This is a dreamcast of characters that have not appeared in MCU movies. I'm not including Spider-Man characters as I have another page just for them (except main Avengers characters that are also Spider-Man characters). I'm also not including minor characters that are planned for my movies.


- Valeyard6282


*Marc Specter/Moon Knight- Kit Harington

*Namor McKenzie- Keanu Reeves

*Richard Rider/Nova- Christian Bale

*Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman- Felicity Jones

*John Walker/US Agent- John Barrowman

*Lamar Hopkins/Battlestar- Brandon Scott

*James Montgomery/Union Jack- JJ Field

*Robert Frank/Whizzer- Ben Whishaw

*Orson Rund'ul/Iron Fist- Steven Yeun

*Human Torch- Armie Hammer

*Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic- Matthew McConaughey

*Susan Storm/Invisible Woman-

*Johnny Storm/Human Torch-

*Ben Grimm/The Thing-


*Norman Osborn- Andrew Scott

*Heinrich Zemo- Leonardo Di Caprio

*Herman Zemo- Christoph Waltz

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