Kai-Mook is a character of the Predator Movies. He appeared in Predators 2. He is portrayed by Pechtao Wongkamlao.


Predators 2Edit

Kai-Mook was put on the Predator's planet after the first Predators were defeated. He met Arisztidt and Rosa. He became a small team with them. Later he met a lot others and they all became a team.

Later, they crossed paths with two fighting guys, a girl that was injured and a guy that was following.

Later they found a temple and they splitted up. Later inside the temple there was a grave of a Predator. After they found a statue, they had to split up again. Kai-Mook took with Gunnar, the right path. They were later closed taken in hostage. They later found a way to escape. They went in, but they had to run. Gunnar ran fast enough but Kai-Mook was to late. He was alone in a room with a Predator. The predator attacked him. During the fight, Kai-Mook's throat was openede by the Predator. He fell death on the ground. The predator took off his head as trophy.




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