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This is the sequel to the DCEU movie "Joker". Spoilers for Joker. The R rating consists of language, and violence.

Do Not Make Changes

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After the death of Jason Todd (Bill Skarsgard), the Joker (Matt Smith) manipulates Jim Gordon (David Harbour) into his worst state of mind, driving him further away from anyone he cares about. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) must put his mourning aside when a mass-murdering vigilante known as Arkham Knight surfaces.

Plot Edit

Drugs Edit

We see Harleen Quinzel walk into Joker's room. Joker has curly shoulder length hair- the same style as Heath Ledger's Joker. His hair is green but gets more brown as it descends. He has no makeup on his face, making gnarly scar tissue that much more visible. Harleen sits down next to him and hands him a plastic bag. Joker looks in it and sees a medicine bottle. He pulls it out and cracks it open, pouring a bunch of little pills into his palm. Joker smiles and laughs and thanks Harleen. Harleen smiles. "Its called Smylex. You know what to do with it." Joker grins extremely wide.

The Asylum Edit

We see Gordon's car cross the bridge to Gotham and drive through the busy morning streets. He drives into the secluded Arkham District of Gotham not far from the woods where Jason Todd was murdered. He pulls his car against the tall black metal bared gate. Gordon gets out and speaks into the speaker telling administration that it is Jim Gordon. The speaker buzzes and the old gate- made automatic swings open ominously. Gordon sighs and walks onto the creepy estate. The Asylum itself is a massive castle-like building made over a hundred years ago. He knocks on the wooden door to the actual Asylum and he is let in by Asylum head Doctor Johnathan Crane. Crane is wearing a purple frock coat and he has black hair slicked back against his skull. Crane leads Gordon through the halls. "How is he?" Gordon asks. Crane shrugs. "As good as you can be when you're a lunatic." Gordon sighs. "Take me to him."

We see Joker sitting in his room. The door clicks open and Gordon enters. Gordon walks in, the door shutting behind him. Gordon sits on the edge of the bed. "So. What's going on?" Joker laughs. "I see something in my head." Gordon leans forward what do you see?" Joker points at a crude crayon drawing on the wall. "Him." We see a closer shot of the drawing. It is scribbled and crude. It is a crayon drawing with a black figure with a bloody, mangled face with black drawn around it and blue eye like shapes in the black.

The camera zooms into the blue eye shape, transitioning into a stormy dark blue sky, with Suicide Squad-style rainbow lettering flickering and creaking into position, creating the title.

Joker all of a sudden growls loudly and yanks a staple out of his head- the binding of one of his injuries from Bruce Wayne. Gordon grabs Joker's arm. "Calm down." Joker calms down. "It's been what? Two months? Since I was put into this nuthouse? Joker laughs. "You Mr. Gordon have been here every step of the way." Joker gets up and walks over to a water dispenser and fills both of them a paper cup. He hands a cup to Gordon who drinks it.

The Funeral Edit

We see Bruce Wayne in the Batcave looking at Jason Todd's suit laying down on a table. Yellow-green ink stains it, reading "Ha, Ha, Joke's on you Batman!" Alfred approaches him. "The funeral is prepared outside. Everyone is here, Ra's is here too. You ready?" Bruce nods. They both are wearing black suits and walk outside into a clearing behind the Glasshouse. An older man with gray hair and striking gray-blue eyes. This is Ra's al Ghul. He says a few words and so does Bruce. Bruce's speech about Jason's life is emotional and Bruce is tearful through out it. The casket is lowered into the ground.

The scene cuts to Ra's patting his shovel over the fresh dirt which he has just filled in- Jason's casket six feet under. Bruce and him talk as Ra's walks towards the hearse. We learn that Ra's was Thomas Wayne's best friend and he has been a family friend to Bruce ever since the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He is an undertaker- a funeral director. Lucius Fox walks towards Wayne after Ra's pulls away. "I'm sorry Bruce. I know how much Jason meant to you. I'm sorry the Joker took him away." "Thanks Lucius." "About your other friend's safety equipment? I heard it's not fireproof." Lucius is talking about Bruce's alter-ego Batman. "Yeah. He needs an upgrade," Bruce says. Lucius chuckles. "Fear not Mr. Wayne. I have something for him. Fireproof and gas-resistant. The cape can deflect shrapnel as well from certain angles." Bruce smiles. "He'll love it."

Murder of Simon Jones Edit

We see Joker pacing in his room mumbling. "Shouldn't have lied, shouldn't have lied, shouldn't have lied!" The door opens up. An older doctor enters pushing in a cart with weights on it. The door closes behind him. Joker looks at him, disgusted. "Who are you supposed to be?" The doctor smiles. "My name is Doctor Simon Jones. Ms. Quinzel is covering a different shift today, so I'll be overseeing your exercise period." Joker sits down on his bed and picks up a very light weight and lifts it up and down. Simon sits down next to him holding a heavier weight. "Lift this Mr. J. It's better for you. That little one won't help strengthen your body." Joker tosses down the light weight and takes the larger one from Simon. "So. You one of those health nuts?" Joker asks. Simon nods. "I work here to help the people that need help. A lot of them are unhealthy in a lot of different ways. Some physically, some mentally," Simon replies. Joker stops lifting the weight up and down and looks straight at Simon. "Did you just imply of my insanity?" Joker asks. Simon shakes his head. "No, no. It's fine." Joker smiles and chuckles and impersonates Simon. "Oh, It's fine!" Joker slams the weight down on Simon's crotch. Simon screams. "Hell no it isn't fine!" Joker pulls Simon's walkie-talkie off his his belt. Simon reaches for his taser and turns it on but Joker grabs his risk and ends up pushing the taser into Simon's chest, shocking him. "You know what Simon? I believe that people like me strengthen a society. We drive it to pure anarchy. People like you are the ones that this world doesn't need. You people piss me off. Going on and on about your healthy alternatives to life. It's not that I have an issue with healthiness or anything, I mean I would love if my wife was healthy, but no she got her throat slit and last time I checked that wasn't good for your health." "HELP!" Simon cries. Joker laughs. "No one can hear you! This is what you get for working for a nuthouse with sound proof walls. Now, back to the point. It has been a long time since I killed anyone and I'm just itching to do it again." "You're crazy!" Simon yells. "I'm not. I'm not," Joker mumbles. Joker picks up the large weight. Joker slams the end of the weight into Simon's face. Joker brings it up. Simon's face is covered in blood. Simon is crying in pain. "Please. Just put it down." Joker frowns. "Okay."Joker drops the weight back onto Simon's face. "Oh! I'm sorry you didn't specify wear to put it down. Joker picks the weight up before slamming back into Simon's face. "Whoops! It slipped!" Joker laughs and slams the weight into his face over and over and over and over. Joker throws it down finally and Simon's face is a bloody mass of mangled flesh. Joker is breathing heavy. "I'm not crazy. Not crazy..."

Cops against Cops Edit

We see Jim Gordon in his temporary office- an extra mess hall where all the Gotham officers have school desks- at the Metropolis Precinct - the police's base of operation after the main station was destroyed by Joker the months prior- eating a doughnut and sipping coffee. Gordon's phone rings. He answers it. Crane is on the other end. "Gordon. Joker killed one of our psychiatrists, Simon Jones. I want you to come down here." "Of course." "Also, we also think he could be schizophrenic but the test results haven't come back yet. Most schizophrenia victims draw what the hallucinate and Joker draws cryptic drawings." "What do they resemble?" "A mutilated body hanging from a rope." Gordon's eyes widen. "Crane? Do schizophrenia victims hallucinate versions of things they might still be seeing?" "Yeah, usually." "I can't come to the Asylum. I gotta go to the shack." Gordon doesn't think Joker is schizophrenic because he revealed himself to be completely sane in the courtroom. Gordon hangs up. Before his gets to the door, the Metropolis police commissioner, David Corporon, stops him. David is quite a few inches taller than Gordon and is wearing an open blue jacket with a loose suit and tie underneath. Gordon looks up. "Get out of my way David," Gordon commands. David laughs. "So. What is it Jim? You give me orders now?" Gordon pushes David back. "Damn right I do. Now get out of my way." David shakes his head. "Wow Jim. I let my station be opened to you Gotham....toughs-" Gordon cuts David off. "Stop right there. Don't you dare insult my men." David smirks. "Okay. I get it. Your a little tense. Your partner was corrupt-not that I accept any different from you Gotham-" Gordon cuts off David again. "One more word Corporon and I'm implanting your head into the wall." David shakes his head. "I don't give a shit what you think Gordon. I don't want you out in my city giving us a bad name." Gordon pushes David harder into a wall and keeps walking. "I'm going to Gotham asshole." Gordon walks out of the precinct and walks through and alleyway and behind the station where- with all the dumpsters- a couple Gotham police cars are pulled in. Gordon gets in his and floors it back, and drives onto the street.

