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Spaceship 537: Secrets of Quetir is an original movie idea and a sequel to Spaceship 537. All characters that survived Spaceship 537 will appear in this movie. It is a Sci-Fi and Action movie. It will come out in July 2025.


After the events of Spaceship 537, the surviving crew can't go back to Earth. The Spaceship 537 is broken. They and the Quetirians try to restore it. Markus Wood, Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall and George Smith decide to look further on Quetir and visit lots of place on Quetir. Meanwhile on Earth, the humans have found out that the crew of the Spaceship 537 came safily on Quetir and they decide to also visit it. The criminals find out that their leader Xavier Conley is killed by the Quetirians and they want to take over the complete planet. The criminals go as stomaway on the new spaceship called Spaceship 921. They also travel to Quetir and when Markus Wood, Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall, George Smith, Ibrousax and the other Quetirians find out that lots of people on the Spaceship 921 want to take over the planet, they and the good people on the Spaceship 921 have to stop them.


Coming Soon


More cast members coming soon!

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