Predalien is a sub-species of Xenomorphs,a xeno that spawned from a Predator. It is main villain of movie Alien: Alpha Predator. Predalien in a movie is female,a Predalien Queen. She has a big head,like most xenomorphs. She has 2 legs, tail with a sharp knife-like item on it,and 2 long arms with 2 long fingers and 2 smaller on the side. Cause she is spawned from a Predator,she has mandibles like predators, and their dreadlocks. Like all other xenomorphs,she also has a second jaw. They also appear in Alien vs Predator: Hybridamorphs.

History Edit

Alien: Alpha PredatorEdit

A Predalien queen was on a planet LV-426,when a crew of Columbus has found a corpse of Predator that had a Predalien inside it. While she was still a chestburster,she escaped and killed Lucy,sister of Mark,captain of crew. After that,she escaped into the pipes of base. After she grew up into adult Predalien,she killed many of the crew,including Zane,Arnold,Robert,Medison and Liam. After the base was shoot by Predator's advanced ship,Predalien escaped from the base and had corpses of her prey. She went into a cave on the planet,and she lay eggs that later hatched into facehuggers and they attached to faces of corpses she brought,and with that 6 xenomorphs were born. Later,she attacked survivors of the crew,Mark and android Prodigy. She killed Prodigy and went to kill Mark,but she was shoot by Gysa,another survivor. Gysa then killed her body,and the rest of xenomorphs were killed by Predators.

Alien vs Predator: HybridamorphsEdit

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Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

  • Xenomorphs

Enemies Edit

  • Predators

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