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No Escape is the The Expendables of horror movies.


The government has set up a super maximum security prison to hold some of the most psychotic and supernatural beings on the planet. However, when Freddy Krueger executes a plan to take control of the prison and escape the government puts together a ragtag team, led by Ash Williams, to stop them. This team is comprised of people that have handled these threats before. This team must travel through the prison and one by one stop each creature.


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  • This movie ignores the events of the Friday the 13th and a Nightmare on Elm Street reboots.
  • When Freddy Kruger releases Jason Voorhees from his cell Jason attacks him after remembering the events of Freddy vs. Jason. However, Jason ends of joining Freddy.
  • Chucky fights Blade upon his release from his cell and wins.
  • When the monsters retrieve their weapons from the confiscated goods vault the Jigsaw puppet can be seen in the background.

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