To Be Continued
"To be continued..."

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This is a movie idea for Phase 4 of the MCU. It is the sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming 2.


- Valeyard6282

© Valeyard6282 2017

Please do not make changes without permission directly from me. This film will be added onto once bigger projects are out of the way. :)


After Peter Parker- or Spider-Man- has cleared his name, he returns to his crime-fighting life, but when Norman Osborn becomes a serious threat, Peter has to risk his life and the lives of those he loves to stop Osborn.


Notes and Deleted IdeasEdit


Peter Parker/Spider-Man- Tom Holland

Norman Osborn- Andrew Scott

Mac Gargan- Micheal Mando

Harry Osborn- Dane DeHaan

Uncle Ben- Tobey Maguire    

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