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Star Wars VIII: The Force Wars it's a movie created by Astral-New-X, ignoring all the events that will be shown on The Last Jedi.

Plot Edit

A long time ago, in a far, far, far galaxy...


Luke Skywalker disappeared, and a terrorist organization known as the First Order, leadered by the devilish Darth Snoke and emerged by the remains of the Galactic Empire, wants to find and kill Luke and have control of all the galaxy, however, the Princess Leia, with the help of the NEW REPUBLIC, leads a RESISTANCE against the FIRST ORDER. After a very big part of the Republic was destroyed by the Starkiller Base, that was destroyed later by the Resistence, the -possibly- new Jedi, Rey, travels to the planet Ach-To to find Luke Skywalker....


After the events of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, Rey travelled alongside Chewbacca and RD-D2 to the hidden planet known as Ach-To, the planet where Luke Sywalker is hidden. The heroes travelled in the Millenium Falcon to a rocky island. Finally, Rey climbs alone the mountain of one island, where she faces an elder Luke. The, Rey shows to Luke his lightsaber, that actually belongs to her. Luke tells Rey that its time to the Jedis to end. Rey replies to Luke that the Resistance was able to destroy the Starkiller Base, however, almost all the New Republic was destroyed.

Luke tells Rey that the First Order will conquer the galaxy and there is nothing that can be done, however, Rey tries to convice him that there is still hope, and then, she asks Luke to train her. With no option, Luke accepts. First, Luke helps Rey to activate andc hold the lightsaber correctly, and then, Rey tries to use the lightsaber to attack and block the laser-beams Luke shots her with his gun, while Chewbacca and RD-D2, were on a shack in the same island. Finally, after many days of training, Rey completes her lightsaber training. Also, she learned some Force tricks, like the Attracting-Beam.

Meanwhile, after Finn awoke from his coma, he went with Poe Dameron and the Princess Leia to Han Solo´s funeral. During the funeral, Poe tells Leia that he will leave the Resistance to be with his family in Naboo, and Leia says she will miss him. Poe returns to the planet Naboo in another Wing-X ship where he is received by his wife, Laria Dameron and his sons, Lyn Dameron and Ken Dameron. The Princess Leia travels to the planet Coruscant.

Meanwhile, in the new secret base of the First Order in the planet Akaan´s moon, Naarian-5, Darth Snoke faces his apprentice, Kylo Ren and with Captain Phasma. Snoke reveals his plans of destroy the Resistance and the rests of the New Republic and create the New Galactic Empire, and sends the Sith Darth Caultdran to an abanoned battle-droid-fabric in Geonosis to re-create the droid army in favor of the First Order.

However, when Snoke convoked the Stormtroopers, they saw a mysterious Stormtrooper that had the symbol of the Resistance in his suit and the helmet of a Republic Clone Trooper. Snoke sent the Stormtroopers to attack him, however, the Trooper used a blue lightsaber to defeat them all, and said "Not all the Jedis died", then, many Resistance soldiers appeared beginning a battle, while Snoke and Kylo Ren scaped, Caultdran faced the mysterious Trooper in a lightsaber combat. Finally, Caultdran pushed the Trooper into a carrier track, where the Trooper lost his helmet.

Darth Caultdran was about to kill the Jedi, who was Laria Solo, the sister of Kylo Ren, however, Laria scaped and was saved by a mysterious pilot, who counducted her to a mysterious base in the moon of planet Garthakal, Lodrian-3. The pilot reveals to be Akir-Gon-Jin, the descendant of Qui-Gon-Jin (the master of Obi-Wan). Akir reveals Laria that he leads an organization named the New Jedis, formed by the ones who survived the Order-66 by scaping the galaxy or the kid Jedi apprentices who survived. Laria tells Akir that she didn´t known that he was leading a group formed by the restant Jedis.

Later, in the planet Geonosis, Darth Snoke, Darth Caultdran and Kylo Ren were re-activating many damaged battle-droids to re-star again the Clone Wars and destroy the rest of the New Republic and the Resistance, and also, they reactivate a massive weapon named the Light Cannon, an old weapon used by the now extint Clone Troopers to destroy enemy ships. Also, they capture NRKH-1218, a Stormtrooper who lose the legs and arms during The Force Awakens, and turns him into the "Final Weapon".

After that, Kylo Ren attacked Poe Dameron´s house in Naboo, trying to kill him. However, the Millenium Falcon, carrying Rey, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. They tried to defeat Kylo, but they failed, and Kylo murdered Poe with his red lightsaber. Rey tried to attack Kylo Ren, however, she was attacked by many Stormtroopers, however, Luke sacrified by using the Force to knock out all the Stormtroopers, but he was murdered by Kylo, who scaped.

Furious, Rey took Luke´s lightsaber and digged Luke´s body on the ground. She and her team returned to the Millenium Falcon taking Lyn and Ken with them, before leaving Naboo, Lyn and Ken took a pair of disfunctioning lightsabers. Meanwhile, the Princess Leia, Finn, and a group of pilots of the Resistance found the secret base of the New Jedis, and they proposed them to join to the Resistance to destroy the New Weapon of the First Order. They arrived in the base of Geonosis, that is now giant. The two groups faced among them and created a plan to destroy the Light Cannons.

Rey and Laria tried to reach the place where Kylo Ren was hidden, however, they were intercepted by Darth Caultdran, however, Rey and Laria were able to defeat him, who revealed to be the ex-senator Garthaan Kartrick. Suddenly, Kylo Ren appeared and used his lightsaber to cut Garthaan´s arms and finally, throwing him to the void. Finally, after defeating all the Stormtroopers and battle droids, Leia, Finn, Lyn, Ken and the rest of the group arrived at Snoke´s base.

Snoke tells them that it was too late, because the Cannons were about to send a light blasts to the other planets of the planetary system. The pilots tried to defeat Snoke but he murdered all and scaped, leaving the group with NRKH-1218, now called "Finale". Suddenly, Lyn and Ken actived accidentally the lightsabers: The one from Lyn is purple, and the one from Ken is green. While Ken tried to attack Finale, Lyn tried to destroy the Cannons.

After many attempts, Lyn was able to damage seriously the Cannons, however, she discovered that the Cannons were connected to the core of the planet, so if she destroys the Cannons, she will destroy the planet. Lyn decided to destroy the Cannons since Geonosis is desolated...

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