Assault on Arkham Asylum Edit

We see Joker later sitting on his bed. Joker is sitting in a swivel chair next to a glass window in his bland concrete room in Arkham Asylum. The door clicks open and his psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel, walks in. Her blonde hair is pulled back and she is wearing a lab coat and glasses. She pulls up another swivel chair and sits in front of Joker with a clipboard. "Okay Mr. J. You have a name yet? Anything new?" She asks. Joker laughs. "Nope. I'm always the Joker, only the Joker. The other one is far gone!" He laughs. During breaks in the conversation we see quick shots of a white van driving through the woods and pulling against the stone wall of Arkham's compound. We see the door to the van open up and someone that we don't see more than the legs of step out and he's holding a mass of skin-colored fabric or something in his hands. Harleen bites her lip. "Okay. Who was the other guy?" Joker smiles. "Oh, oh. He's not interesting." Harleen continues to try to get Joker to talk about his past. Joker is getting close to spilling his name and past when the window next to him shatters and a black-armored arm reaches in and pulls Joker out the window. We see the arm let go of Joker, leaving him to fall through the rainy night sky onto the wet roof of Arkham. Joker grabs hold of a rusty rain gutter. He looks up into the rainy night and sees a figure standing on top of a perch of the building. Joker looks down and sees a three-story drop below him. Joker frantically looks around, and then looks left and sees the figure charge at him fast, the figure walking almost horizontally on the slanted room. The figure kicks Joker hard in the face, and Joker falls off the building. We see a long-lensed silhouetted shot of Joker falling slowly. We then see a quick shot of the white van pull out of Arkham's gates.

Dig Edit

We see Gordon driving down Gotham's outskirts. He drives over the dirt road leading to the location of Jason Todd's brutal murder at the hands of Joker. Gordon pulls his car up into the clearing and his door clicks open and he steps out. The clearing is more open than the last time we saw it- result of the fires. There is yellow police tape stretched all about. The trees are black and charred. The intact shack stands with another ring of yellow tape around it. He walks under both lines of tape and grabs a shovel leaning against the shack. He slams it into the ground and starts digging. The camera pans up to the afternoon sky, before it fades to a black starry one. The camera pans back down and see the countless holes Gordon has dug. He see him slam the shovel into the dirt and wipe sweat off his forehead. Behind him the sun creeps up. He looks at it. "Shit." He looks at his current hole and sees something sticking up from the dirt. He puts on a glove and pulls it out. It is a metal crowbar- dirt and dried blood stained onto it. "Fucking hell. Here's the murder weapon." Gordon's phone rings. He answers it and Crane is calling. "Jim. Last night Joker was pulled out of his room by...something- we're not sure. He's not dead and he hasn't escaped but- this was an attempt on his life. You need to come down here." Gordon bites his lip. "I will. But I'm not promising it will be a friendly visit." "What do you mean?" Crane asks. Gordon gets in his car. "I have reason to believe that Joker knows something we don't." Gordon hangs up.

Fake Edit

We see Gordon drive back to Arkham, rush through the halls, pushing guards out of the way. He runs to Joker's room and tries the door. It is locked. Gordon yells for someone to open the door. Guards come and threaten to detain him if he doesn't calm down. Gordon's face is flushed red and he is breathing heavy. He pulls his pistol out of his holster and points it at a guard. "Back off or I blow your brains out!" Gordon turns to the door and shoots the handle, busting the lock. Gordon kicks in the door and rushes in- pistol pointed ahead of him. A single light bulb light is flickering on- not the room lights. Gordon lowers is pistol and sees Joker huddled in the corner. Gordon turns around, grabs a sturdy chair and barricades the door shut. "What took you?" Gordon asks. "Uh, I don't know." Joker's voice is deeper and sounds different. Gordon rushes Joker and pins him against the wall by the neck. Joker is squirming and gagging. Gordon rubs his hand over Joker's face- which is red, bloated, and scabbed over- obscuring most of his facial features. As Gordon pulls his fingers away, Joker's skin pulls off in a web of gooey material. Gordon pulls a mass of rubbery prosthetic, revealing a completely different man with orange hair. Gordon pulls out his pistol, hits the man over the head with it and pushes the man down onto the ground in the corner, holding the gun to his forehead. "Face is bludgeoned my ass. WHERE IS HE?" Gordon screams. The door rattles with muddled voices from guards. The guards get a battering ram and hit the door. Gordon turns towards the door and points his pistol at it. The door busts open and guards armed with batons and some with pistols rush in.

Gordon ducks down as one swings at him, gets back up, sweeps one down with his leg, spins around and whiplashes one with his pistol, shoots one in the head, rams into one, who rams him back into the wall. Gordon fires multiple times into his belly, pushes him off, dodges another's swing, shoots an armed guard in the head, and then as a guard charges Joker, Gordon kicks a couch into a slide, which hits the guard. Gordon spins around and uses his last bullet and shoots a guard in the head in slow motion, blood splattering on the wall. Gordon whiplashes a guard across the face before smacking his weapon over a guard's head multiple times and then dropping the gun. He picks up a baton and slings it open. He clashes batons with another, and then strikes it across the guard's neck- snapping it. A guard charges him from behind, and he ducks and the guard falls over his shoulder before Gordon leans down and beats the guard unconscious with his baton. He drops it as the last guard- an armed one- tackles him down. Gordon knees the guard in the crotch, and pushes him back. Gordon tackles Joker and pushes both of them behind the couch. The guard gets up and fires into it. Gordon looks down at his belt- the crowbar clipped on. Gordon now has a chance to use it. Gordon unclasps it and hefts it up. He also picks up a guard's baton and throws it over the couch. The guard doges it but it phases the guard. Gordon flies up and sprints across the room. He swings the crowbar into the guard's head, before raising it and cracking the guard's ribs with it. We get a shot of Gordon breathing heavy as he stands with dead and unconscious guards laying around him. Gordon pushes the door closed with the couch. He walks forward and grabs Joker by the beck and pins him against the wall. "Look at me jackass. Where the hell is Joker?" Gordon demands. The fake spits in Gordon's face. Gordon growls and slams the crowbar over the fake's head twice. "Where is he?" Gordon roars. The fake smiles. "Everywhere."

One Man War On Crime Edit

We see a figure. He is walking on a rooftop, Gotham's smog around him. He has a militarized batsuit of sorts that is black and grey. He has baggy black utility pants on as well. His head is covered by a bat-eared mask with glowing blue eyes. He walks across the rooftop and looks down into the smoggy alleys below. There are a few crooks holding a woman against the alley wall. We see him standing ominously on the edge of the rooftop, the Gotham skyline in front of him, Ace Chemicals in good view. The figure jumps into the alleyway and immediately starts taking out the crooks- there are four. He uses the tight alleyway in his combat style and this uses the same style as a Marvel Netflix hallway fight. The woman runs away. The crooks who the figure knocked down get back up. The figure turns his head over his shoulder and turns towards the three crooks who stood back up- the fourth being killed earlier. We see the armor's back and some panels move around and the figure reaches back and pulls out a small baton which extends and lights up with blue energy. It has a similar appearance to War Machine's baton in Captain America: Civil War. The figure swings it at the first crook and the baton burns a gash into his chest. The figure kicks his lifeless body down and swings it at the second and kills him. He uses his left hand to pick up the last one by the throat and pins him against the wall. We see a closeup of the figure's left hand. "Today you feel the wrath of the man who rules the night. You die at the hands of the Arkham Knight." The Knight's voice is distorted and dark and has a mechanized tone to it. Arkham Knight squeezes his hand before twisting it and snapping the crooks neck. The crook collapses to the floor and Arkham Knight walks away.

The Chase Edit

We see Gordon flooring his police car through Gotham, the fake Joker bound in the back. Gordon looks in his rear-view mirror and sees Arkham security trucks chasing him. Gordon sweeps under an overpass and keeps driving. He sees three Metropolis police cars sweep around the corner in front of him and drive towards him. There is a significant amount of road between them. Arkham trucks behind- around the corner-, police in front. We see the inside of the leading police car and David is in the passenger seat, another cop driving. "Get that asshole!" They are driving in an empty (besides for the belligerents) alley street and David's car is riding the line slowly while Gordon- at the other end of the street is driving full speed ahead. David looks worried. "He's not stopping." David frantically picks up a walkie-talkie and tries to contact Gordon. "Gordon stop. Gordon, slow down. GORDON!" Gordon is seconds away from crashing into David's car. Impact. Gordon's car slams into David's car. David's airbags deploy and crashes into his face. The front of the car curls back. Gordon's airbags did not deploy and Gordon floors backwards as the Arkham trucks barrel around the corner and go full speed ahead towards Gordon. Gordon waits. "Three." We see the trucks get closer. "Two." We see them get even closer. "One." Right before impact, Gordon swerves the car into an empty space where dumpsters go. The Arkham trucks crash into the police cars and barrel over them and all the vehicles are crashed together in a deadly pile. Gordon drifts back onto the road, turns around and floors back onto Gotham's main streets.

