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This movie was the Movie of the Month for November 2017.

This a R-rated DCEU film focusing on the first Joker and his reign of terror including the death of Jason Todd.

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A series of terrorist attacks have rung out throughout Gotham City. There is one man behind all of it. He is a living personification of insanity. He is called the Joker.


The Pain Edit

We see a full-grown Bruce Wayne in the batcave. He is viewing the trashed Robin armor with the lines "Joke's on you, Batman!" spray painted on it in bright green ink. Alfred approaches Bruce from behind and tells him that he shouldn't have the pain on display (Alfred is referring to the suit.) Bruce tells Alfred that it's something you don't forget. Later, Bruce, as Batman, is on a rooftop with Gordon. Gordon tells Bruce that he can't keep going after Joker. Bruce tells him that Joker is more important to him than anything else. And not to imprison or beat either, but for who he once was. Batman leaps off of the rooftop and lands on Joker's car. He drives his gauntlet into the roof to keep his grip. We see the inside of the car and Harley- still in her prison jumpsuit- is sitting next to Joker (Jared Leto)- who is wearing a black bulletproof vest. Harley picks up a pistol and fires it at the roof. Batman avoids the bullets and eventually gets the car to crash into an alley. He smashes in Joker's window and pulls him out into the alley- where Batman pins him against the wall. Harley grabs her baseball bat and sneaks behind Batman. She attempts to whack his head, but Batman releases Joker and backhands her in the face- causing her to collapse into the street. Joker then draws a switchblade and attempts to stab and cut Batman, but Batman and Joker engage in hand to hand combat- where Joker holds his own against Batman. Joker lands some impressive martial arts moves and parries many of Batman's. Batman holds Joker in a head lock and asks Joker where the man he once knew was. Joker flips Batman over his shoulder and he see him smile and say "Dead." The scene flashes into a flashback.

Jason Todd Edit

Joker's face flashes into his face without his metal teeth or makeup. His hair is brown and slicked back and he is wearing a dark blue suit. The camera zooms out and he is standing in the Gotham Police Department. An office door opens up and Jim Gordon. Gordon walks up to the past Joker and offers his hand. Gordon calls him by Jason Todd. He tells Joker- Jason- to enter his office. Jason sits in a leather chair in front of Gordon's desk. Gordon sits. Gordon asks Jason questions as Jason interviews for a job as a cop. After conversation, Jason gets the job as a police officer. The camera focuses on their locked hands. The image fades into outdoor night time with Jason's hand on a criminal's. Quickly, Jason's hand jerks, twisting the criminal's hand back and Jason flips the crook onto the muddy asphalt of the ally. The crook gets back up and Jason socks him hard across the face, turning him around, and kicks his leg up between the crook's legs. The crook yelps and staggers forward and Jason binds him in cuffs. Jason throws him into the back of his squad car. They drive away. A montage of Jason taking down crooks ensues- from simple arrests, to Jason using his baton and flashlight to beat down crooks alongside martial arts moves. The montage ends with Jason being awarded a medal for his outstanding police work in a ceremony at the Police Department. After the ceremony, Jason talks to Bruce Wayne outside the Police Department. We now are shown that Jason and Bruce are really good friends. Through conversation, we learn that they went to the same college and Jason is roughly ten years younger than Bruce. Later, Jason is trying to take down a gang of roughly twenty crooks with only help from Gordon. Gordon and Jason are doing quite well on fending them off and beating them down but there are simply too many. Batman leaps in and rolls down the alley and punches several of the crooks and within seconds all twenty crooks are on the ground being cuffed. Gordon and Jason load them up into the police van they are using. Jason shakes Batman's hand very long and says that he's a big fan and he's honored to meet him.

The Robin Edit

Jason goes to Wayne Manor to celebrate with Bruce later. Bruce is at home and Jason tells him that none-other than Batman helped him fight crime. Jason asks if Bruce has met him. Bruce says no and says that it would be cool. While Bruce lounges on the couch, Jason is standing- too exited to sit. Bruce mentions that Jason looks like a kid when he's that exited. Jason leans against a panel or something that opens a secret door to the batcave. Jason falls back into the main floor of the batcave. Bruce curses and runs down. Jason is on his knees looking up at the batsuit. He turns and stutters and gasps at Bruce. Bruce has no choice other than to tell his friend that he's the Batman. Bruce tells Jason that he can never, ever tell anyone this. Jason says that Bruce should let him fight crime with him- as a sidekick. Bruce says no but Jason eventually convinces him into letting him. About a week later, Jason comes by to get his super-suit. In the batcave, Bruce shows him a dark gray Kevlar armored suit. It has short sleeves and gauntlets, a domino mask, boots, and shorts the length of briefs. Jason asks about the skimpy armored briefs and Bruce pulls out a padded spandex bodysuit to be wore underneath the armor as well has a hooded cloak. Jason also gets a battle staff. Bruce says that he's The Robin and Jason asks why he can't be something more intimidating. Bruce says that his last sidekick was called The Robin so Jason has to be the second to take the mantle. Jason agrees and they become a team. Jason now works as a police officer only during the day so he can be Robin at night.

