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This article is rated R, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for readers under 17. This may contain strong sexual references, violence, language, or drug use, so readers are strongly cautioned.

This is the sequel to the DCEU movie "Joker". Spoilers for Joker. The R rating consists of language, violence, and sexual content.

Do Not Make Changes

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After the death of Jason Todd, Batman must put his mourning aside when the violent vigilante known as Arkham Knight appears. Meanwhile, the Joker operates from inside Arkham and manipulates those that Gotham has learned to trust.

Plot Edit

Framed Edit

We see flashing blue and red lights as police clean up an apartment covered in blood. We see Mackenzie Bock in the apartment. He is searching for fingerprints. He finds some on a knife. Bock picks it up with his gloves and places it in an evidence bag. The scene cuts to a forensic scientist at a very much intact Gotham Police Department looking at the fingerprint sample. She loads up her computer and looks for matches. She finds "Jerome". We can't see his last name, because her head is blocking our view of it. She walks out of the lab and meets with Jim Gordon- who is walking down the hall. Gordon looks over at her. "Make it quick, I've got an interview for a J. Todd at 3:00." The scientist replies. "I've got a match to the fingerprints found in the apartment homicide. It wasn't very hard, they were very clear." Gordon nods. "Well, the day can't get better. We've got a homicide, a pretty much nail-on-the-head suspect, and a potential new cop." Gordon's smile fades. "Wait a minute. Let me see those documents." The scientist hands a file folder to him. "Shit. This...." Gordon looks at the paper. "...Jerome guy is- I mean was- the victim's husband." Gordon hands it back. "I don't know. I guess the guy was crazy."

We see Jerome sitting under a bridge, wrapped in a dirty blanket. He has brown hair with the sides and back shaved, slicked back. He has a nervous look to him. Another homeless man asks if he's okay. Jerome jumps. "What...what? Oh, oh...I'm okay. I'm not insane or anything." At the word "insane" Jerome laughs. The homeless man gives him a wired look and moves on. The sun breaks through the clouds and shines on the street above, but not under the bridge between Gotham and Metropolis. Jerome stands up and wanders up the stairs to the street-level sidewalk. A police car- sirens blazing- rushes down the street. We see Gordon driving it with Harvey Bullock. Gordon looks around. "Whoa. That's him". From Jerome's point of view, we see the police car pull over against the curb. Gordon and Harvey step out. They rush Jerome and Jerome turns and runs the other way. He is limping and running slowly and weakly. The cops easily catch up to him and place him under arrest. Harvey snorts. "Well, well, well nut job. You're under arrest for the murder of your wife."

Court Room Massacre Edit

The scene cuts to Jerome in court with a lawyer next to him- Thomas Wayne. A court scene commences and Jerome is sentenced to life in prison. Jerome screams and cries as we is pulled away in slow motion- the sound dulled down, sad music playing behind it. Jerome is close to the cops and he pulls a pistol out of a cop's holster with hid handcuffed hand and shoots the owner in the back. Jerome aims the pistol up and fires, breaking his binds. He spins around and continues to shoot everyone in the court room dead. He shoots the judge point blank in the forehead and sees his lawyer escape the building. Jerome laughs and smiles. The camera zooms out and we see Jerome standing in a pool of blood in a courtroom stained with blood, dead bodies everywhere. The screen goes black.

Later that Year:

