Phase Six is an Upcoming Phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will come after Phase Five.

Upcoming MoviesEdit

Iron Man 5 (July 2024) (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

coming soon!

The New Avengers (November 2024) (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

coming soon!

The Incredible Hulk 3 (May 2025) (FranceSwitzerland) Edit

Rick Jones (a friend of Bruce Banner) and Jennifer Walters (Bruce Banner's niece), both get similar accidents as Bruce Banner and also become Hulks. Meanwhile, a new villain called Sauron shows up. He travels through time and comes from the Dinosaurs age. He goes back into the time and brings The Leader, The Abomination and Absorbing Man back to life. Blastaar and Titania also join the villains team. They want to take over Earth and the 4 Hulks have to stop them.

Moon Knight 2 (July 2025) (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

coming soon!

Doctor Strange 3 (November 2025) (FranceSwitzerland) Edit

coming soon!

Avengers: Annihilus Rising (May 2026) (SwitzerlandDormammu) Edit

coming soon!

Avengers VS X-Men (November 2026) (Astral-New-X) Edit

coming soon!

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