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Myles Bots: The Movie is a CGI/Live-Action/2D animated superhero movie that revolves around alternate versions of the characters that have previously appeared in films and TV shows that fight against the evil Pink Diamond and his cohorts.


Hours prior to the 9/11 incident, late villain wannabe Langer Hedare, vengefully tragic bodyguard and right-hand Airborne, Langer's cronies Raska Davenport and Monty Cross, witchcraft wielding maid Lila Vickers and soul-absorption handling Supervillain Potty Mouth form the Diamond Industries and vow to destroy San Francisco before it can be rebuilt. Things only get more deeper and wealthy 28-year old trillionaire Zachary Delightful and his secretary Carrie Courageous propose to assemble a squad of international heroes and popular stars that he took in under their wing and to place them under the command of Zachary and Carrie. The team, labeled by her as the "Myles Bots", are intended to be used to intervene in deadly missions for the United States government concerning the supernatural. The members of the team, who became known as the Myles Bots are recruited for service by Zachary, and are offered reductions to any slander and any special privilege they receive in exchange. The members are secretly implanted with explosive devices in their necks so Langer or Airborne can kill any of them should they attempt to escape or directly disobey an order. Zachary then calls on Aiden Romero, the first person to join the squad, to kill Monty Cross to which they succeed. Aiden then joins forces with Piper Willowbrook and Batman and they confront Langer's empire and kill +1,000,000,000,000,000 soldiers thus they very nearly destroy the Exchange's credibility. Unfortunately, terrorists attack a plane at that moment though the victory was short-lived as Aiden destroyed Potty Mouth and Lila Vickers. However, Langer has the upper hand but just when he was about to kill Aiden, an enigmatic figure named Whiplash saved Aiden and the two escaped. The casualties that culminated in Whiplash's moment caused Airborne to start realizing that Langer not only is part of another plot but may have been indirectly responsible for his dreadful past. Determined, Stevie turned to Courageous who revealed her true nature as one of the more intelligent forces in the good side of San Francisco's justice. She advises the reluctant anti-villain to cast his loyalty aside and figure out who Langer really is. With that, Carrie heads into a boardwalk when Raska Davenport arrives and holds the woman at gunpoint. However, just when he was about to pull the trigger, Zachary stops him but Raska reveals it's a trap and also reveals the mastermind of the 9/11 incident to be a man named Armistice. Just when he was about to murder Zachary and Carrie, Luke Skywalker arrives and approaches him. He then surprisingly impales Raska with his Lightsaber saving the two. Raska then falls to his death in the abyss below the boardwalk much to everyone's shock, amazement and in Langer's case dismay. Fortunately, before Langer can harm the couple and Luke, Templeton saves the three by firing a crossbow. Luke and Templeton then get Zachary and Carrie out of the building passing by Raska's skeletal corpse that looks exactly like the Rat King's skeleton. Templeton then removes Raska's skull from the body and departs but not before saying Zachary hasn't lost his touch. Luke then joins Zachary, Carrie and Aiden in their mission to stop Langer's plot while animal scientist Doctor Aloysius Animo investigates Templeton's arrival. He then reveals to the heroes that Templeton's last words were "You haven't lost your touch, little bro.", revealing that Templeton and Zachary are brothers. However, Grey Matter arrives and shows that the simple reveal wouldn't make sense as the logic wouldn't affect their family. Aiden, Luke and Grey were then allowed to join an expedition to Washington D.C., the whereabouts of the malevolent Langer and his forces, and the teenagers headed into a forest where about up to 25 of the employees were enlisted into the expedition including Dr. Animo and the Hunisker family. Zachary Delightful, Carrie Courageous, Aiden Romero, Luke Skywalker, Grey Matter, Aloysius Animo, Templeton, Charles Hunisker, Alice Hunisker, Varian, Kintaro, Dodge Landon, Hoffman and Nick Wilde were the main people selected to go after Langer's empire and they headed into the forest. However, Dodge was killed by the first part of the security system and the employees were attacked during the members' attempt to escape the obstacle as a stray laser kills one of them. The team escape with their lives although Charles sacrificed his life in order for them to do so much to Alice's shock. The teenagers head to the second part of the security system which turns out to be electricity fields which kills Hoffman and several other employees but luckily the teenagers escape. The third part of the security system (poison gas) is the most effective as it kills everyone present excluding Zachary, Carrie, Aiden, Luke, Grey, Templeton, Alice, Varian, Kintaro, Nick, Creek, Steel, Slipknot, Martha and Thomas. The teenagers manage to get through security though a robot receptionist nearly intervened beforehand until her death in the hands of Whiplash who reveals himself to be Flit. The people present then encounter Harvey Shuttleworth and he presents himself as the victim of the Grizzly Empire who is ironically the one group they destroyed years ago. The characters then head into the chair room of the Grizzly Empire who then encounter Langer and his associate Airborne. Flit then kills Langer by slitting his throat seemingly ending the Grizzly Empire. However, Harvey reveals himself as the true leader of the Grizzly Empire and kills Luke Skywalker much to everyone's horror. Worse, the plane Langer hijacked earlier crashes into the tower the employees are in causing the floor to give out and cause Kintaro and the last known employee to fall to their deaths while everybody else falls to the bottom of the building including Airborne who reveals his past and former life as the Boulder scapegoat Stevie. The people fall deep into depression as they failed to save the plane from crashing. To rub salt into the wound, they run into the last security system: Carnicitis from Skull Island. Everyone joins in the fight including Stevie while Nick Wilde is suddenly grabbed and killed by a robot claw. Templeton, on the other hand, sacrifices his life to save the team revealing that he is not Zachary's brother but accepts that he will always be in the team's eyes. Thankfully, the team has been saved by Ernesto De La Cruz while Thomas Wayne, Creek, Steel and Slipknot fight back the last of the Carnicitis but at the cost of their own lives while Grey Matter abandons the group in order to find himself. The only survivors consisting of Aiden Romero, Alice Hunisker, Varian, Flit and Martha Wayne get Zachary and Carrie to help stop Harvey as the teenagers then engage in combat with Harvey. Things get worse for Harvey as Grey Matter returns with a bigger body. The teen then knocks him out cold and the team leaves him for dead as the tower collapses killing him while the second plane crashes destroying the second tower and bringing the 9/11 incident to its logical conclusion. Zachary, Carrie, Aiden, Alice, Varian, Flit and Martha leave the scene and head home to the song of "True Colors" satisfied with the end of the Grizzly Empire. Meanwhile, Zachary reveals that Alice was destined to be a member of their team but just needed the chance to prove it thus the teens show Alice the Wasp suit revealing her fate as the Wasp. Alice is satisfied saying that's is about time he was given a suit.

Mid-Credits SceneEdit

Post-Credits SceneEdit

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  • Jordi Webber as Aiden Romero
  • Unknown as Luke Skywalker
  • Unknown as Martha Wayne
  • Unknown as Doctor Aloysius Animo
  • Unknown as Steel
  • Unknown as Templeton/Mordecai Delightful/Whiplash
  • Unknown as Thomas Wayne
  • Matthew Moy as Pink Lars
  • Ben Diskin as Carapace
  • Justin Timberlake as Zachary Delightful
  • Reese Witherspoon as Carrie Courageous
  • Jordi Webber as Whiplash
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Spike


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