Its about sonic and his friends.


It starts off when sonic is racing his friends. Amy trips and falls into a river. Dr eggman comes out of the water and grabs amy and sucked her into his machine. Tails trys too attack but sadly gets sucked in too.

Deleted ScenesEdit

Here you could add scenes that you had in your mind, but didn't add it into the movie (your spare ideas). If you don't have a deleted scene in your mind, delete this heading.


Here you could add some important quotes in your movie. If you don't have Quotes, deleted this topic.


  • Patton Oswalt as Sonic the Hedgehog/Supersonic and Metal Sonic (voices, ever since Remy's voice in Ratatouille (2007))
  • Ben Stiller as Knuckles the Echidna/Super Knuckles and Metal Knuckles (voices, ever since Alex the Lion's voice in the Madagascar movie series)
  • Katie Leigh as Miles "Tails" Prower the 2 Tailed Fox and Tails Doll (voices, ever since Honker Muddlefoot's voice on Darkwing Duck)
  • Jason Marsden as Shadow the Hedgehog/Super Shadow and Metal Shadow (voices, ever since Kovu's voice in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
  • Jennifer Hale as Amy Rose and Metal Amy (voices, ever since Mandy's voice on Totally Spies!)
  • Andrea Libman as Cream the Rabbit and Metal Cream (voice, ever since Young Chi-Chi's voice on Dragon Ball Z)
  • Richard Kind as Big the Cat and Metal Big (voices, ever since Bing Bong's voice in Inside Out (2015))

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