New York is the biggest city in the United States. It appears in Avengers: Wrack of Dormammu.

History Edit

Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Falcon are waiting for Dormammu to come. Falcon sends his Red Wing Drone. He searches but is later destroyed by Dormammu. Falcon is very angry and attacks. Iron Man and Captain Marvel want to stop him, but it fails. They find him. Well well says Dormammu, Those are the stupid monkey they call The Avengers. You may have defeated my team but you will never defeat me. Iron Man and Captain Marvel shoots at Dormammu but they are thrown away by Dormammu. Dormammu watches at Falcon. Was this toy of you??? says Dormammu. Falcon angrily attacks but is thrown into a building. Dormammu lets the building explode. Falcon escapes at the last. Iron Man andCaptainn Marvel attack Dormammu again but it doesn't hurt him. Do you really think you will stop me with that??? says Dormammu. He opens a portal and Mindless One appear. Falcon flies again to Dormammu but he throws him at the ground and stands up him. Falcon is on fire and Dormammu picks him up. Iron Man and Captain Marvel tries to stop it but it fails. Dormammu pinches him until he dies. Falcon burns down to ashes. Iron Man calls the other Avengers to help. All Avengers appear and fires at Dormammu. You have a team, smart, me too. On the same moment Leader, M.O.D.O.K., and Zemo appear. Doctor Strange tries to stop Dormammu. Zemo attacks Black Panther. You will pay for putting me in prison he says. The other Avengers fighf against M.O.D.O.K., Leader and the Mindless Ones. Dormammu flies high in the sky. He tries to find a way to destroy the planet. Doctor Strange folllows him and uses his powers at him. Black Panther beats Zemo. But he doesn't surrender. He attacks again until he is shot by a gun Black Panther secretly holds in his hand. He fels death on the ground. Vision uses his laser on M.O.D.O.K. Black Widow tries to help him. War Machine shoots also on him with his gun. Scarlet Witch and Moon Knight help Doctor Strange to defeat Dormammu. Dormammu fights back. Hulk fights against The Leader. Hulk is to strong for him and he defeats him. Thor uses his current to kill all the Mindless Ones. Captain Marvel hels him. Iron Man, Ant-Man and Wasp fight against the mind trick of M.O.D.O.K. Iron Man finds a way to turn it to him. He does it, and M.O.D.O.K. is electrocuted and is shot and defeated. The Leader escapes and takes a plane to Dormammu. They both go back to the Dark Dimension.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

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