Ha-Hacienda Edit

Joker's tongue

We see Joker enter a small, dirty, dark, and abandoned house. He walks to a filthy bathroom and turns on the flickering light. He looks at an empty slot where a mirror would go. There are shards of broken glass littering the bathroom. They are in the sink, on the counter, and on the floor. In the empty slot there is one shard of glass remaining, enough for Joker to see part of his reflection. Joker opens up a drawer and pulls out a bottle of white face paint, red face paint, and black face paint. He rubs white face paint crudely over his entire face, before rubbing black face paint over his eye area- on his eyelids and around them. He does this messily and with no care as well. He opens up the bottle of red face paint and it is empty. Joker begins to laugh uncontrollably and smashes the empty bottle against the remaining bit of mirror. The glass shatters away, the shards falling onto the dirty counter top. Joker picks up a shard of glass and sticks it in his mouth and starts moving his mouth around. After a little bit he spits out the glass along with a spray of red blood. He laughs like a maniac and picks up another shard of glass. He sticks his tongue out and cuts into its center with the glass. He yanks it away and his bloody tongue is forked. He laughs even more as blood drips from his tongue and mouth onto his lips, from where the blood flows down his rough scar tissue like hellish rivers. He laughs with his newly forked tongue hanging out his mouth.

Bat-Signal Edit

We see Gordon driving his car through Gotham. It is late afternoon. He pulls his car up behind Gotham's rebuilding police station. There is nobody working on it this day. Gordon locks the fake in the car and climbs up the fire escape until he gets onto the roof that is still intact, the damage to the building done in the side. There are tons of construction tools and materials on top of the station where Gordon is. Gordon sees a large piece of scrap metal that is so gray it is basically black. Gordon picks it up and lays it down. He grabs a toolbox and pulls out a sharp instrument. He begins cutting into the metal, outlining a shape we can't clearly see. After cutting an outline, he digs in further and continues this process until he cuts out the shape. He walks over to the stations searchlight on the roof and unscrews the glass disc on top. He gently removes it and pulls some very short screws out of the tool box and very carefully screws two screws into the center of the glass before putting it back on the searchlight. He holds his metal object on top of the screws and makes some marks on it. We see him drilling and then the scene cuts to him walking across the rooftop, the sky now faded to night. Gordon puts the metal object on the screws before spinning it around until it locks into place. He steps away and the metal is in the shape of a bat. The bat. The emblem of The Batman. Gordon pulls down the lever to turn on the searchlight and with some sparks it shines high into Gotham's skyline. The camera pans up to the searchlight creating a glowing circle in the sky, with a bat symbol disrupting it.

A Message From Arkham Knight Edit

We see Bruce in the Glasshouse. He sees the bat signal shining in the sky. Bruce has never seen this before and he looks confused. He walks towards the batcave entrance and stops. Images of Jason flash through his head. Bruce walks away from the door. Bruce turns on a TV. There is breaking news on. Bruce sits down on a leather couch and watches and grabs a glass of scotch. The news says that there is a mass-murdering person on the loose in the Arkham District of Gotham. The news says the killer is targeting criminals and killing them with severe brutality. The news says two of the murder incidents were connected to the Maroni crime family- one of Gotham's notorious drug cartels who Gotham's drug king, The Candyman was part of. The news says that head of the cartel, Luigi "Big Lou" Maroni was killed by gun wounds, most likely from a fully-automatic weapon. The Maroni crime family was wiped off Gotham's radar- Sal Maroni being the lone survivor. The news announcer says that the two of the incidents have video surveillance confirming the killer, but the other two are speculation, as the crimes are very similar. The screen cuts of to television colored bars and then a static-filled video of the Arkham Knight.

"It is no speculation. I murdered those people. I believe one thing. The people that are dead deserved it. I'm not going to say I'm sorry, or I did for fun. I did it because it needed to be done. The half-measure Batman isn't enough for this city. You can't just pick a weed and leave it be. It grows back, more aggressive. Crime's no different. The Batman picks the weeds, I burn them to their deepest roots. Just because you chop of the head of snake doesn't mean the fight's over. Someone else takes the king's throne. You can't just punch them into submission. They can get back up. They keep fighting. Tell me I'm wrong. I don't care. I spill the blood that needs to be spilled. You may know me as the Arkham Knight...but that's not who I really am. My name is Jack Napier. And I am the Joker." He clicks open his mask and before it opens completely he turns around and looks into a mirror on the back wall. The camera can see half of his face clearly. It is the Joker.

Bruce has a glass of scorch and he drops it onto the floor- the glass shattering. He stands up and calls Lucius Fox. "Lucius! I need that suit now!" "Of course Mr. Wayne." Bruce hangs up. "No more rules."

Wrath of the Knight Edit

We see Arkham Knight walking in a park. A pump-action shotgun is slung across his back. We see his HUD inside his mask. It is blue-lit and has an Iron-Man-like style to it. His HUD is scanning the nearby buildings and he it focuses on five heat signatures of armed men heading towards one of Gotham's banks. He pulls out his shock baton, but this time it extends into a full battle staff. He starts sprinting through the park until he reaches a street and then an alleyway. He jumps onto the alley wall and wall runs forward before jumping to the other side and leaping off into the next street where the robbers are. He is in the air twirling his staff above him before slamming the staff through one of the robber's chests, yanking it out and fighting off the others. Through the fight he splits his staff into two connected by an electric wire which he uses to decapitate a robber, then he splits the wire into two, making him now have two batons which he fights with. One robber knocks one baton out of his hand. Arkham Knight then splits his remaining baton into two parts connected with a normal wire which he uses to strangle the robber. He then puts it back together, grabs his other baton and reforms the staff. One of the two remaining robbers charges at him and a blade slides out of the staff and Arkham Knight slashes across the robber's body. The man's intestines and guts spill out onto the ground as he collapses. The last remaining crook was beaten onto the ground by the batons earlier and he gets back up. Arkham Knight drops his staff, pulls out his shotgun and charges towards the robber with a roar. He roundhouse kicks the robber around and we get a close up shot of Arkham Knight firing his shotgun one handed from behind and the blast slams into the robber's head. We get a slow-motion shot of the robber's head being ripped apart into a bloody husk by the shotgun. We see the robber collapse onto the ground, his stump of a head splattering apart even more when it hit asphalt. Arkham Knight ejects the shell from the shotgun and picks up the staff and collapses it back down and puts it in its compartment on his back.

Bat Versus Knight Edit

We see Arkham Knight walking back through the alley. Batman swoops in and perches on top a roof. We see a shot of his brand new batsuit. It is a light-gray fire suit with the black bat cowl but he has black goggles with white lenses over the eyes. He has a billowing black cape that is more like a larger cloak. It goes down his chest to his sternum where is ends at an additive yellow oval with the bat symbol on top of it. From it, a round tube goes upward and around his shoulder to his back. Batman jumps down into the alleyway in front of Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight doesn't move. We see his HUD zoom on on Batman's face. "Bruce Wayne," Arkham Knight says ominously. Batman freezes and then charges forward but Arkham Knight steps out of the way, but Batman's gauntlets allow the three blades to pop out and they lock in Arkham Knight's wrist. Batman pushes Arkham Knight's arm back into him, but he isn't phased and he flips Batman over, but Batman kicks off the alley wall and spins around and kicks Arkham Knight down. Arkham Knight sweeps out Batman's legs. They continue fighting and Arkham Knight has perfect counter to every one of Batman's moves. Batman gets Arkham Knight against the wall. "You're gonna pay Joker." Batman begins punching Arkham Knight- Joker- in the head. "DIE! DIE! DIE!" Bruce screams as he beats Joker. Arkham Knight pushes Batman off. Arkham Knight has a grenade off his belt in his hand. He uses his thumb to push the pin out and the lock flies forward and Arkham Knight throws it. We see a slow-motion shot of the pin hitting the ground. Regular speed returns as it lands at Batman's feet. It explodes. Batman jerked around at the last second and the shrapnel deflected off his cloak, but some pieces went straight through and into Batman's back. He collapses. Arkham Knight walks over Batman while talking. "Joke's on you Bats." He leans down and pushes aside Batman's cape. There is a pistol tucked into Batman's utility belt. Arkham Knight pulls it out. "I thought you didn't kill Bats. Jason would be ashamed." Batman roars and attempts to fight back and gets back up, but Arkham Knight fires the gun at Bruce's head. The bullet hits his bullet-resistant goggles and shatters them. Batman falls back down but keeps his goggles on. One lens is severely cracked but another is fine. His goggles prevented any injury. Arkham Knight pulls out the magazine of the gun, throws it down, and throws the empty gun at Batman. Before kicking him in the ribs and walking away. Bruce coughs up a little blood. "Be ashamed? You killed him Joker!" Arkham Knight turns around. "How ignorant can you Bruce? There is more than one Joker. Chaos isn't a one man firing squad, its two."

