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This is a movie that is part of my DCEU Timeline Theory which you can read for more information. This would include many stages of the Joker's life and could even be converted into a TV show for more elaborate character building.

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Jerome Valeska was a young psychopath who clashed with the young Bruce Wayne and grew to be a criminal overlord in Gotham City, New Jersey. When Batman gets involved, "The Joker" will strike where it will hurt most.


The Pain Edit

We see a full-grown Bruce Wayne in the batcave. He is viewing the trashed Robin armor with the lines "Joke's on you, Batman!" spray painted on it in bright green ink. Alfred approaches Bruce from behind and tells him that he shouldn't have the pain on display (Alfred is referring to the suit.) Bruce tells Alfred that it's something you don't forget. Later, Bruce, as Batman, is on a rooftop with Gordon. Gordon tells Bruce that he can't keep going after Joker. Bruce tells him that Joker is more important to him than anything else. And not to imprison or beat either, but for who he once was. Batman leaps off of the rooftop and lands on Joker's car. He drives his gauntlet into the roof to keep his grip. We see the inside of the car and Harley- still in her prison jumpsuit- is sitting next to Joker (Jared Leto)- who is wearing a black bulletproof vest. Harley picks up a pistol and fires it at the roof. Batman avoids the bullets and eventually gets the car to crash into an alley. He smashes in Joker's window and pulls him out into the alley- where Batman pins him against the wall. Harley grabs her baseball bat and sneaks behind Batman. She attempts to whack his head, but Batman releases Joker and backhands her in the face- causing her to collapse into the street. Joker then draws a switchblade and attempts to stab and cut Batman, but Batman and Joker engage in hand to hand combat- where Joker holds his own against Batman. Joker lands some impressive martial arts moves and parries many of Batman's. Batman holds Joker in a head lock and asks Joker where the man he once knew was. Joker flips Batman over his shoulder and he see him smile and say "Dead." The scene flashes into a flashback.

Jason Todd Edit

Joker's face flashes into his face without his metal teeth or makeup. His hair is brown and slicked back and he is wearing a dark blue suit. The camera zooms out and he is standing in the Gotham Police Department. An office door opens up and Jim Gordon- looking very much younger. Gordon has short brown hair that is graying at the temples. He also has light facial hair. Gordon walks up to the past Joker and offers his hand. Gordon calls him by Jason Todd. He tells Joker- Jason- to enter his office. Jason sits in a leather chair in front of Gordon's desk. Gordon sits. Gordon asks Jason questions as Jason interviews for a job as a cop. After conversation, Jason gets the job as a police officer. The camera focuses on their locked hands. The image fades into outdoor night time with Jason's hand on a criminal's. Quickly, Jason's hand jerks, twisting the criminal's hand back and Jason flips the crook onto the muddy asphalt of the ally. The crook gets back up and Jason socks him hard across the face, turning him around, and kicks his leg up between the crook's legs. The crook yelps and staggers forward and Jason binds him in cuffs. Jason throws him into the back of his squad car. They drive away. A montage of Jason taking down crooks ensues- from simple arrests, to Jason using his baton and flashlight to beat down crooks alongside martial arts moves. The montage ends with Jason being awarded a medal for his outstanding police work in a ceremony at the Police Department. After the ceremony, Jason talks to Bruce Wayne outside the Police Department. We now are shown that Jason and Bruce are really good friends. Through conversation, we learn that they're roughly the same age, and they both went to the same college. Later, Jason is trying to take down a gang of roughly twenty crooks with only help from Gordon. Gordon and Jason are doing quite well on fending them off and beating them down but there are simply too many. Batman leaps in and rolls down the alley and punches several of the crooks and within seconds all twenty crooks are on the ground being cuffed. Gordon and Jason load them up into the police van they are using. Jason shakes Batman's hand very long and says that he's a big fan and he's honored to meet him.

Robin Edit

Jason goes to Wayne Manor to celebrate with Bruce later. Bruce is at home and Jason tells him that none-other than Batman helped him fight crime. Jason asks if Bruce has met him. Bruce says no and says that it would be cool. While Bruce lounges on the couch, Jason is standing- too exited to sit. Bruce mentions that Jason looks like a kid when he's that exited. Jason leans against a panel or something that opens a secret door to the batcave. Jason falls back into the main floor of the batcave. Bruce curses and runs down. Jason is on his knees looking up at the batsuit. He turns and stutters and gasps at Bruce. Bruce has no choice other than to tell his friend that he's the Batman. Bruce tells Jason that he can never, ever tell anyone this. Jason says that Bruce should let him fight crime with him- as a sidekick. Bruce says no but Jason eventually convinces him into letting him. About a week later, Jason comes by to get his super-suit. In the batcave, Bruce shows him a dark gray Kevlar armored suit. It has short sleeves and gauntlets, a domino mask, boots, and shorts the length of briefs. Jason asks about the skimpy armored briefs and Bruce pulls out a padded spandex bodysuit to be wore underneath the armor. Jason tries it on and says that he wants a cape like Batman's. Bruce sighs and pulls out an extra and gives it to Jason. Bruce says that he's Robin and Jason asks why he can't be something more intimidating. Bruce says that his last sidekick was called Robin so Jason has to be the second to take the mantle.


*The Joker- Matt Smith

*Young Jerome Valeska- Cameron Monaghan

*Jason Todd- Jared Leto

*Batman- Ben Affleck

*Young Bruce Wayne- David Mazouz

*Harley Quinn- Margot Robbie

*Alfred Pennyworth- Jeremy Irons

*Jim Gordon- J.K. Simmons

*Young Jim Gordon- Ben McKenzie    

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