Assault on Arkham Asylum Edit

We see Joker sitting with no makeup on his face, his hair now brown and near shoulder-length, the same curled look as Heath Ledger's Joker. Joker is sitting in a swivel chair next to a glass window in his bland concrete room in Arkham Asylum. The door clicks open and his psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel, walks in. Her blonde hair is pulled back and she is wearing a lab coat and glasses. She pulls up another swivel chair and sits in front of Joker with a clipboard. "Okay Mr. J. You have a name yet? Anything new?" She asks. Joker laughs. "Nope. I'm always the Joker, only the Joker. The other one is far gone!" He laughs. Harleen bites her lip. "Okay. Who was the other guy?" Joker smiles. "Oh, oh. He's not interesting." Harleen continues to try to get Joker to talk about his past. Joker is getting close to spilling his name and past when the window next to him shatters and a black-armored arm reaches in and pulls Joker out the window. We see the arm let go of Joker, leaving him to fall through the rainy night sky onto the wet roof of Arkham. Joker grabs hold of a rusty rain gutter. He looks up into the rainy night and sees a figure standing on top of a perch of the building. We can't see a full picture, put he has ear-like extensions on his helmet and glowing blue eyes. Joker looks down and sees a three-story drop below him. He looks back up and the figure is gone. Joker frantically looks around, and then looks left and sees the figure charge at him fast, the figure walking almost horizontally on the slanted room. The figure kicks Joker hard in the face, and Joker falls off the building. We see a long-lensed silhouetted shot of Joker falling slowly. He luckily lands in the hedges and groans. Workers at the Asylum rush out and find Joker and bring him back inside with no struggle. Joker looks up and sees the figure with his back towards Joker. The figure turns his head over his shoulder, allowing us to see his glowing blue eyes. This positioning of the figure is the same as the movie poster. The screen goes black and the title card rolls.

Cops against Cops Edit

We see Jim Gordon in his temporary office- an extra mess hall where all the Gotham officers have school desks- at the Metropolis Precinct - the police's base of operation after the main station was destroyed by Joker the month prior- eating a doughnut and sipping coffee. He is reading the paper and comes across an interesting heading: The Gotham Bat Strikes Violently at Gang. Gordon looks at the picture and sees a black and white security image of "Batman" crouching on the edge of a building. Gordon squints and sees the armored plating and glowing eyes of the figure. Gordon shakes his head. "That's no Batman. That's something else." He continues to read the article and it says that "Batman" was seen by security footage murdering a street gang in an alleyway. Gordon throws down the paper, sets down his coffee, finishes his doughnut, and gets up to head out. Before his gets to the door, the Metropolis police commissioner, David Corporon, stops him. David is quite a few inches taller than Gordon and is wearing an open blue jacket with a loose suit and tie underneath. Gordon looks up. "Get out of my way David," Gordon commands. David laughs. "So. What is it Jim? You give me orders now?" Gordon pushes David back. "Damn right I do. Now get out of my way." David shakes his head. "Wow Jim. I let my station be opened to you Gotham....toughs-" Gordon cuts David off. "Stop right there. Don't you dare insult my men." David smirks. "Okay. I get it. Your a little tense. Your partner was corrupt-not that I accept any different from you Gotham-" Gordon cuts off David again. "One more word Corporon and I'm implanting your head into the wall." David shakes his head. "I don't give a shit what you think Gordon. I don't want you out in my city giving us a bad name." Gordon pushes David harder into a wall and keeps walking. "I'm going to Gotham asshole." Gordon walks out of the precinct and walks through and alleyway and behind the station where- with all the dumpsters- a couple Gotham police cars are pulled in. Gordon gets in his and floors it back, and drives onto the street.

Schizophrenia Edit

Gordon continues to drive through Metropolis. He crosses the bridge to Gotham and drives through the busy morning streets. He drives into the secluded Arkham District of Gotham not far from the woods where Jason Todd was murdered. He pulls his car against the tall black metal bared gate. Gordon gets out and speaks into the speaker telling administration that it is Jim Gordon. The speaker buzzes and the old gate- made automatic swings open ominously. Gordon sighs and walks onto the creepy estate. The Asylum itself is a massive castle-like building made over a hundred years ago. He knocks on the wooden door to the actual Asylum and he is let in by warden Quincy Sharp. Quincy leads Gordon through the halls. "He's still here?" Gordon asks. "Yeah. According to one of our psychiatrists, Harleen Quinzel, he was pulled out of the window by...something. She called for help and minutes later we found him lying in the hedges," Quincy replies. "Take me to him," Gordon says.

