MTRON-the first movie is a movie released in July of 2012.

the movie is mainly about MTRON,Or Jon is the event of him getting superpowers from a unidentified radioactive rock , than 2 days later,he gets a suit in the mail.he opens a business and becomes a millionaire(also,the company is a solar energy company)but then he goes bankrupt after a economic crisis and is forced to leave the company abandoned.he eventually becomes a super hero.

the movie starts with him and his family taking a trip to Arizona from there home in Winnipeg.he eventually finds rock that makes him unconscious.he wakes up in a hospital with radioactive powers .he than gets sent home thinking that nothing is wrong with him.then when he is alone(the wife and daughter went to the store)and finds out is power.

He does not tell anyone for the rest of the day and the next.but on the 3rd day,around 2AM gets up and recievs a package with the metal suit and 200K With it.he then constructs a small solar energy plant.over the years,he gets more and more money then becomes a millionaire.

but then suddenly,an economic disaster hit destroyed the economy of the business and made it go bankrupt. he then let his sister take control of the business and try to make it better.but that was the last he saw of here....FOR NOW!

He becomes depressed about losing his sister.but then he hears about a bank robbery by a new group called "The Red Clan".he decides this would be a good time try out is suit...and he does!

he flies over to the street where the robbery is taking place.he finds them stealing a 17 carat diamond.he then tries to grab the plan which a robber is would have worked if the suit did not malfunction.he eventually gets noticed by the robbers and there go after him.but then he flies out of there and blocks the exit.but they steal the diamond and go on the roof then escape in there jet which was to fast for him.he goes home and comes up with a name for himself....MTRON!

a couple days later,he finds out that the red clan had done another robbery.he goes to the bank.but out of nowhere,there were guards in there!he then gets tackled by the guards.(the guards worked for "the Red clan")and gets captured by them.

he then wakes up in a lair in a cage.he does not see anything but then he sees something that is crazy ... the leader of "the red clan is.....HIS SISTER!!(dun dun duuuuunnnnn)(plot twist)he then realizes something..his powers!so he decided to defeat his sister using this.he zaps her!she falls unconscious.he gets the keys than gets out of there and calls the police.she gets arrested and goes to hospital than jail.


the movie is 2hrs and 29mins long,longer than the average movie

watched by 310 million people

made 44 million dollars

first movie of July 2012

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