SuperMarioLogan 2 is the sequel to the upcoming SuperMarioLogan: The Movie.



Junior, Joseph and Cody are sitting until Mario and the rest get ready.


Junior and his freinds are on the couch when mario comes and gives them suits. They all get ready and start ruinng to the mario cave they get all there stuuf and go

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Trivia Edit

  • this is the first sml fan 9000 cineamatic universe film
  • there is a easter egg to the next film the amazing gumball movie where nancy has a stack of gumball dvds and comics
  • theres a scene where logan gets murdered witch is why logan puppet is here


  • Logan Thirtyacre as Bowser Junior, Mario and Logan (puppet)
  • Lovell Stanton as Josheph, Toad, and Bowser
  • Chilly Jimenez as Peach

More to be added 

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