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Myles Bots: The Movie is a CGI/Live-Action/2D animated superhero movie that revolves around alternate versions of the characters that have previously appeared in films and TV shows that fight against the evil Pink Diamond and his cohorts.


Not long after the fall of humanity depicted in War for the Planet of the Apes, late villain wannabe Langer Hedare, vengefully tragic bodyguard and right-hand Airborne, Langer's cronies Raska Davenport and Monty Cross, witchcraft wielding maid Lila Vickers, soul-absorption handling Supervillain Potty Mouth and secret agent-turned misguided extremist Perry the Platypus form the Diamond Industries and vow to destroy San Francisco before it can be rebuilt. Things only get more deeper and wealthy 28-year old trillionaire Zachary Delightful and his secretary Carrie Courageous propose to assemble a squad of international heroes and popular stars that he took in under their wing and to place them under the command of Zachary and Carrie. The team, labeled by her as the "Myles Bots", are intended to be used to intervene in deadly missions for the United States government concerning the supernatural. The members of the team, who became known as the Myles Bots are recruited for service by Zachary, and are offered reductions to any slander and any special privilege they receive in exchange. The members are secretly implanted with explosive devices in their necks so Langer or Airborne can kill any of them should they attempt to escape or directly disobey an order. Zachary then calls on the teenagers to kill Monty Cross to which they succeed. The Squad; superhero from Piqua, Ohio Captain Underpants, psychic Za-Naron (Dark April or April O' Neil), redeemed love-struck criminal Connie Thompson, nerdy teenager Nick Katsopolis and the sleazy yet calculating bird Louie Duck are given their gear. Zachary briefs the squad on how they are to go about accomplishing their mission. Just prior to their departure, the group are joined by additional members; guest fanboy Wally T and surprise sister Bliss.

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