Norman Osborn is the founder and CEO of Oscorp- the company that replaced Stark Industries after Tony Stark's death. He is then father of Harry Osborn. He is a background antagonist in Spider-Man Homecoming 2, and the main antagonist in Spider-Man Homecoming 3.


Norman has a fair complexion and short black hair. He has a light beard. He usually wears expensive suits, often in green.


Spider-Man Homecoming: Edit

Operations with Mac Gargan Edit


Spider-Man Homecoming 2: Edit

Taking over Stark Industries- Edit


Framing Peter Parker- Edit


Spider-Man Homecoming 3: Edit

The Green Goblin- Edit


Notes Edit

*Dane DeHaan plays Harry Osborn, Norman's son, in the MCU, but Scott and DeHaan are only nine years apart in age, making it difficult to make them father and son. DeHaan is 31, and I'm going to say that Harry is 20, and Norman isn't 40, he's 45, making Norman 25 years old when he had Harry.

Quotes Edit

"When one monarch falls, another must take its place."

- Norman Osborn to Peter Parker.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Norman can inject himself with his own super-serum that drives him mad and changes his appearance to goblin-like, but gives him incredible strength and dexterity.
  • Norman uses an armored battle suit equipped with arm blades, various high-tech grenades, and flame repulsars.
  • Norman also uses a flying glider with built in flares.
  • Norman is extremely smart
  • Norman has an entire corporate empire at his disposal along with connections to New York's crime lords.

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