Rules are important for every wiki, because nobody wants people who are just doing what they want without respect. The rules are for EVERYONE, even the administrators.

If some of the rules are violated, user will be blocked, and this page has a list of how long the block is, depends on what rule was violated.


Vandalism is when a user ruins a page, removes important information, or inserts false information. If a user vandalizes a page for the first time, they shall be given a warning by an admin. On the second offense, the user may be blocked for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 2 weeks. If the vandalism is massive, then the user may be given a one month block. After 4 offenses, the user may be given an infinite block at the discretion of an admin.


Spamming the comment section, spamming in the comments section, and spamming in threads is prohibited. If a user spams, they will be given a warning, which will be followed by a 1 day block the second time. The block will then advance, starting at 3 days.

Badge Farming

If a user does useless edits just to get badges, it will mean he/she gets a warning. If the same user continues even after they was warned, they will get another warning, followed by a 3-day block. It will be a week on the next offense until it advances.

Personal Attacks/Rude Comments

Attacking other users is considered at bullying and harassment. A user will be given a warning if they attack another user or make a rude comment (cursing is an exception). If they continue, they will also be given a 2nd warning. The 3rd offense will result in a 3 day block.

It is also forbidden to gossip about anyone. If a user keep does it, a warning will be initiated, then another, than a block, similar tho personal attacks. Private messages in the chat are the only way to gossip.

Multiple Accounts

Users are allowed to have more than one account as long as it's for testing, a bot account, a backup account, or a joke account that won't harm the wiki. However, if another account is used to disrupt the wiki (such as spam and vandalism) or to evade a chat ban or block, that is not permitted. The other account may be given an infinite block while the main account may be given a one month block.

For any questions about categories, pages, or general questions, contact an admin of the wiki.

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