Being that this wiki is supposed to just be for movies, I have decided to not make MCU Netflix seasons on this wiki (despite already having Iron Fist Season Two which I will probably delete). The only other series I see myself making a page on is Defenders Season Two which I have a lot of ideas for. Anyway, this is a page for casting of new characters I want to show up in seasons of current and new shows.

Defenders Season Two Edit

Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand unite once again to face Maggia- an organized crime family with three significant branches- Silvermane, Nefaria, and Hammerhead.

Cast: Edit

  • Silvio Manfred (Silvermane)i- Colin Firth (Main villain)
  • Luchino Nefaria (Count Nefaria)- Charles Dance (Secondary villain)
  • Joseph (Hammerhead)- Til Schweiger (Secondary Villain)

Iron Fist Season Two Edit

Danny Rand faces the Ten Rings in the Middle East as their long lost leader the Mandarin brings his wrath to America.

Cast: Edit

  • Mandarin- Luke Evans (Main Villain) (Casting likely to change in the future)

Jessica Jones Season Two Edit

A look into Jessica Jones' origin at the hands of Kilgrave and more of her mysterious past.

Cast: Edit


Jessica Jones Season Three Edit


Luke Cage Season Two (Heroes for Hire) Edit


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