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Warning: this contains sex, extreme violence, and is not suitable for kids. if your a younger viewer under the age of 18, slowy back away.

Mosquito is a horror movie about a mosquito being mutated by lab chemicals.


A Mosquito is led into a chemical lab, making it mutant due to the chemical senses.


It starts with Kids going trick or treating, and a man attempting to strangle a 14 year old, zooming into a house. then the camera follows the music downstairs, and a secret lab is revealed, then, it zooms into a mosquito inside of a jar, the professer laughs demonicly. then the mosquito somehow escapes the jar, the lab man then attempts to run away but then runs into a wall, giving him a nosebleed. then the moth is mutated and makes a loud hiss. then bites the man's face off. revealing his face muscles. the man then falls on his head. the mosquito then makes a loud screech and then breaks out the lab. then a man is walking down the sidewalk bringing home beer, the mosquito follows him and then rips his brain out and eats it, causing the man to scream loudly in pain and die. the moquito then throws up blood and beetles and moves on. a man is laying on his back on the bed, a girl with no clothes on jumps on him and smooches him. then a moth then pukes blood and beetles on them, after that the women throws up her heart then falls on the bed killing her. the man then disappears. the professer from earlier pops up out of nowhere screaming loudly. the mosquito then bites his head off. killing him, while blood is squirting everywhere. then the mosquito pulls his lungs out then swallows them. then he is flying down the road where kids are going trick or treating, the mosquito makes a loud screech scaring them, the boy has a stroke and dies. the girl then attemps to scare it back but the mosquito then bites her head off. the other boy then blows up with blood flying everywhere. their are posters of the people who have died. it end with the professer's dead corpse laying on his back with a black screen. then ends.

Mosquito used in movie:

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