The micronal poster

The Micronal is a science fiction movie will be released in july 15, 2020

Plot Edit

Ryan Johnson purchased the black camaro and got it his home in 2017 at RyanLand city, california, USA. Ryan go to pizzeria and ordered pizza and eating the pizza at Ryan's pizzeria world. Ryan go to club and his dancing said "at last dancing and his awesome!".

Ryan Got Kindapped by fan and was rescued by hero. Ryan Go to las venturas and go to new home at las venturas. Ryan did create a youtube channel. Ryan created YouTube channel and records the first fidget spinner video. Ryan Uploaded first fidget spinner Video and was 861 views and 68 subscribers. Ryan records first gaming video and uploaded to YouTube and was 87,817 views and 7,917 subscribers

Ryan Go to united kingdom and got his home voyage at london, england at his home at YouTubers of dantdm and Pewdiepie. Ryan Creates the robot car called "CAMAROA113" at cars construction robots at his home of the micronal at his result of the united kingdom

Cast Edit

  • Dylan Jones as Ryan johnson
  • Jessica jones as Sammy statin
  • Dan Middleton as Dantdm
  • Felix kjellberg as Pewdiepie
  • Ryan Bertan as Bertan Jones

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