a Superhero movie (Might come or not, who cares?) of a man named Reckless, who has extreme strength and durability. Also he hits like a truck! He also looks weak but is actually strong. His name is Tom Pierce. He can also create Titanium.


Tom and his girlfriend is in a car driving around Stantando City when a nuclear bomb is dropped near them. The car gets sent flying and Tom is the only survivor. But then a radioactive, venomous snake is sent flying at him, biting his arm. 

Tom is then seen in a lab. He then wakes up and tries to escape. But is attacked by soldiers. A large piece of stone falls on him. Slowly but surely, he lifts up the heavy stone. Breathing heavily, he throws the stone at a group of soldiers and crushes them. Tom finds an old closed door. Then he punches it, breaking it down! He escapes and hides in a bunker.


A rumble is heard when Tom is sleeping. Tom goes out and investigates. Then, he finds a group of people with AK-47s. They are identified to be called Rumblers. One of the rumbers shoot Tom, and then is killed by him. Tom throws a massive chunk of titanium at the Rumblers, killing them


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