Paw Patrol: The Mission Movie is an animated film by Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies, and Spinmaster Entertainment. It is based on the popular kids show, Paw Patrol.

Plot Edit

"When Sweetie kidnaps Ryder, it is up to the Paw Patrol to save him and the world."

Synthesis Edit

Outside Adventure Bay, Break, an Akita pup, creates a crime wave and escapes With out being caught into Barkingburg. In Adventure Bay, Ryder has planned a huge anniversary party for his pups: Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Everest, and Tracker. However he gets a call from Mr Porter about Alex being stuck in a tree and the Earl of Barkingburg asking for assistance. When the team is ready for assignments, Chase suggests since they been in the Paw patrol long enough they can save Alex while Ryder helps the Earl.

Even though there were difficulties, Marshall and Skye were still able to help Alex down while Rocky repairs the ladder. Ryder is taken by the Earl and Princess to a Barkingburg pound where he meets Captain Carlos, a rookie, and Drake, his pup. Ryder is then asked to leave by Captain Carlos when he fails to inspire the young cop. Sweetie, noticing Ryder, starts to argue about how the Paw patrol always ruin her plans. Then she meets Break and makes a promise not to arrest him if he takes care of the Paw patrol.

Chase, knowing Ryder should've sent Robo dog to pick him and the other pups, becomes very worried and the pups tell him everything is going to be okay. Ryder returns to the Mission Paw headquarters only to find out To go dog is turned off and Ryder is taken by Break and Sweetie regains control of the Air Patrolled using busy. The pups try contacting Ryder, but he doesn't answer and the Earl calls to say on how he hasn't seen Ryder before being cutted off by Sweetie saying how she has Ryder but won't discuss where they are and turns on stealth mode, disabling the pups to track her down. However they are able to track her location in France.

No one in Adventure Bay believed Ryders dissaperance and refuse to accompany them (except Captain Then It, Alex, and Jake). However Jake ends up crashing the Paw patroller and they are picked up by Truck, who reveals himself to be Chase's dad. They spend the night and later borrow a balloon from a man to get to France. However Chase gets upset knowing he stole a balloon.

Sweetie and Break attempt to sell Ryder to Miss Fritle, a poodle teacher, however she refuses and attempts to call 911 after recognizing Break. They escape before the Paw patrol arrive. While Truck attempts to apologize to Chase over the balloon thing, the others learn from Miss Fritle about Sweetie going to India and Truck can't be trusted as he was considered a their to the world. Chase then says he officially bonded with his dad and they head off.

Hearing of Breaks escape, Captain Carlos and Drake take off to Spain for research. The heros arrive at India and save Tea, who was pushed into the river by Charm, and spend the night at India. However Charm steals most of their rations and supplies, and pop the balloon. Truck secretly steals a plane and gets the pups to Spain. Sweetie and Break, about to land onto India, notices the Paw patrol and retreat to Spain.

Captain and Drake soon arrive in Spain and talk with Ole during Running with the Bulls. He says he hasn't seen anything, however upon seeing the Air patroller, he follows then. The pups arrive in Spain and end up being chased by the bulls Ole brought. They are rescued by Skye who had been traveling on her helicopter and land in a building being occupied by German pup Cool and African pup Bow. They help track down Ryder and Sweetie and Break. Truck says he has to go and breaks Chase's heart. The other pups tell Chase the truth about Truck which causes him to quit the Paw patrol and ends their friendship in anger and takes off on Skyes Helicopter. The guys finally find Ryder but are kidnapped as well. Break hacks into Skyes copter and sends Chase into the sea.

Chase is rescued by Truck, who had a change of heart, and is caught up by their new friends and discover Sweetie is at Adventure Bay and they head off. Chase and Truck plan on to find Break, while the others save the others. Sweetie successfully traps everyone and Break sends Chase into a cliff. Over a deal he could join him, Truck saves Chase. Drake breaks free and sends Sweetie into her own trap and sends her back to Barkingburg. Break then flies the Air Patrolled, with Chase and Truck, however with Teamwork they regain control and send him back to jail.

Relieved, Ryder and his pups celebrate their anniversary with their new friends and Captain is given ranked Leader after all that happened. In a post scene credit, Jake and Everest snowboard but end up being showed up by Cool.

Cast Edit

  • Max Calinescu as Chase
  • Drew Davis as Marshall
  • Kallan Holley as hasn'tseen anything suspicious
  • Samuel Faraci as Rocky
  • Carter Thorne as Zuma
  • Devan Cohen as Rubble
  • Berkeley Silverman as Everest
  • Daivd Lopez as Tracker
  • Jaxon Mercey as Ryder
  • Christian Disefano as Alex
  • Anya Cooke as Sweetie
  • Ron Parado as Captain Turbot, Farmer Al
  • Scott McCord as Jake
  • Blair Williams as Mr. Porter

Guest Stars

  • James Franco as Truck, Chase's Dad
  • Chris Pratt as Break, a past criminal Akita who helps Sweetie with her plan.
  • Whoopi Goldburg as Miss Frite, a poodle from France
  • Lucas Edwards as Drake, a happy intelligent pup from Barkingburg
  • Gabriel Igresia as Ole, a Terrier from Spain
  • TJ Miller as Cool, a pug from Germany
  • Jim Carry as Bow, an African wild dog
  • Micheal Cera as Captain Carlos, Barkingburgs rookie cop
  • Avril Laverage as Tea, a nice kitty from India and sister to Charm
  • Emma Watson as Charm, a rude kitty from India and sister to Tea.

Rating Edit

It has gotten a rated G rating for having Kid friendly moments. Recommended for All ages

Parent's Guide Edit

  • Everything is all kid friendly here with no violent references to anything. With an exception to some spooky moments.

Soundtrack Edit

  • The Soundtrack is consistent of Rock songs, Pop songs, Tropical House, Dancehall, Alt. Rock, Electro pop Classical Crossover, Country, and Soul.

*- Doesn't appear in the film

() - When it happens/Vertigo by Rachael sage / Everest's solist

  1. Paw Patrol theme song - Scott Simons*/ Avile by sia Performers ryder
  2. Play That Song - Train (Traveling on Paw patroller)/ Fight Night By Janine the Machine
  3. Blue Clear Sky - George Strait (Start of film)
  4. Mozart's House - Clean Bandit and Love Ssega (Spain)
  5. Free Fallin' - Tom Petty (In airplane)
  6. September - Earth, Wind, Fire (In Adventure Bay toward the end)
  7. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong (On Balloon)
  8. Finally - CeCe Peniston (France)
  9. One Dance - Drake with Kyla and Wizkid (India)
  10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears (One point in Barkingburg)
  11. The Best Of Friends - Paw Patrol and Ryder (End of the film)/More More More by Clooney
  12. You Can Call On Me - Rubble and Marshall (In the Lookout, waiting for Ryder)Made For love by Maia Reffico/Kally's Mashup
  13. The Best Of Friends - Justin Timberlake (second credits)
  14. You can Call on me - Avicii and Alessia Cara (First Credits)