Orson Rend'ul was the Iron Fist of Kun'Lun during World War One. He left Kun'Lun in 1917 after Kun'Lun was accidentally attacked by Heinrich Zemo's zeppelin. He is noted as being able to focus his Chi through guns and is noted as a alcoholic and drug addict- even falling victim to The Hand's Steel Serpent heroin.


Orson is Asian and is in his early 40's. He has black hair and brown eyes. In Kun'Lun, he wears a white gui with a golden head wrap. During the war, Orson wears a green shirt and cargo pants sometimes with a brown trench coat.


Trivia Edit

*In the comics, Orson is named Orson Randell and is another foreign Iron Fist like Danny Rand. I felt that an Asian Iron Fist would be appropriate for this movie.

*In Randell's comic backstory, his father's zeppelin crashes over Kun'Lun. I nodded to that cool concept with the Blitzkrieg crashing over Kun'Lun, which causes Orson to destroy it and join the Invaders.

*The Iron Fist in Bakuto's footage is almost certainly Orson Rend'ul/Orson Randell.

*His Kun'Lun outfit is based on Danny Rand's modern costume.

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