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This article is rated PG, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for users the age of 7 and under.

The Man Of Christmas is an animated action-comedy movie idea created by (A FANDOM User).


Matt, a 17 year old, is excited for Christmas. Then, he decides to take his family's presents because his sibling Mike told him that everyone will get a present. Now the family is chasing him. Will he dodge them?


The movie starts with Matt looking at the sky saying Oh boy! Tommorow is Christmas!. Then his sibling, Mike, came in and said Everyone will get a present!. That made Matt weirded out. He said to himself Damn! Why everyone in my family will get a freakin' present?!! I'll take their presents! Hehehe....

Cast Edit

  • Seth Green as Matt
  • Grant Palmer as Mike
  • Caleel Harris as Bob/Simon/Charles

Reasons why this movie was rated PGEdit

  • Matt says Damn and freakin' at the beginning (as you can see in the plot)
  • Lots of kicking and punching (blood briefly shown)
  • Matt's dad is seen drinking whisky.

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