Candyman Edit

Batman and Robin fight lots of crime together. It's been almost a year of them working together. Batman says that Jack Monteleone, a drug lord operates out of a bar in downtown Gotham. Batman and Robin get in the batmobile. They drive down to the bar and by the door is two guards armed with nightsticks and pistols. They attack Batman and Robin, however; the heroes beat down the guards and enter the bar. It is a dirty bar with a filthy shag carpet and peeling plaster on the walls. Insects frequently crawl throughout the floor. There is a full house of costumers- most of them druggies and criminals. A massive brawl ensues and Batman and Robin come out victorious. They march back behind the counter where a bartender- who didn't involve himself in the fight- is cowering. Batman grabs his neck and pins him against the wall demanding he be told where Candyman is. The bartender refuses to say anything, but when Batman squeezes harder, the bartender begins to speak. Before any words get out the bartender's mouth, Batman hears a gun fire and dodges his head and the bartender's head pops. Batman turns around and Candyman himself- holding a smoking revolver- stands in the center of the room. As Candyman pulls back the lever on the revolver, Batman throws a batarang at Candyman and it stabs into Candyman's shoulder and he drops the gun, causing it to fire at Robin who uses his staff and knocks the bullet into the floor. Robin rushes Candyman and locks his staff over Candyman's neck and leaps into the air- spinning around- before crashing his elbow down onto Candyman. Robin pulls out some cuffs and binds Candyman. They see the light and hear the sound of police sirens and Batman and Robin make their exit- Robin pulling a hood on his cloak up to hide his face better. They walk past Gordon and other police officers and get in the batmobile and drive away, leaving Gordon to go into the bar and see unconscious bodies everywhere, a dead body behind the counter, and a handcuffed Candyman sitting in the middle of it all. Gordon smirks and walks up to Candyman and pulls him up. "We've got you now you bastard." They take Candyman to prison.

Bus Bombing Edit

We then see detective Harvey Bullock interrogating Candyman in an interrogation room. Harvey tells Candyman records show that Candyman sold a large amount of Acetone- a chemical he frequently used in his drugs- to a buyer registered as "Mr. J.". Harvey asks Candyman who is "Mr. J." and why did Candyman sell most of one of his vital supplies. The scene cuts to a school bus driving through Gotham. We see a elementary school, with children walking in from other buses and cars, on the corner of the next street. The bus dangerously swerves and hops the curb and is heading directly towards the school. It is gaining speed and we see the back emergency door open and a man with a plastic clown mask, wearing a purple suit with green hair pulled back under the mask, leap out of the back and roll towards the curb, only to turn around a watch as the bus crash into the school, causing a massive explosion that engulfs the entire school in flames. We hear a maniacal laugh coming from the man responsible. The scene cuts again to the police department where Gordon barges in on Harvey's interrogation and tells Harvey he has to come see something right that second. Another officer steps into the room to keep an eye on Candyman while Harvey and Gordon go out to the main lobby. The TV on the wall is playing breaking news of footage of a burning elementary school and the fire department attempting to put it out. The news commentator says that the explosion- which was triggered by a bus crashing into the school, seemingly armed with explosives- claimed an unknown number of victims, but authorities estimate the number to be extremely high. The school was full of young children. Gordon and Harvey and several other cops leave the station and go down to the school. Officer Mackenzie Bock was in area when the bus crashed and he speaks with Gordon and Harvey, telling them that a man jumped out of the bus before it crashed and he stood on the curb watching everyone burn to death and was laughing the entire time. Mackenzie says that he arrested the man and charged him with 1st-degree mass-murder. Gordon and Harvey go up to Mackenzie's car and look in through the window at the suspect in the car. He was still laughing and still had the clown mask on. He is a purple suit jacket, a grey button down with a purple bowtie, a green waistcoat, purple slacks, and black oxfords. Green hair is pulled back behind the mask as well. Harvey asks the suspect to shut the hell up and the suspect stops before tilting his head and laughing again.

