This is a movie project by Valeyard6282. It will eventually be converted into a movie idea, but for now, because of time restrictions, this movie series idea will be a project page where only the synopsis and casting is covered. These movies will be created once one or two movie projects are further along. These movie ideas are inspired by Marvel and copyrighted by Valeyard6282 2017.

Set Universe Edit

This movie series is produced by Marvel Studios and Sony, however; it does not exist in the MCU. It exists in its own universe and has zero connections with the MCU. The movies are all black and white and are much darker in theme than most Marvel Studios movies. Again, it has no ties to the MCU even though different versions of characters already in the MCU appear in this universe.

Spider-Man Noir Movies Edit

Synopsis- Edit

Peter Parker is a detective in 1930's New York. After his uncle is murdered by a circus freak known as the Vulture, who is organized by a local kingpin known as The Goblin, Peter goes after The Goblin and ends up being attacked by a swarm of cursed spiders that transform him into the vigilante known as the Spider-Man.

Cast- Edit

  • The Spider-Man-
  • Vulture-
  • The Goblin- Kevin Spacey
  • Ben Urich- Bill Murray
  • Ben Parker- Clive Owen
  • May Parker-
  • Otto Octavius- Cillian Murphy
  • Dmitri Smerdyakov- Sergei Polunin
  • Sergei Kravinoff- Marwan Kenzari

Notes- Edit

It is unknown whether this would be a single movie or a series.

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