Duel Above Gotham Edit

We see Gordon sitting on edge of the rooftop. The bat signal is still on. Gordon switches it off. "Gordon?" A familiar voice says from behind. Gordon looks behind him. "Bullock?" Harvey Bullock approaches him. "You look like hell." Gordon's shirt and coat are stained with blood and the crowbar is hanging off his belt. "What are you doing here?" Gordon asks. Harvey looks at the bat signal. "Came to see what the hell that light show was in the sky." Harvey replies. "But, that's not the only reason I'm here." Harvey sighs. "I have to congratulate you Commissioner. You're a criminal." "And how do you know that?" Harvey rubs his forehead. "Do you think I'm an idiot Jim? You crashes Arkham trucks, almost killed police officers? I'm not gonna even ask what else you'be done. What haven't you done Commissioner?" "How do you know any of that?" Harvey laughs. "Jim- do you really think Gotham is the only place with dishonest cops? I'm a private eye now. Metropolis police aren't the greatest detectives Jim. That asshole Corporon- you really think he gets any of his evidence from his department? No. They are literately just puppets for the public eye. Corporon just hires private eyes like me to do his work for him. Of course I know it was you Jim." Gordon stands up. "You can't arrest me Bullock." Sirens ring through the air as red and blue lights flash. "But I can bring you to justice Gordon." Gordon sees the Metropolis and Gotham police cars rolling down the street. "Shit." Gordon begins to run in an attempt to get off the roof and escape with the fake. As Gordon runs, Harvey tackles him and they begin fighting. We see the cars pull up against the curb and Mackenzie Bock and David Corporon step out. "Where the hell are they?" David asks generally. We see Gordon and Harvey fighting. Gordon has his arm around Harvey's neck. They are near the bat signal. Harvey yanks down the lever and the signal lights up the sky. David points up to the roof. "There." David and two other Metropolis cops climb up to the roof and point pistols at Gordon, and therefore Harvey. "Freeze!" David yells. Gordon is beginning to choke Harvey. Harvey chokes out a couple words. "Shoot....him" Before David can act, Gordon spits out some words. "Lower your weapons or I snap his neck." David signals for the other cops to lower their weapons and David lowers his, although it is pointing at Gordon's foot. David fires. Gordon releases Harvey as he yelps in pain and. Harvey rushes away from Gordon and David runs towards him and tackles Gordon onto the ground, beating the pistol against Gordon's head to knock him out. He cuffs Gordon. "James Gordon, you are under arrest for murder and kidnapping. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, one will be provided for you."

A little later Harvey and Bock are talking. Harvey mentions that he can't believe that Gordon killed someone. Bock says he was contacted by Johnathan Crane and Joker is out on the streets. Harvey is furious and says that Joker deserves to die. Bock is walking towards his car- getting ready to pull out. "Just warning you Bullock- don't do anything stupid. Another vigilante is the last thing Gotham needs." All the police pull out.

The Raid Edit

Harvey walks to the back of the police station and climbs up to the roof. He opens up the rooftop hatch that Gordon left unlocked from building the bat signal. Harvey climbs into the police station and walks to the police lockers. He goes to his old one and kicks it extremely hard. The locker door pops open. Harvey smiles. "I'm glad I punched it after Karl Helfern got sent to the Asylum and didn't get life in prison." Harvey digs through another cop's supplies inside the locker and finds an evidence room key. He goes to the evidence room and opens it up. He looks around for anything useful. He looks in the very back and smiles. We see a zoomed in shot of what he sees and all we see is the legs of a tripod.

The Discovery Edit

We see Harvey wearing a black hoodie and holding a closed tripod with other stuff attached but we can't tell what it is. He is walking through Gotham's alleyways and he walks into the alleyway Batman and Arkham Knight were fighting in. Harvey sees the unconscious Batman. Harvey rushes over and sets down his stuff. He rips the cowl off of Batman's head. "No. Bruce Wayne? The Batman? What?" Harvey sputters with disbelief. Harvey has his camera around his neck. He takes a picture of Bruce and sets the cowl back on his head to take a cowl picture, and then he throws it off again. Harvey files the images under a new folder he labels "The Batman's Identity".

Leave No Man Behind Edit

We see Bock and David in their car and the fake is in the back. David looks at Bock. "Why the hell do you think Gordon kidnapped that guy from the Asylum?" Bock's face is serious. "Dr. Crane contacted me." David bites his lip. "That creep that runs Arkham?" "Yeah. He said that when Joker was thrown out of the Asylum, somehow he escaped and a decoy took his place. That guy's him. It doesn't make sense though. That Arkham Knight vigilante, one of the Asylum's psychiatrists claim it was the Knight who threw Joker out the window. But Joker is Arkham Knight. It's all on tape," Bock says. "I would trust the footage rather than an account of a worker from a nuthouse who saw everything through a rain-covered window," David replies. "Yeah," Bock says. They continue driving through the rainy Gotham night.

We see Joker close the door to a closet in the home he forked is tongue in. His suit is off and in the closet and he is wearing sweatpants. He walks over to the rainy window and looks sadly at the brick wall at the other side. We see his reflection in the glass and Joker begins to cry. He looks heartbroken. He pulls a vibrating old flip phone from his pocket and looks at it. We don't see what it says but Joker frowns. "Damn it Monty." He walks sadly away from the window and goes back into the bathroom and cuts his hair. He shaves the length off and completely shaves the sides bald, leaving the top long and slicked back. He looks at his forearm. The number "88" is tattooed into his forearm- a number from the Asylum like the numbers the Nazis burned into their prisoners. Joker puts on a green button down shirt, a purple cravat, an orange waistcoat, and a purple frock coat- the classic Joker outfit. Finally, he walks out of the bathroom and to a small bedroom covered in dust. He slides open a drawer and an old, wilted once-white rose sits alone in the drawer. He picks it up and looks at it and begins to tear up. He blinks away the tears and pins it to his lapel. "This is for you Jeannie." He walks outside the house, and to a white van- the same one from the Asylum- and gets in and starts driving away.

We see the police car driving down the road. We then see Joker driving his van on a different road. We then see the police car drive through a green-light intersection and while they are driving through it Joker's van plows into the police car and overturns it twice. We see Bock and David upside down in the car. David pulls out his phone and texts Harvey the following: Intersection Snyder Street, Winick Street. Help. David sends the message. Joker gets out of his van holding a pump-action shotgun. He fires it at the car's driver side-facing him- and the shot kills Bock. We see David in the car look past Bock's shattered head and he sees Joker walking towards him upside down. Joker pumps the shotgun. David begins to cry and he closes his eyes, ready for death. Joker walks around the car, pulls open the door and sees David inside. Joker pulls him out of the car and presses him against the car and holds the shotgun against his face. Joker makes a sad face. "It's okay, I'm sorry!" "Just do it already!" David sputters. Joker lolls his forked tongue out and smiles. "Oh, you!" Joker lowers sets the shotgun down on the asphalt and reaches into his coat and pulls out a serrated butterfly knife and flips it open he scrapes the jagged blade against David's cheek. David screams in pain. Joker slams David's head onto the asphalt and scrapes his gashed cheek against the rough asphalt. David screams. Joker pushes him back against the car and picks up the shotgun. Joker looks away and points it at David's face and then fires, causing David's head splatter onto the car. Joker pushes David's corpse out of the way and drags out the fake out of the back. Joker also sees Gordon unconscious in the car. "Stay here while I punish who deserves it!" The fake sputters. "I'M SORRY! PLEASE!" Joker drags the screaming man by his collar down the street. Joker turns around and points the shotgun at the fake. "SHUT UP!" Joker fires the shotgun at the fake's knees and the fake screams. Joker continues to drag, him leaving a thick trail of blood and scraping the mangled legs of the fake across the asphalt. We see one of the fake's lower legs break off his body and be left behind. A city bus turns a corner in front of them and is driving towards them.   

The Flaying Edit

The bus continues towards them and grind to a halt. As soon as the bus stops, Joker blasts the driver's head open with a shot from the shotgun. Joker walks over to the bus doors and shoots them open. He walks onto the bus with a few people on board, screaming in fear. Joker smiles and drags the mangled fake in view of the passengers. They scream as Joker throws him onto the floor. Joker laughs and shoots a woman in the face. He shoots a man in the chest. He walks forward some more and a man charges forward and attempts to disarm Joker. Joker ends up shooting the man in the chest. Joker walks to the back of the bus where the last person is hiding under a seat. Joker peeks under the seat with the shotgun and smiles. "Boo!" He fires the shotgun at the man. Joker stands up, sets his gun on one of the seats and pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket and the splattered blood all over his face. He pulls up the fake and pushes the fake's head hard against the window, leaving a blood splotch on the glass. Joker pulls him up. "Monty, you had one job!" The fake- Monty- cries for help. Joker laughs. "No one can hear you!" "DON'T KILL ME!" Monty screams. Joker makes a sad face. "Okay. I won't. I promise. However, I will say, next time I would suggest widening your complaint." Joker whips out his serrated butterfly knife and scrapes it against Monty's chest. "Because pain's worse than death Monty!" The assault is behind a seat and we don't see it but we hear Monty's screams. Joker pushes Monty into our view. He is flayed. His is skinned from the neck down. Below his neck his skin turns into raw, red flesh that usually is hidden away by skin. Joker stands up and holds up Monty's skin and drops it onto the ground. Joker is still holding his knife. He grabs Monty's shoulders and jabs the blade into Monty's back and carves a crude Joker-like smile with scars and all- into Monty's back. Joker drags Monty off the bus and onto the rough asphalt and begins to drag him in circles, causing Monty to scream in pure agony. Joker is laughing uncontrollably through all of it. He stops dragging Monty and holds him up. Joker is still holding his knife. "I do break promises though." Joker jabs the knife into Monty's throat and twists it before ripping it out, causing blood to spurt from Monty's neck. Monty collapses onto the pavement, dead. Joker taps Monty's dead body. "Hello? Heelloo?" Joker frowns. "Hmmm. Must be sleeping." Joker gets up and walks back over to the car and drags Gordon out of it.

