The Mandarin is the main antagonist of Iron Fist season two. He is the leader of the Ten Rings terrorist group.


Mandarin was born in 1205 AD on September 14th, only being able to stay alive through meditation and harnessing his chi. He still regains the physique of a man in his 40's. Mandarin has long black hair and a beard. His skin is fair, but has oriental darkness to it.


K'un Lun Edit

When Mandarin was young, he traveled to the ancient city of Heaven, K'un Lun to receive training. He learned martial arts quickly and soon became one of the most skilled warriors in the city. Mandarin was chosen to become the Iron Fist by challenging Shao'Lao. The dragon beat Mandarin down as he wasn't strong enough to defeat the dragon. He left K'un Lun in anger, knowing he would never be welcomed back and made his way to the Middle Eastern-Chinese border region.

Ten Rings Edit

Mandarin founded the Ten Rings as a extremist group to fight for world domination, however in the 1500's Mandarin faked his death- only telling his most trusted warriors that he was alive- and fled to China in search of the ancient and sacred Makluan Rings- the ten rings that he named the Ten Rings after. He was not to be seen or heard from again until 2012.

Trevor Slattery Edit

In winter 2012, a terrorist came forth as part of the Ten Rings who called himself Mandarin. He bombed the United States multiple times, however Tony Stark learned that Mandarin was an actor named Trevor Slattery meant to cover up Aldrich Killian's failed Extremis attempts. When Trevor was arrested and sent to Seagate Prison, "Jackson Norriss, a member of the Ten Rings, infiltrated Seagate Prison disguised as a documentary maker to interview Slattery. When Norriss asked about the possibility that there were people who could be angered by his portrayal of the Mandarin, Slattery said he knew as he read the internet message boards. However, Norriss claimed he was referring to the Ten Rings or the Mandarin himself, who could be angered by his portrayal, Slattery was surprised to learn that the terrorists were real, as he previously thought that they were another aspect of the role A.I.M. created for him. Norris questioned this as Slattery had previously claimed to have done detailed research into the Ten Rings upon getting the role of the Mandarin, so Slattery admitted this to be a lie. While relating the history of the Mandarin, Norriss retrieved the handgun he had concealed inside his video camera, killing the guards. Slattery picked one of the guns from a guard, and was able to aim at Norriss with it before being disarmed. Regaining control of the situation, Norriss revealed that he was sent to break Slattery out of prison and take him to the presence of the Mandarin." When Trevor was brought to Mandarin's feet, Mandarin pulled out a dragon-hilted dagger shaped into his armor and decapitated Trevor.

Meeting Danny Rand Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Controls The Makluan Rings- Ten mystical rings that grant the wearer insane powers.
  • Harnesses chi to increase his life capacity.
  • Master martial artist.

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