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Simon lived a peaceful life away from everyone in a nice home when all of a sudden a ship from the future crashes with people on board which causes him problems.


Simon was peacefully watching TV and sipping his coffee when all of a sudden he heard a loud crash. He ran to see what happened and there was a weird looking thing in his front yard. Out stepped 3 girls (Colbie, Cindy, and Jody) and 2 boys (Caleb and Jared). They look at him in shock. They then start attacking him. They turn into these metal things and fight Simon. But he is able to get these 3 medals and get the same power. He then used a Phoenix blast to knock them out. But then a portal opens and an evil man comes out. He then blasts all of them with dark magic. Simon hurt badly like the others lead them to a hill. There is a secret base in the hill that Simon used years ago when he was in the navy. They exchange names and talk. The reason they attacked Simon was because he looked like an enemy of there's named Jackson. Simon learns that those powers are of the medal warriors. He also figures out that they are all 21, and he's 23. They come back to fight the man (named Ushana). Ushana tortures them with his power but Simon breaks through and destroys him. But Ushana resurrects himself and blasts them real hard. They then all do there final attacks and destroy him for good. Three years later they are at a Marco's pizza. Simon has been dating Colbie for 2 years and finally proposes to her. And they all lived happily ever after.... for now.

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Ben Platt= Simon Landers

Rachelle Ann Go= Colbie Song

Eva Nobledza= Cindy Chang

Phillipa Soo= Jody

Joseph Morales= Caleb Holt

Christopher Fitzgerald= Jared Larkins

Deep Roy=Ushana