Fight for Jim Gordon Edit

We see Gordon's face and it is pushed into an inhuman smile. Joker laughs. "All the work I put into you." Joker begins to drag Gordon's unconscious body away, but he hears a voice. "Stop!" Joker drops Gordon and looks behind him. Crouching on a fire escape is Harvey Bullock wearing the same black hoodie with the hood drawn up. He has a camera slung around his neck that he is holding. Joker smiles. "Nice to see you've recovered Bullock." "Spare me the bullshit," Harvey sneers. Harvey is looking through the camera and centers it on Joker. We see a semi-automatic rifle mounted on a tripod rotating after where ever he aims the camera lens. The tripod is mounted on the rooftop the fire escape belongs to. "Bring Gordon to me." Harvey says. Joker shakes his head. "No can do." Harvey exhails and zooms in his camera more carefully on Joker, causing the rifle to re-aim itself. "Hope you aren't caught as crossfire," Harvey whispers. We see Joker through the camera sticking his tongue out at Harvey. Harvey takes a picture with his camera. "Bang." The rifle begins unleashing fire at Joker, it sweeps the ground towards him. Joker leaps out of the way, but his legs are sprayed with some bullets. Joker groans. "I just got out of the legs braces!" Harvey jumps onto a fire escape ladder that slides down fast. Harvey hops onto the ground. Joker forces himself up quickly and uses Gordon as a shield. Harvey doesn't order the gun to fire. Joker takes the crowbar from Gordon's belt and picks it up. He hits Gordon hard in the ribs with it. "Want him to end up like Jason Todd?" Gordon starts to awake and we see a first person point of view shot of Gordon seeing Harvey in front of him and seeing a purple-clad arm wrapped around him. Gordon is still smiling inhumanly. He can open and close his mouth, but the position is the same. Gordon begins touching his face and is freaking out. Joker hits him again. "Get used to it already." Joker and Gordon shuffle forward until they are right up against Harvey. "Look at me." Joker says with a smile. "Let him go," Harvey says. Joker laughs. "Let's go with no." Harvey spits in Joker's face. "Bad move," Joker says. Joker slams the crowbar into Harvey's crotch and grabs the camera and points it at Harvey and takes a picture, before dropping it, which breaks the camera, and running away with Gordon in hand. The gun fires down at Harvey and bullets hit Harvey's lower back and tear apart his belly. Harvey collapses and the gun stops its current burst because the camera was destroyed. Joker laughs and slaps his knee. Gordon tries to break free but Joker kits him the crowbar. Joker walks over and uses his other hand to drag Harvey- who is unconscious. We see a shot of Joker from behind- walking with Gordon in hand and Harvey being dragged behind, leaving a trail of blood behind him. "One more stop," Joker says.

Capital Punishment Edit

We see Arkham Knight walking through a neighborhood not long after his run in with Batman. He knocks on a door of a house. The door is opened by an older Italian man- Matteo Flores, Joker's lawyer. Arkham Knight grabs his neck and pushes Matteo against the wall and he kicks the door shut. He chokes Matteo a little before dropping him onto the ground. Matteo gasps for air. Arkham Knight- Joker- grans Matteo by the collar of his shirt and throws him across the room and into a wall, leaving a large dent. The wall where Matteo is by has a workbench by it with a Savage Stevens 311 double-barrel shotgun lying on it from Matteo cleaning it earlier. Matteo keeps his eyes on Arkham Knight and slides two shells into the gun's barrels and quickly grabs it, swings the open barrels upward, points it at Arkham Knight's face, and fires. The shells hit him in the face but do no damage. Matteo pops open the barrels and the shells eject. He grabs one more and loads it in and fires at Arkham Knight's chest, but it does no damage. Arkham Knight knocks the gun out of Matteo's hands and slugs him hard in the face. "You let him escape!" Arkham Knight roars. Arkham Knight picks up the gun and walks over to the workbench. Matteo rubs his head. "He had screws loose! He couldn't just be put down!" Arkham Knight roars and kicks Matteo in the ribs. "Insanity is no excuse for what he did!" Arkham Knight slides two shells into the shotgun "You know what? You're just as much of a criminal as any murderer, thief, or drug dealer. You deserve something. Tell me what it is." Arkham Knight picks up the shotgun. Matteo looks up and sees a teenage girl walk into the house through a back door. Matteo's eyes widen. "SOPHIE RUN!" Matteo leaps up and attempts to tackle Arkham Knight to protect his daughter but Arkham Knight closes the barrels by swinging the barrels up into Matteo's face. Matteo stumbles back. "SOPHIE! LEAVE ME! RUN! RUN!" Matteo screams. Sophie runs out the door. "You deserve..." Arkham Knight says. Arkham Knight points the shotgun at the back of Matteo's head. "Capital punishment." He pulls the trigger. The back of Matteo's head breaks apart as he collapses dead. "Joke's on you."

Siege of Arkham Asylum Edit

We see Harleen Quinzel in her office in the Asylum. She hears commotion and enters the hallway. Doctors and other workers are screaming and running. Papers swirl around in the air as a result of blasts from a shotgun. Joker is walking through the hall pushing a wheelbarrow that has an unconscious Gordon and Harvey lying it and shooting his shotgun ahead of him. "RUN! Yes run!" Joker reaches Harleen. He hits the shotgun over her head and pushes he down onto the ground and pushes himself and the wheelbarrow into her office before shutting and locking the door behind him. He sets his shotgun down on the desk. The office is large and room-locked, meaning the hallway is on one side and rooms are on the other three, meaning there is no windows. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all grey concrete except that a shag rug is on the floor. He dumps Harvey and Gordon onto the floor. Gordon's face is still pressed into an inhuman smile. Joker sits down in the chair by Harleen's desk. He turns on her computer and tries to access security feeds but it is restricted. Joker slams his fist down on the keyboard. He reloads the shotgun and puts Harvey and Gordon back into the wheelbarrow. A battering ram begins to smash the door Joker gets behind the wheelbarrow and is up against the wall, ready to charge forward. The door smashes open and guard rush in, but Joker screams and charges forward and rams them with the wheelbarrow while shooting them. Joker swerves into the hallway. He barges through double doors and is in the cell block- where he once resided. The cell block is a massive square complex with every wall- except for the doors to the office area- having a room against it. A square hallway connects these rooms and there is a small square room at the center- the warden's office. Joker is heading right for it. It is locked. There are guards approaching. Joker grabs Gordon and holds him up and points the shotgun at his head. "You take me, I take him!" Joker says. We see a shot of inside the warden's office. It is very dark with a desk lamp providing the only light. Warden Quincy Sharp is sitting at the desk on his computer controlling the main cell block security camera. He is watching the scene unfold. He gets up and picks up his loaded Colt pistol and walks towards the door. The door to his office is reinforced steel and has three super-strong bolt locks as well as a normal lock. If the bolt locks are shut, the key cannot open the door. Quincy approaches the door- gun in hand- and unlocks it and swings it open, however; Joker hears it, spins around and smacks Quincy over the head with the shotgun. They begin fighting, pushing each other against walls, trying to kill each other, through the fight, the wheelbarrow ends up getting pushed by Joker into the office and Quincy's gun is knocked out of his hand and onto the ground. Through the chaos, the shotgun is being fired at walls and at one point the gun is being pointed at Joker's chin, but as Quincy forces the trigger, Joker jerks his head back and spray of bullet holes appears in the ceiling. They are fighting in the office and Joker knocks Quincy out of the room and points the shotgun at him and he fires, however; the gun clicks. Joker hits Quincy hard in the face with it, also dropping it outside, and Joker closes the door, locks it, and bolts all three bolt locks. He dumps out Harvey and Gordon onto the floor and sets up a chair in front of view of the room's security camera and uses a rope to tie Harvey to. He then sits Gordon in the swivel chair and keeps Gordon at the desk.

