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      Poptropica: The Movie is the first movie coming to Mondo Media.


Oliver, Jorge, Mya, Owen, and Octavian are the main characters here. Octavian is the main villain. Josie is Oliver's girlfriend. Mya is Oliver's adopted Asian sister. Mr. Silva is a teacher, not a thief.


The plot is Mondo Media's choice, but without inappropriate stuff.


  • Aubrey Ankrum as Bobby and Oliver's Dad
  • David Winn as Calvin, Derek, Harold, Mr. Silva, and Octavian
  • Ellen Connell as Barbara, Emma, Josie, Mya, Oliver's Mom, Owen's Mom, Zelda and Zoe
  • Kenn Navarro as Dameon, Gerald, Henry, Oliver, Paul, Ralphie, and Zack
  • Nica Lorber as Alex, Evelyn, Jorge's Mom, Rose, and Zykima
  • Warren Graff as Jasper, Jingguo, Jorge, Owen, Ryan, and Vito

Kid CharactersEdit

Adult CharactersEdit

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