Simon, his friends and wife return to the year 3017. To a startled woman. She says they need to finish college. So Simon is put in grad school and the others are to finish college. But what happens when they meet a long lost brother, and a boy who rivals the girl's new band.


Colbie remembers the future wishes she could go back, so Simon builds a time traveling veichle and go to 3017. But accidentally crashes into McKendrick College, Colbie's old college. The principal informs them that they need to finish college. So they Return and Simon goes to grad school. Simon then wants to meet Colbie at a Mexican restraunt at a shopping center Simon knew from the past. But then he gets news she was attacked in a restroom. He rushes to the restroom and finds her knocked out and a man who has powers like Ushana. Simon then attacks him and knocks him into a coma. Colbie wakes up and says she feels weird. She turns out to be pregnant. She then tells how she was attacked. Bit later she became gigantic. But then she goes into labor and Simon gets the baby out, but it's not a baby, it's an 18 year old named James. Simon is confused and realizes that the person who attacked her wanted to kill her but it went wrong and this happened.

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Ben Platt= Simon Landers