Morality Edit

We see Lucius Fox driving through Gotham back to his house from Wayne Enterprises. He is driving in the area Arkham Knight and Batman where fighting. He sees Batman lying in the alleyway- no cowl on. Lucius knows he is Bruce. Lucius pulls over and rushes over to Bruce. "Bruce? Bruce are you okay?" Lucius asks with concern. Bruce groans. "I'm fine. He got away." "Who?" "Joker, Arkham Knight, whatever you want to call him. He said that there is two Jokers. It would explain Doctor Quinzel's claim to have seen Arkham Knight break the Joker who killed Jason out of Arkham." "So Arkham Knight is the Joker and the man who killed Jason is the Joker?" "Yeah," Bruce replies. "Are a mob or syndicate like the Red Hoods were?" "I don't know Lucius. I don't know. I fell unconscious, some of the shrapnel went to my back I think." We see the bat signal appear in the sky. It starts moving downwards. Someone is moving it. It is pointed directly at Arkham Asylum. Lucius sees the gun on the ground. "You were gonna kill him." Bruce sighs, stands up and puts his cowl back on. "I was." "What happened to your one rule?" "You know what Lucius? Despite the fact that Arkham Knight is a Joker, he is right. How many criminals have I thrown in jail that are on the streets as we speak. Joker, Helfern; it doesn't matter. How many criminals has he run into that got back up. That's right. None." "Right or wrong it's murder," Lucius says. "Maybe that's what it takes to clean this city up. What did I get for not killing Joker in that alleyway a couple months ago. He got away. And then what did he do? He murdered Jason! He murdered my best friend!" "I'm your friend too Bruce if you start putting bullets in skulls, we're done. If you start killing what makes you any different from them?" Lucius leaves on that and gets in his car and pulls away. Bruce breathes heavy, picks up the gun and the magazine and loads the gun and cocks it.

Lockdown Edit

We see Batman enter the Asylum. We see Doctor Crane and Quincy Sharp walking in the Asylum's halls- Quincy fixing a new holster to his belt- complete with a new pistol. "The Asylum is going on full lockdown. No body in, nobody out.," Crane says. Quincy looks concerned. "Crane are you sure? Full lockdown? No, no, no. Crane your not thinking about using the chamber are you?" Crane doesn't answer. Quincy goes into a different hallway. We see guards deadlocking everything.

Crane sees Batman walking down the hallway, gun in hand. "WHERE IS HE!" Batman roars. Crane stumbles back in fear and pulls out a Ruger MKIII pistol and fires it at Bruce, who holds up his cape and he deflects the bullet. He grabs the pistol out of Crane's hand and throws it down. He pins Crane against the wall and holds his pistol against Crane's neck. "I don't want to hurt you doctor." "" Crane sputters. "I said I don't want to hurt you. There's only one man in this building that I'm going to kill. So do yourself a favor and tell me where Joker is. We're on the same side." We see a syringe with orange liquid in it slide out of Crane's sleeve. "Are we?" Crane swings his arm upward and stabs the syringe into Batman's neck. He injects the agent inside. When Crane moved he moved aside from the gun and Batman fired it into the wall. Batman drops the pistol and staggers back. Crane runs down the halls. We see Batman collapse, breathing heavy, against the wall.

We see Quincy walk calmly into the breaker room and he shuts down the power to the entire Asylum. We see Batman collapsed against the wall again and we see in the hallway- which is brightly lit up- all the lights go off one after another and the whole complex goes dark. We see a shot of the outside of the Asylum with lights on and we see them go out. Quincy walks out of the breaker room and is walking down the halls. He hears a thump- almost like someone dropping to the floor. Quincy pulls out his pistol- holding it with two hands and he cautiously scouts the area, but he can't see anything in the darkness. All music slowly stops and all we see is total blackness for a moment. We still see darkness but hear Quincy sigh- he doesn't hear anything. Intense and shocking music starts out of nowhere as Arkham Knight jumps out of the darkness and kicks Quincy hard in the chest, knocking him down. Arkham Knight jumping out at Quincy is almost like a jumpscare. Quincy staggers up and shoots a couple rounds from his pistol at Arkham Knight. The rounds simply deflect off his armor and Arkham Knight knocks the pistol out of Quincy's hands and Arkham Knight grabs his throat and pins him to the wall."How do I get inside the office?' Quincy struggles to breathe and Arkham Knight drops him onto the ground. Quincy gasps for newfound air. "Its deadlocked. My office isn't only a office, its a safe-room for emergencies. Don't kill me." Arkham Knight picks up Quincy and helps him stand up. "I'm not going to kill you." "How are you here? The Joker is in the office." "The Joker isn't a man, its a title. Sometimes there's an overlap. You need to take me to Doctor Crane's office. I have an idea."

Blackout Battle Edit

We see Joker in the office and the computer setup goes dark- result of the manual blackout. "Shit." One of the computers is a battery-powered laptop that still has charge to it. Joker types extremely fast on the keyboard and brings up several command prompts. Joker is hacking and typing rapidly. "I can't get past those breakers. The generator, however; is a different story." Joker hits enter after several key combinations and the generator activates and power is restored.

The scene cuts to Arkham Knight and Quincy walking through the dark hallways and then the lights turn on one by one in a flash. When light is restored Arkham Knight and Quincy are standing in a bright hallway and Arkham Knight sees Batman sitting against the wall. Arkham Knight rushes away from Quincy and runs towards Batman. The camera pans around him so we now see the back of Batman and Batman stands up- razor-sharp batarang in hand and swings it like a knife across Arkham Knight's armor. It actually slashes it and leaves noticeable marks but it does not piece Arkham Knight's flesh. The engage in melee combat, and Arkham Knight pulls out a combat knife and begins slashing at Batman. He cuts several gashes into the suit and a couple go completely through and leave deep cuts in Batman's skin. Arkham Knight jabs his knife forward and it slices into Batman's mask. The blade slices across the side of the mask, and cuts slightly in, cutting Batman's skull. Batman staggers back in pain. Batman is still holding onto his batarang. Arkham Knight steps back and sheathes his knife. He reaches over his shoulder in preparation to pull out his shotgun. Arkham Knight has a large and major gap in his armor over his armpit. It is just fabric there. Batman rushes forward and slashes his batarang over Arkham Knight's armpit and pushes it inwards. The batarang's blade slashes across the fabric, ripping it open and slicing deep into Arkham Knight's skin, and then Batman twists the blade into a different diction and pushes the blade deep into Arkham Knight's flesh. Batman lets the batarang stay. Batman packs up as Arkham Knight screams in pain and anger.

The scene cuts to Joker at the laptop. We see on the screen a command prompt as a lined map of the entire complex with the hallways outlined in white, while the rest is grey. Joker looks at another open window on the laptop screen and it is a feed of the hallway security cameras. The camera is aiming directly at Arkham Knight and Batman and we see Arkham Knight roaring and charging toward Batman, as well as Quincy running away down the hall. "And blackout." Joker clicks the keys and the camera turns off in a flash and the scene cuts back to the well-lit hallway and then the lights go dark, causing Arkham Knight to miss Batman. Batman spins around and taps something on his goggles. With the usual night-vision sound effect Batman's goggles glow green as he activates night vision. We see through his eyes and the static filled green field of view shows Arkham Knight walking towards Batman. A large section of the view is spider-webbed by cracks- a result of the gunshot from the alleyway. We resume to third-person view and see just Arkham Knight walking into darkness disrupted by two green eyes. Batman- the green-eyed figure- rolls forward and releases a grapple cable which wraps around Arkham Knight's neck. Batman uses the grapple to swing behind Arkham Knight and withdraw the cable and grab the batarang and rip it upwards, causing blood to spurt out of the wound. Batman grabs Arkham Knight's shoulder and reaches his arm that has the sharp batarang around Arkham Knight and Batman stabs it into Arkham Knight's other armpit. Arkham Knight kicks Batman in the crotch, knocking him down but the batarang stays in. Arkham Knight turns around and yanks the batarang out of his skin.

The scene cuts to Joker click a button and the scene cuts back to Arkham Knight. The lights flicker on and Batman throws the batarang at the ceiling ahead of him, the camera panning with the projectile which hits a light bar causing it to spark and all the lights in the hallway to flicker on and off. We see Arkham Knight walk towards Batman from behind, and pick him up by the neck and slam his head against the wall, denting it. Arkham Knight rips off the night vision goggles while throwing Batman to the other side of the hallway. They continue to fight in the flickering lights. Arkham Knight pushes Batman through a door that leads to a stairwell downstairs. They fight in the stairwell and they both end up at the bottom- in the morgue.

