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The Phillippines: The Documentary is a TV documentary based on the Phillipines. The TV documentary was produced by BBC. The documentary is narrated by David Attenborough. The total running time is 97 minutes, but the first airings of the documentary cut it up into 3 parts to air one by one.

Parts Edit

Part 1: Nature Edit

From the mountains of North Luzon, to the reefs of the Sulu Sea, this part is about the nature of the Phillippines. Running Time: 32 minutes

Part 2: Culture Edit

From it's yummy cuisines, to it's rich christianity focused culture, in this part we follow the culture of he people of the Phillipines. Running Time: 34 minutes

Part 3: History Edit

In this final part, we look at the Phillippines' rich history. Running Time: 31 minutes

Trivia Edit

  • David Attenborough, the narrator of this documentary is also the narrator of Planet Earth II