StingyFan2017 gets grounded The Movie is a 2017 animated film based on the grounded series of the same name. It is directed by Garry Tvincen, known for hosting Who wants to Kill StingyFan2017. It was released on unknown date, unknown month, 2017


StingyFan2017 does something bad at school, gets grounded for 1234567890123456789012345678901234 years, runs away and gets even more grounded for 12345678901 eternities.


It was a normal Monday. It was normal until StingyFan2017 broke Garry's phone! Garry is so pissed at StingyFan2017, so he grounds him for 11234567890123456789012345678901234 years. After telling him to kill himself in his room, StingyFan2017 slaps his father and runs away. Garry, now Garry The Teeth Guy, chases after him. After 60 minute chase, he lost him. Exhausted, Garry The Teeth Guy calls the cops to chase him. Meanwhile in Tokyo, StingyFan2017 is hiding in Japan, but he stalks a long socked girl with a uniform and tries to kiss her, revealing that the school girl is actually Officer Alkson. He tries to arrest him, but StingyFan2017 kill him, running away. Before StingyFan2017 got away, an officer arrested him and send him back to Garry. Garry was so pissed out of StingyFan2017, he grounded him for 12345678901 eternities.

Deleted ScenesEdit

When StingyFan2017 was about to kill Officer Alkson, he accidentally sprayed him, bursting two of them in laughter.

When Garry grounded StingyFan2017 in the end, he ungrounded him, bursting StingyFan2017 in laughter, making Garry disappointed and desperate.


"You are grounded for 1234567890123456789012345678901234 years." -Garry Tvincen Edit

"Die copper!" "I gave you a chance to leave me alone, but you blew it." "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa worst day ever!" - StingyFan2017 Edit


John Vintamilla as himself, DanielFan7102

Jamari Chin as himself, Scott Nukey Nukeman

Kitty Harley as Kitty, Lucia Tried, Eric Ukelele

Sophie as herself

Tristan as himself

Marek as StingyFan2017

Garry Tvincen as Garry and Garry The Teeth Guy    

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