Battle in the Morgue Edit

The scene cuts to Joker in the office. He clicks a square on the lined map of the Asylum and the camera tab changes to the morgue camera. We see Joker watching the fight while smiling and laughing. "Look at them go!" We see the entire morgue fight through the black and white and grainy security camera footage. Batman and Arkham Knight are wrestling, slamming each other against morgue refrigerator drawers. One of the large locks to a body drawer is pushed unlocked by Arkham Knight throwing Batman against it. The heavy metal hinged door opens up and there are three slide-out racks for bodies. The middle one is emtpy. As the door opens up, cold mist drifts out. They continue to fight while Joker watches and laughs. Batman gets Arkham Knight's head inside the morgue drawer and slams the metal door against Arkham Knight's head over and over and over again while roaring in rage. The impact from the metal smashes bits off of Arkham Knights helmet. Arkham Knight manages to grip the middle slide-out rack and uses all his strength to push it out, pushing the door open and hitting Batman in the chest. Batman staggers back. Arkham Knight stands up. His helmet now more resembles in video-game look: The front of the mask which was all black except for the glowing blue eyes but now the black in the front of the mask is completely smashed away, revealing a darker glowing blue tone than the eyes underneath that has maroon streaks going through it. His mask now looks exactly how it does in the video game except small bits of black are smashed away on the back as well. We hear a crackling sound come from the mask as exposed green circuit boards at the back of the mask spark and crackle. They continue to fight and Arkham Knight ends up being forced onto the slide-out rack, which Batman forcefully pushes back into the refrigerator drawer before slamming the metal door shut and locking it. Being a morgue refrigerator, the chamber has no interior handles or ways out other than someone outside unlocking and opening the door. We see Arkham Knight lying on the rack. It is dark inside. His glowing blue eyes flicker out, shortly followed by the dark blue back-light under the exposed translucent shell of the helmet. The helmet begins to open up by splitting into several hinged pieces. We see it almost fully open, but the scene cuts to a low side view of him and we can't see his face, only the open helmet. We see a shot of his hand. He presses a button on his gauntlet and the upper forearm section extended open so he can take off the armored gauntlet. He does, revealing a pale skinned hand. We see the side view again and see him use his bare hand to touch his face. He pulls it away and we see a close-up shot of his hand- stained with blood after touching his face. He puts the gauntlet back on and presses the button to lock it on his arm and hand. He closes the mask and we see the upper view again as the dark mask lights up again, the eyes glowing blue and the dark blue back-light coming on as well. We Batman walking away from the drawers and a circle of many shotgun bullet holes appears in the metal of the door. Any pellets that hit Batman didn't piece his cloak. After the door was fragmented by the shotgun blast, we hear an extremely loud ringing noise that drowns out all other sound. This is Batman's ears ringing. The drawer door slams open- the sound would be loud but the ringing masks the sound. Arkham Knight steps out holding his shotgun. He fires it at Batman who tucks behind some crates which shatter. While Arkham Knight pumps the shotgun, Batman runs over to a drawer door and swings it open just in time for Arkham Knight to fire at it, blasting many holes in it. As the blast hit the door, Batman swung into Arkham Knight's view, knowing the round was fired and Batman throws a flash-bang batarang at the ground in front of Arkham Knight. With a loud bang, the room is consumed by blinding light. Batman makes his escape by sprinting towards a barred cargo elevator. He gets in and the automatic barred door slides shut and the elevator slowly begins to rise. Batman is breathing heavy inside the elevator. The elevator shakes and goes down a little bit before beginning to rise again. Batman looks down and Arkham Knight is holding onto the bottom of the elevator, which is mostly open result of bars. The shotgun is slung over Arkham Knight's shoulder. Arkham Knight is holding on with his right hand. Bruce pulls the pistol from his belt, holding it with two hands, those hands trembling, and Bruce aims the weapon down at Arkham Knight's damaged head and fires it. The scene cuts to first person point of view of Arkham Knight. We see him looking up at Bruce through his HUD, and then see the bullet whizzing toward his face and crash into his helmet, causing the HUD to crash and malfunction. Above one of Arkham Knight's eyes is a spider-web of cracks shows up a result of the bullet to the weak under shell of the helmet. Batman's hands are shaking rapidly. He steadies his hands and shots of the first shack exploding and the door to the second shack opening, revealing Jason's mangled body flash through his mind and Batman roars with pure fury and fires the pistol again, hitting Arkham Knight in his right shoulder, the impact causing his grip to slip. Batman roars and fires again, but this time Arkham Knight shields his head with his left arm. The bullet hits his gauntlet. Arkham Knight pulls it away as the gauntlet opens up as the bullet permanently destroyed the opening feature. Arkham Knight throws the gauntlet off, revealing 2/3 of a hand, 4 of the fingers replaced by black, wiry, robotic fingers, and some of the palm the same way. Arkham Knight's grip slips and he falls off the elevator, but he quickly throws his left arm upwards and uses his robotic hand to grab hold of the elevator. Arkham Knight pulls himself up into the elevator and Batman fires the gun, but the bullet does no damage on his chest. Arkham Knight disarms Batman and the gun slides centimeters away from falling down the elevator shaft. Arkham Knight grabs Batman's head and slams it against the railing of the elevator. Arkham Knight picks up the pistol and points it at Batman. "Hands up," Arkham Knight says. Bruce puts his hands up. The sound of a ding rings when the elevator arrives. The doors- behind Batman- slide open and Arkham Knight walks forward with the gun pointed at Bruce's chest. "Walk."

One Survives, One Dies Edit

Batman walks backwards onto a narrow metal catwalk . There is three levels of criss-crossed catwalks high above the cell block. Arkham Knight and Batman are on the middle catwalk. We see a shot of a mounted security camera rotating and Joker sitting in the office smiling. He's watching the live feed. We see on the upper catwalk a shoe step on the metal and then a shot of two hands holding a gun pointed down. We see it is Quincy Sharp. Joker laughs. "Oh look out!" Quincy fires it at Arkham Knight. It misses his head, but hits him in the collarbone area. It causes Arkham Knight to look upward, which leads to Batman leaping off the catwalk and crashing down onto the bottom catwalk, still very high above the cell block. Joker laughs and slams his open palm on the desk. "HA HA HA! You go Bats! OH, this is AMAZING! Gotham's knights! Only one's walking out of this alive, and I'm putting my money on the metal man!" The scene cuts back to the catwalk fight. Arkham Knight points his gun at Quincy and fires, the bullet striking Quincy in the knee cap, causing him to scream and collapse.

Joker switches to another camera level with the bottom catwalk. He positions Gordon- still inhumanly smiling like Jack Nicholson's Joker- in front of the laptop, which now has the camera feed full screen. Gordon may be smiling, but his eyes show panic and worry. Joker smiles at Gordon. "Sit tight pumpkin, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" We return to the catwalk fight and see Arkham Knight jump off the catwalk and land, kicking out, onto Batman, now standing on Batman's chest, gun aimed at his heart- recreating the scene from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game trailer. "No more Batman." We see a close up of Gordon's eyes watering before returning to Batman and Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight pulls the trigger and a bullet enters Batman's heart. Only one did survive. Batman is dead.

Tears fall down Gordon's face. Joker turns off the camera. Joker looks incredibly sad. "I wasn't serious. If anyone was going to die I wanted it to be Jack. The Arkham Knight. Jack Napier. The Joker. Whatever you want to call him." Tears streak down Joker's face. "What will I do without him. He completed me." Joker grabs Quincy's pistol and points it against the side of his head. Joker is sobbing. "Three." A scene of Joker with no makeup or scars and his pregnant wife flash. "Two." A scene of his wife's throat being slit flashes. "One." Joker pulls the trigger. However, he jerks his head and the bullet whizzes past his head and slams into the wall. Joker drops the gun, and it fires into the wall again. Joker is breathing heavy. Joker tilts his head down before raising it up again, his eyes furious and a cruel smile on his face. "Now I'm angry." He picks up the crowbar and walks over in front of Harvey. He pushes the end of the crowbar into Harvey's stomach. Harvey wakes up and spits out blood. Joker than raises the crowbar and swings it hard into Harvey's knee, brutally shattering it. He then slams the end of the crowbar into his other knee cap over and over and over again while screaming in fury, Harvey screaming in agony. Joker drops the crowbar onto the ground and picks a stapler off the desk and sticks it his mouth a furiously presses it down over and over again. He rips the stapler out of his mouth and sets it on the desk. He sticks his tongue out of his mouth. His forked tongue is now crudely stapled back together by countless staples, his tongue stapled so crudely it is all twisted. Joker spits out blood. Joker turns to both Harvey and Gordon. "Fun's over. You're useless to me now. Joker walks over to the laptop and turns the camera back on. The camera no longer shows Arkham Knight, but it does show Batman lying on the catwalk. Batman gets up. We see this all through the black and white footage. Joker smiles. "Scratch that." Joker laughs.

The Chamber Edit

We see Batman walking up a ladder to where Quincy is on the top catwalk. Batman's yellow and black bat symbol is completely shattered, just leaving exposed circuits underneath. The bat symbol was extra strong and stopped the bullet. Batman helps Quincy up and has Quincy wrap and arm around his shoulder to help support Quincy. Quincy's right knee is bleeding from being shot. They go down the ladder and to the cargo elevator. They descend and arrive back down in the morgue. They walk up the flight of stairs until they reach the main floor. The hallway is still flickering with light. They walk past an office with an open door. There is someone inside crying. They walk in and Harleen Quinzel is sitting at her desk. She looks up and is relived to see Quincy. "Warden Sharp! When can we leave? Everyone's trapped here." Quincy shakes his head. "None of us are getting out of here." "Why?" Harleen asks. "Crane's going to cleanse the Asylum...with the chamber." Harleen gasps and beings to sob. "What do you mean?" Batman asks. Quincy exhails. "The Asylum was built a long time ago by Amadeus Arkham. It closed in 20's and was reopened by Crane in the 90's. Back in its original state, it wasn't as much an insane Asylum like it is now. It was more a supermax prison. The mobs and the mafia were out of control in Gotham, is was just as bad as Chicago was. The Maronis, Rafael Santini, Scarface and Wesker; you name it. The Asylum was where these mobsters went. They never got out for the most part, and eventually, they ran out of room. The worst of the worst where in the Asylum, so Amadeus made a gas chamber. One by, one the Asylum was cleared out." "Where is the chamber?" Batman asks. Quincy gulps. "The warden's office. Joker and two hostages are in there." "What hostages?" Batman asks. Quincy sighs. "You didn't hear? A cop that works with Joker named Gordon and some other guy were taken into the office by Joker." "You said Gordon?" "Yeah," Quincy replies. "No, no, no, no, no. Are you sure Sharp?" "Yes." "We gotta get eyes in that room. What rooms have full Asylum camera control other than your office?" "Crane's office does." Batman nods. "We gotta get there."