We see Joker sitting in his room, crying. The door clicks open and Gordon enters with Quincy whispering something in his ear. Gordon walks in, the door shutting behind him. Gordon sits on the edge of the bed. "So. What happened?" Gordon asks Joker. Joker's face turns to anger as he looks up from the floor to look at Gordon. "That thing took me." Gordon leans forward. "What thing? What took you?" Joker still looks angry. "He did." Joker points to a drawing pinned to his wall. It is a rough crayon drawing of a black figure with blue eyes. The drawing is messy and crude- very cryptic in appearance. Gordon gets up and looks closer at the picture. "Who is that?" Gordon asks. Joker shakes his head. "I have no idea...." Joker says. Joker all of a sudden growls loudly and yanks a staple out of his head- the binding of one of his injuries from Bruce Wayne. Gordon backs away and pulls a small clicker out of his pocket and clicks it. The door opens up and Quincy and a couple other staff rush in and bind Joker and take him out of the room. Gordon follows the staff as they drag a screaming Joker down the hall and into a room-separating into two with a thick glass wall. Quincy punches in a code and a section of the glass wall slides away into a doorway and Joker is thrown through it, landing hard on the concrete floor. The door slides back into the glass and Quincy sits his large body down into the provided swivel chair. The room Joker is in has a large, reinforced metal door at the back wall. It opens up, us not hearing anything in the sound-proof room- and a worker comes in and puts a net of psychiatric things on his head and then leaves. On a control panel on Quincy and Gordon's side of the room, there is needle-writing things that write brain patterns on their own. They begin scraping back and forth rapidly as Joker flails with eyes rolled back in his head on the other side of the room. Joker's mouth is open in a strange way- it is almost curled back and he repeats the same movements as if he is stuck in a time loop. Eventually, the needles slow down and Joker slumps over into unconsciousness. A worker comes in and removes him. Quincy turns to a frightened Gordon. "He has developed a severe form of schizophrenia- worse than anything I've ever seen. He hallucinates almost 24/7 and the medication only helps so much. He goes into these...episodes...where he goes into a seizure-like state where he is stuck in a loop, repeating the same flailing movements, over and over. It is inhuman to watch. It doesn't look like anything of this world, the way these seizures happen. He draws his hallucinations with like crayons and stuff. They are cryptic and rough as most schizophrenia drawings are, but they usually represent either a black figure with blue eyes or a bloody, mutilated body hanging by its hands by a rope." Gordon sighs. "How do we work with him?" Quincy shakes his head. "Sorry Jim. You don't. You let them show you when they feel the time is ready, whether that be through drawing their hallucinations or even telling you, you have to wait for them to come to you."

Mourning Edit

The scene cuts to Bruce Wayne standing in the batcave, Alfred behind him. Bruce is wearing a black suit and is looking at the gray Robin suit Jason Todd once wore- displayed in a case- before he was murdered by the Joker. Alfred and Bruce talk about Jason and Bruce walks out of the batcave. We see Bruce inhale deeply as he experiences vivid flashbacks. We see flashes of Jason's funeral, Bruce punching Jason, the shack exploding, and the shack door opening up to reveal Jason's demolished body. Bruce exhails and rests against the wall. Bruce hears a crash from up in the manor. He rushes upstairs, grabbing a steel long-sword off the wall on the war and runs upstairs to see no one, only a shattered window of the manor, letting dusk light creep in, leaving an creepy blue tone to the manor. We see a 360 rotation of Bruce, and we see- crouched on the rafter above him- is a woman dressed in a tight leather one-piece suit. She had a domino mask on her face with cat ears protruding.


*The Joker- Matt Smith

*Jason Todd- Bill Skarsgård

*Bruce Wayne/Batman- Ben Affleck

*Jim Gordon- David Harbour

*Harvey Bullock- Sean Penn

*Selena Kyle- Morena Baccairn

*Alfred Pennyworth- Jeremy Irons

*Harleen Quinzel- Margot Robbie

*Barbara Gordon- Bailee Madison

*David Corporon- Brett Gelman

*Thomas Wayne- Jeffery Dean Morgan

*Martha Wayne- Lauren Cohan

*Mackenzie Bock- Derek Luke

*Quincy Sharp- Wayne Knight

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