This is a movie improvement by FranceSwitzerland. It's about the 20th James Bond movie Die Another Day.


Iceland sceneEdit

On this scene we see James Bond go to Gustav Graves' ice palace in Iceland. I think some things of this scene should be changed. Miranda Frost shouldn't reveal she is evil (I also don't want her to be evil) and just stays a secret agent something Gustav Graves and Zao don't know. She helps Bond when he is under shot by Gustav Graves and Zao. When they get away, Bond she and Jinx Johnson go after them. I also have seriously no idea why she turns evil. She was an agent of MI6 and out of nowhere she turns out to be evil. That's very stupid in my opinion and that's why I think it should be changed. It's top unrealistic like lot of things in this movie.

Airplane ending sceneEdit

In this scene, James Bond and Jinx Johnson go on the airplane of Gustav Graves. James Bond kills Gustav Graves and Jinx Johnson kills Miranda Frost. Something really unrealistic happens that should be changed. Miranda Frost is trained with a sword and how the hell can Jinx Johnson beat her? That's very unrealistic. They just should fight although Miranda Frost isn't evil. Jinx is jealous and finds out Bond had sex with her. She starts a fight against her on the airplane of Gustav Graves, while Bond kills Graves. During, this fight, Miranda Frost should kill that stupid Jinx Johnson. She stabs her, because Jinx turns very evil. I hate Jinx Johnson very much and she is also one of the ugliest Bondgirls! She is the most stupid Bondgirl in my opinion. I also hate het actresd, Halle Berry, very much. So Miranda Frost will kill her and Bond sees Jinx is killed. He doesn't care that much. Miranda tells him that she attacked her. After that, they go off the airplane on the same way as in the real movie. In the end, we see James Bond laying in bed with Miranda Frost instead of Jinx Johnson. They kiss with each other and probably have sex again.


  • Pierce Brosnan as James Bond/007
  • Halle Berry as Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson
  • Toby Stephens as Gustav Graves
  • Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost
  • Rick Yune as Zao
  • Judi Dench as M
  • John Cleese as Q
  • Samantha Bond as Moneypenny
  • Will Yun Lee as Colonel Moon
  • Kenneth Tsang as General Moon
  • Colin Salmon as Charles Robinson

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