This is not a movie, even though its on this wiki. This is a movie casting page for all MCU/Sonyverse Spider-Man characters. Some Spider-Woman villains will appear that have ties to Spider-Man.


Villains Edit

  • Adrian Toomes/Vulture- Micheal Keaton (Spider-Man Homecoming, Spider-Man Homecoming 2)
  • Mac Gargan/Scorpion- Micheal Mando (Spider-Man Homecoming, Spider-Man Homecoming 2, Spider-Man Homecoming 3)
  • Jackson Brice/Shocker- Logan Marshal-Green (Spider-Man Homecoming)
  • Herman Schultz/Shocker- Bokeem Woodbine (Spider-Man Homecoming)
  • Phinias Mason/Tinkerer- Micheal Chernus (Spider-Man Homecoming)
  • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin- Andrew Scott (Spider-Man Homecoming 2, Spider-Man Homecoming 3)
  • Rodrick Kingsly/Hobgoblin- Harry Lennix (Spider-Man Homecoming 2)
  • Dmitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon- Ralph Fiennes (Spider-Man Homecoming 2)
  • Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus- Jared Harris
  • Aaron Davis/Prowler- Donald Glover (Spider-Man Homecoming, Untitled Miles Morales Movie)
  • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin- Vincent D'Onofrio (Spider-Man Homecoming 2)
  • Herbert Wyndham- Jude Law (Spider-Woman)
  • Eddie Brock/Venom- Tom Hardy (Venom, Spider-Man Homecoming 2)
  • Cletus Kasady/Carnage- Jackie Earle Hardy (Venom)

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