This is a page with all the Star Wars Movies.


Star Wars: Episode VII - Heir to the Empire (TheCrimson King208) Edit

Fifteen years after Second Death Star was destroyed,alongside with The Emperor Darth Sidious inside it,Empire has entered the economic crisis. Rebels have won most of the following battles,and have made the much weaken Empire to hide from war,letting Rebels take most of its territories. Han has married Leia,and they have 3 children:Oldest son Anakin Solo,and two younger twins,Jaina and Jacen Solo. Luke has married Mara Jade,the ex-Imperial assassin turned Jedi,and they have one young son named Ben Skywalker. But,after several years of hiding,the Empire has rise under the lead of genius Admiral Thrawn,who holds the power to again put The Empire to the top of the galaxy. But while new war is on the horizon,Luke has felt the Disturbance in the Force,associated with the new Empire's lead.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - Republic in Crisis (Inbuilding) (TheCrimson King208) Edit

Five years after the Empire has finally been defeated,the New Republic was formed. The unknown species of aliens known as Yuuzhan Vong from other galaxy have attacked the Republic,killing all species they find. Luke has closed the Jedi Academy cause of many casualties. The Republic must fight against Yuuzhan Vong,Jacen must fight against new menace that appears in his life and Luke has got new visions of dark figure,just like in the past.

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