The Amazing World Of Gumball The Movie is an upcoming 2018 film by Cartoon Network it will be released August 31, 2018 by Warner Bros And Cartoon Network Movies.


Gumball loses his memory, Darwin gets sent to the sewer again, Alan is 14 and gets a girlfriend Penny Firgetrized.


The film opens to the Watterson's House, Gumball and Darwin are playing a videogame their mother says it is time for school. In class Miss Simian is doing math she calls out to Ian he says 4 times 3 is 12 okay. Darwin says he knows the answer Gumball mimick's Darwin then says the f word then Gumball then Lesile then Banana Joe then Penny Gumball then says how would you like to suck my head they are suspended for 2 weeks and are disquallaified from the end of the year blast celebration. On the home Nicole Watterson Is mad at her son's for getting expelled at school she says that Gumball and Darwin where grounded for 1 week with no video games. two weeks later it's the last day of Elmore High Miss Simian gives an report card to Gumball saying he got an D minus. That summer Alan sees Penny and walks over to her asking her if he wants her to be his boyfriend. Gumball is shocked and is confused he slaps himself and faints. At home Gumball is seen lying on the couch at 1 in the morning. He then sees that his parents are gone and he screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. Gumball wakes up saying he had a nightmare and goes to the kitchen and hears his mom getting a call from his teacher Miss Simian. Nicole says she heard that he got a D minus and he is grounded for 2 more weeks she states that she is going to flush Darwin done the toilet. 2 weeks later Darwin wakes up finding himself in a ocean. Back at home Gumball tells his family he thinks he lost his memory and needs help. An hour later he gets his memory back and he is said that Darwin is gone. So he walks to save his brother. He does not give up when he makes it he tells Darwin he was sorry for saying the f word in school. They walk home, Nicole and Richard are happy their children were safe. The Wattersons sing be your own you as the scene backs from Elmore and goes to the title. THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL as the credits roll.

In the post scene of credits, Banana Joe is singing the banana song from the first season he laughs, ending the film.

Deleted ScenesEdit



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