We see Joker looking at a hallway camera. He sees Batman and Quincy limping down the hall. He clicks off and hits another camera. He sees them walk into view. Joker figures out they're heading for Crane's office. "Keep going. Keep going." They get to the metal door of Crane's office. A pass key is required to enter. Quincy pulls out one and unlocks it and they go inside and shut the door. Joker smiles. "Bingo." Joker presses some keys and the scene cuts to Batman and Quincy in the room. Crane isn't there. A buzz comes from the door. "Quincy. Give me the pass key." Quincy hands the card to him and Batman swipes the key down the slider and nothing happens. They both try multiple times. Joker shut down the pass system. They are trapped. Batman curses. Quincy walks over to the desk and sits down. Quincy sets up the camera feeds on a battery-powered laptop because the main computer is down because of power loss. He realizes he can only view cameras in areas where the generator has power directed to. "I don't even know how he set up the generator," Quincy says. "I don't know how to remotely activate it, I just know if power goes out it comes on automatically, but I deactivated it. He has power going to the main hallways. I don't know how to redirect the power," Quincy says. "He does though. When I was fighting the Arkham Knight he kept taking out power to disrupt the fight." Quincy clicks to a hall camera and we see a man walking through the hall in the grainy black and white footage. The man is wearing the same clothes (including the frock coat) Crane was wearing and has a sack over his head with two side gas mask filters breaking through the fabric as well as eye holes. He has large gloves on his hands. The fingers of the gloves each have a syringe attached to them. "Is that Crane?" Quincy asks himself. "I think so," Batman replies. Batman chuckles. "He looks like a freaking scarecrow." Quincy smirks. The camera goes out. "Shit." Quincy mutters. The power to the office flickers on. "No, no, no! He changed it. We lost eyes on Crane!"

Torture of Harvey Bullock Edit

Quincy clicks into another camera and it is Quincy's office. The black and white grainy footage appears on the screen and Joker is looking up into the corner of the room and adjusting the camera so it can see Harvey, Gordon, and himself. Joker waves at the camera. "Bats, you really had me thinking you were dead!" "Go to hell." Batman growls. Joker smiles. "I'm already there! What else would you call this place? When Batman or Quincy talk we see it in the actual scene, but everything with Joker in the warden's office we see through the footage. Joker picks up the crowbar and walks over to Harvey. He swings it upward, striking the weapon against Harvey's chest. Harvey cries in pain. Joker walks behind Harvey and uses the hooked end of the crowbar to tilt his head towards Joker. Joker smiles and pulls back the crowbar and slams it into Harvey's face. The impact breaks away some skin on the side of Harvey's face. Joker reaches over to the raw flesh and digs his fingers into it, causing Harvey to scream. "Joker stop!" Batman pleads. "Oh you. I'm just getting started." Joker spits out. The next scene we see in the warden's office. Joker is walking in front of Harvey hitting the crowbar against his palm. He lifts it up and swings it at Harvey but misses. Harvey exhails. Joker bites his lip and laughs. "Gotcha!" Joker then forcefully slams the crowbar against Harvey's shoulder. Joker slams the crowbar onto Harvey's foot before letting it drop to the ground. Joker turns to Gordon, walks over to him, and wheels him closer. Joker gets his face right next to Gordon's. "You know what Gordon? You're and idiot. An absolute idiot. You drank all those cups of water I offered you. Every single one had tons of pills broken up into it. My plan worked. You went mad and began killing and breaking every law you came across. And that smile. The one that doesn't let you move your mouth. Yeah. That's a side effect. You smile nice and big. But he doesn't." Joker points at Harvey. Joker whips out his serrated butterfly knife. He walks over to Harvey and sticks the blade into Harvey's mouth. "Do you want to know one of the first things I said to you Bullock? I said 'Why so serious?'" Joker says 'Why so serious' like Heath Ledger did so it almost sounds like 'Why so serious-a?' Joker continues talking, smacking his lips Heath Ledger-style throughout. "I could tell you a million different stories of how I got these scars. Drunken father, cruel wife; you name it. None of that happened. I carved this grotesque smile into my own face, myself. I did it, because someone told me to. They said 'Let's put a smile on that face!' I of course didn't let him, I mean I beat his face in, but that's a different story. Before he died, I laughed. I asked if I was crazy, and said 'No, no. You told me to put a smile on my face.' I stick a knife in my mouth and...Why so serious?" Joker slices the knife from inside Harvey's mouth across his cheek, creating a Glasgow Smile just like Joker has, except it is only on one side of Harvey's face. "Hold this for me." Joker tells Harvey. Joker sticks his knife into Harvey's eye. Harvey screams. Joker gets up and leaves the knife stuck inside Harvey's eye. We see the next shot through security footage again. Joker is looking up at the camera. "You see? It's all fun and games until someone loses their eye. Except...its still fun for me!"

TBA (Almost done!)

Cast Edit

*The Joker- Matt Smith

*Jason Todd- Bill Skarsgård

*Bruce Wayne/Batman- Ben Affleck

*Jim Gordon- David Harbour

*Harvey Bullock Sean Penn

*Lucius Fox- Reg E. Cathey

*Carmine Falcone- Colin Firth

*Johnathan Crane- Adrien Brody

*Ra's al Ghul- Bill Nighy

*Alfred Pennyworth- Jeremy Irons

*Harleen Quinzel- Margot Robbie

*David Corporon- Brett Gelman

*Mackenzie Bock- Derek Luke

*Quincy Sharp- Michael Kelly

*Monty- Ben Esler

*Jeannie- Rose Leslie

*Simon Jones- Richard Gere

*Matteo Flores- Gincarlo Giannini

*Sophie Flores- Ariel Gade

Trivia and Easter Eggs Edit

  • I'm still calling it the DCEU, not the DCU which is what they changed the name to.
  • In the comics, Smylex is a name for Joker's infamous laughing gas.
  • In the comics, Simon Jones is a super-villain named Psimon who was killed by Joker by getting his face smashed in. This is reference with Joker killing him by smashing in his face with a weight.
  • In original versions, the movie started with all the flashbacks from Joker's past, however; these were saved for the third movie.
  • Arkham Knight's alias, Jack Napier is a reference to Jack Nicholson's Joker who shared the name.
  • Arkham Knight's reveal that there are multiple Jokers is a reference to The Three Jokers theory, but in this there are two.
  • If it was not clear, Joker, Arkham Knight, and Monty made all were aware of the plot to break Joker out of Arkham. Arkham Knight lied to Joker, convincing him he was there to free him, while in reality Arkham Knight just wanted to hunt Joker down himself.
  • Monty being the fake Joker is a reference to the fake Joker Batman discovered in Killing Joke.
  • Arkham Knight is a character modified and taken from Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • Joker forking his tongue is a direct reference from Batman R.I.P.
  • This movie shows the first chronological appearance of the bat-signal in the DCEU aka DCU.
  • Some of Arkham Knight's fight scenes are inspired by Frank Castle's fight scenes towards the end of Marvel's The Punisher.
  • Arkham Knight's opinions on crime is very similar to Frank Castle's view.
  • Harvey Bullock's vigilante equipment is stolen from the police station and originally belonged to The Director who will appear in The Strange Affairs of Mr. Brooks.
  • Harvey references Karl Helfern, a Batman villain also known as Doctor Death.
  • The flaying of Monty is from the Joker graphic novel where Joker skinned Monty for rising in the ranks of crime and making Harley Quinn a stripper in his club. In this movie, Joker skins Monty for not being convincing enough as Joker, however; Joker really didn't care and just killed Monty for the sake of killing.
  • Gordon's inhuman smile is the same as Jack Nicholson's Joker's mouth appearance. Gordon had this appearance as effect of the Smylex.
  • Joker's apparel is his original comic book attire.
  • Unlike most adaptations of the Joker, this Joker doesn't wear makeup for a large portion of the movie.
  • The man Arkham Knight killed in his home was Matteo Flores, Joker's lawyer.
  • Joker's take over of the Asylum is similar to his takeover in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • The whole lockdown sequence has some (but few) similarities to the lockdown in Stranger Things 2.
  • Joker's lip smacking is a reference to The Dark Knight.
  • Joker's speech about his scars is a reference to The Dark Knight.
  • Joker saying that he could tell Harvey about fake stories of Joker's drunken father carving his face or him doing it for his wife. These stories were told by Joker in The Dark Knight.
  • The 'Why so serious' and 'Let's put a smile on that face' phrases are references to The Dark Knight.

Notes Edit

Even though this movie has way more sub-headings than Joker, a lot of those scenes are short. This movie would be much longer but Joker wasn't a very long movie in general.

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