Krusty Krab blew up and that Patrick might not be able to eat another Krabby Patty in his life. Patrick, honestly mad, swears that he will get revenge on the douches that destroyed his stuff. The duo gets some guns that were stored in Patrick's bomb shelter, which is actually connected to the rock. They get loaded with weapons, armor, and ammo. However, when they go up, they see that Bikini Bottom is on flames! Many choppers are above, shooting the ground and blowing up stuff. Citizens are running all over the place. Bikini Bottom had become hell!

Patrick, ignoring the chaotic situation runs up as fast as he can go (which is not that fast) and he fires his AK-47 without reloading. However, because he is not reloading, he runs out of ammo and keeps shooting when nothing comes out. Someone in a chopper comes down a ladder and throws a grenade in Patrick's mouth. Patrick quickly gets it out and throws it back into a jet, destroying it and killing a shooter. However, the jet above is about to fall on him, so he dives back into the shelter. SpongeBob looks outside to see if Patrick did anything, but a bullet is coming down at him and hits him in a hole. He takes the bullet out on his own, but he notices something peculiar - there's a note on it. He opens it up, but he is shocked to see what is in it.

"Not Dear Bikini Bottom,

You guys suck. You are corrupt and are fricking terrible. You are shit. Go frick yourself and come back when you have a good city.


742 Evergreen Terrace"

"Wait..." SpongeBob said, "that's not a name. No one has numbers for names. And must be an address. Who would be stupid enough to put their address?"

The scene then cuts to the Simpson's house. Bart Simpson was walking downstairs with a full suit of armor and a machine gun. He says that it's time to take guard and that's he's expecting a reaction from Bikini Bottom - in war. "Eh, that's great, boy," Homer says. "Go do whatever the hell you want." However, Marge doesn't like the sound of this, saying that Bart might go to war, but he's only 10. What is he going to do against a war? Well, if one even happens. However, Bart runs out and starts firing several packs of bullets in the sky since he saw a jet. "Marge, pass me a beer," Homer says after he throws an empty one that he was drinking. "Homer, it's not even 9:00 in the morning yet, and you had 12 beers. IN THE LAST HOUR!" Marge realized that she was a little angrier than usual, but the fact that Homer is letting his son be in a war, that they sent a hate letter to Bikini Bottom, and that Homer is very drunk is making her annoyed. Bart comes running in, saying that he shot the jet out of the sky. "Yes! I killed SpongeBob!" he yells, when a huge jet, assumingly the one that he shot out of the sky, comes crashing down into their backyard. However, they see it's just Mr. Burns, Homer's boss at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. "AH! Mr. Burns!" Homer yells, with Burns replying with "Who are you?" "Homer Simpson!," Homer says, and Burns keeps saying "who?" He comes storming into the house with a gun filled with nuclear waste and bullets. Bart was running down the street causing chaos while Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Maggie were in the house. They hid for cover in the closet when Homer and Marge take off their clothes and have sex. Lisa and Maggie, however, are more scared of this than Mr. Burns, so they run out knock Mr. Burns down with one little slap (since Mr. Burns is very weak). Marge and Homer are then walking downstairs, and Lisa asks what they were doing. "Umm....well, Lisa, we were...uh....having our way" Marge says. "EW!" replies Lisa.

The movie cuts to Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob is running for safety in his house. He still has the letter, and he looks at it again. "Yep, this is definitely an adress," he says, looking straight at the 742 Evergreen Terrace part. He goes to a computer and looks this up, but he realizes something - "Wait....if I'm underwater, then how can I use a com-" as the computer explodes. Instead, he goes to his TV so he could get his mind off of this. He turns on FOX, where The Simpsons is on. He then hears 742 Evergreen Terrace on it - the Simpson's address! He runs over to Squidward's house. "Squidward! The Simpsons are going to get us," he cries, with Squidward not knowing who they are. "Who the hell are The Simpsons?" "They're the family that's behind the plan to destroy Bikini Bottom!," SpongeBob replies, running to the town hall. "Oh god!" Squidward yells, following him. Everybody in Bikini Bottom starts walking towards it as it cuts to the inside of it. SpongeBob is at the podium, with a mic. "People of Bikini Bottom, you are well aware of the terrorist attacks here at Bikini Bottom. I found the culprit!" Everybody gasps, except for Patrick, who is coming out of the bathroom after taking a huge shit. "Umm....anyway, Patrick and I found an address on a letter from a terrorist. It said 742 Evergreen Terrace!" Everybody is thinking hard when a voice is heard.

"742 Evergreen Terrace? That's the address of the Simpson family!" He says, with SpongeBob being confused. "Yes, but how do you know?" He questions, as the mysterious voice says that he is a character in The Simpsons! "I'm Scratchy the cat and I'm gonna blow you all up!" A bomb then goes off as the SpongeBob SquarePants characters flying out, landing towards Patrick's bomb shelter. "Quick, everyone! Grab weapons, armor, and ammo! We're going to the surface!" SpongeBob demands, with everybody flooding the shelter. Squidward is standing out, yelling "Out! Out! Out!" Everybody in Bikini Bottom is now a huge army fighting for anti-terrorism.

SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are leading the gang, with Gary in SpongeBob's arm. They reach the surface, but SpongeBob realizes something. "Oh yeah....we need stupid water helmets." The movie shows a time card saying "One Boring Part Later," as everybody is flying out of the water in jets, racing to Springfield, Oregon, the city the Simpsons live in. However, when they all uncover the jet covers to test weapons, Pearl Krabs remembers that she forgot to put on a water helmet and suffocates to death. SpongeBob is mad and yells "One down! One down! Full speed ahead!"

Meanwhile, at the Simpson's residence, Homer and Marge are walking out of their bedroom after sex. Lisa comes to them and says "Mom, dad, I don't know where Bart is." "I don't care. As long as he goes to Moe's and gets me some Duff, I-" Homer replies. Lisa then walks into the backyard and is questioning the whole situation. However, a grenade is shown coming down, so she dives back into the house while some of the backyard is blown up. She immediately tells Marge. "Mom, mom, I have something to tell you! A gre-." At that moment, Bart came running into the house with a letter. Bart says that he found the letter that says:

"Not Dear Springfield,

You think you're so clever sending the letter signed with the Simpson's address, don't you? Well, we're coming up and taking revenge for your damn shit. Two wrongs don't usually make a right, but they do in this case! See ya, you piles of frick!

Worst Regards,

Your Enemies"

"This MUST be from Bikini Bottom!" Bart exclaimed, and then heard a very loud sound. Homer looked outside to see everyone running out with weapons and getting to cover. He then saw some choppers and jets above. The war officially started.

Deleted ScenesEdit

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  • The part where Mr. Burns says "who?" to when Homer keeps saying "Homer Simpson" is a reference to the The Simpsons episodes "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 1" and "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2."
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