Mac Gargan was the man responsible for the death of Ben Parker. He was a crime boss and made alien weapon deals with Adrian Toomes. He was a minor antagonist in Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man Homecoming 2 and a main antagonist in Spider-Man Homecoming 3.


Mac has buzzed brown hair and dark skin. He sports a scorpion tattoo on his neck and has nasty scars and burns around his left eye- which is very bloodshot.


Killing Ben Parker- Edit

Mac was robbing a store by threatening the clerk by gunpoint. When Mac fired, Ben Parker blocked the bullet, sacrificing himself. He went to prison but ended up escaping.

Dealings with Adrian Toomes Edit

Mac was a black market arms buyer looking to buy the alien weapons Phinias Mason was making with Adrian Toomes, Herman Schultz, and Jackson Brice. On a Staten Island ferry where a illegal weapons deal was being carried out, Spider-Man used webs to throw him into the water. He was then arrested and sent to prison alongside Adrian Toomes.

Life In Prison Edit

In prison, Mac told Toomes that a rumor started that Toomes knew who Spider-Man really was- which Toomes did know. Toomes denied it to protect Peter Parker- who saved his daughter's life and his own regardless of Toomes' previous actions. Mac told Toomes that he knew powerful people on the outside who would love to kill Spider-Man. He saw Peter Parker visiting Toomes and threatened Toomes with a shiv to tell the truth. Toomes did and Mac attacked him anyway. Mac was then visited by Norman Osborn- one of the people on the outside.