The Joker Edit

Later, in an interrogation room, both Gordon and Harvey are interrogating the suspect- who is still wearing the clown mask. Harvey rips it off his face, which reveals a smiling face covered in white face paint, with black eye liner, and red lips with red and jagged scars stemming from their corners. The suspects hair is medium length green, and filthy hair. Gordon asks if he's Mr. J. The suspect laughs and says of course, he's the Joker. Gordon asks why he bombed that school. Joker replies- "I'm not so sure...those kids really, really bothered me. You know they were so gross...and I decided to teach them that we are meant to be feared." The Joker starts laughing maniacally. Harvey slaps him, which causes Joker to stop laughing. Harvey asks what Joker means be "We". Joker smiles- "Society, the doesn't matter. I just wanted to have fun." Harvey slams his fist down on the table and picks up a very heavy book on the table and threatens to bash Joker's face in with it. Joker looks at him and asks "Why so serious?" Harvey scowls. "If you want to keep doing this I will put my fist through your face!" Gordon pulls Harvey back. "Harvey, maybe-" Harvey interjects. "No! This clown won't shut up and forgive me that I want to know why he drove a bus full of Acetone into an elementary school!" Joker smiles. "I already told you. They bugged me. I was bored. I wanted some chaos! Something to make everyone mad and crazy...just like me!" Harvey picks up the book and slams it against Joker's head. Joker shuts up as he's seeing stars. Gordon pulls Harvey out of the room. Gordon tells Harvey that he can'y lose his temper with Joker because he's a very important person of interest and he can't be killed. Harvey rolls his eyes. "I wasn't going to kill him Gordon." Gordon looks at him. "Yeah, well you can't give him brain damage either." Harvey rolls his eyes again. "Well, he already has a screw or two loose in the head so..." "No." Gordon says. "Fine." Harvey agrees. They return to the interrelation room. Gordon approaches Joker. "Okay Mr. J., it looks like you are done in this room for today and will be detained in a cell until tomorrow morning where you will once again answer our questions." Joker smiles. "Could I use my phone call before I go to bed?" As saying this Joker does a puppy-eye face. Harvey opens his mouth. "No! I don't want some poor guy on the other end of a line being scarred for life from hearing this clown." Gordon looks at Harvey. "We can't neglect him of his rights. He gets one call." They allow Joker to use the phone on the wall of the interrogation room. Gordon looks at Joker. "Two minutes." Joker dials a number and speaks to an unknown person on the other end. Meanwhile, Gordon and Harvey are talking in the corner. Gordon tells Harvey that all the Acetone Joker bought wasn't on that bus. Gordon says that only a little more than half of it was used. Harvey asks where Gordon thinks he stashed the rest. Gordon says that he doesn't know but he's terrified that another bus is loaded with the rest and is going to bomb somewhere else. We hear Joker finishing his call. "Anyway, the steak is in the meat shed! Don't let it go bad!" Harvey yanks the phone away from Joker and hangs it up. "Who are you taking to?" Joker smirks. "Mommy." Gordon walks over. "Okay Mr. J., where is the rest of the Acetone and who were you calling." Joker replies. "As I was telling Mr. Cranky-pants over here, my mother, and the rest of the Acetone is with a friend." Gordon's mouth drops. "Who? Where? Is is on another bus?" Joker smiles. We see an armored security truck pull into the GCPD with several others. Two of the four trucks open their doors and two men wearing street clothes and clown masks step out. They each pull a match out and light it. Meanwhile, we see Harvey look through the window to the lobby and see out a lobby window the masked men with the matches. Harvey's eyes widen and he barges into the lobby. "EVERYONE GET DOWN!" The masked men throw the matches into the trucks and two explosions blast through the lobby and crumble the front half of the GCPD, luckily; the prison sector wasn't breached. Gordon runs out into the lobby. Another cop- who is burnt to a crisp- flew through the interrogation room window. and Joker gets up and grabs his pistol and cocks it. "Except, it wasn't a bus." Joker rushes into the lobby and sprints one of the large openings in the wall. A couple cops try to stop him but Joker swiftly shoots them in the head as they interfere. Joker runs out of ammo and one last cop, who is Mackenzie Bock is chasing him- the others trying to save lives- and Joker points the gun at Bock and pulls the trigger. The gun clicks. Joker tilts his head. "I guess you're today's lucky winner!" Joker charges forward and beats Bock unconscious with the empty pistol. A green-black van skids across the road and Joker runs into the streets before it reaches him. The van pulls to the other side of the road and a man in a clown mask opens the sliding back door and reaches his hand out, which Joker grabs. The man pulls Joker into the van and they close the door and drive away. We see Harvey get up and go outside. He sees the edge of the van as it turns a corner. "FUCK!" Inside the van, we see Joker pick up a silver pill and take it, as well as put a phone in his coat pocket. Joker asks one of the men if they got the badges for Derek. We see Gordon leaning over a dying Commissioner Loeb. Loeb manages out words. "Jim boy. You're a good cop. A good man. I want you to take my place." Loeb's shaking hand hands Gordon the badge. Gordon's mouth drops. "No, no, no! Loeb, you can't die!" Loeb smiles. "Sometimes you have too. To bring someone else to where they need to be." Loeb pins the Commissioner badge to Gordon's shirt and dies.

Hitting Bludhaven Edit

We see Joker sitting in the back of the van. He is smiling. He is holding a laptop. He is watching security footage of a street. The corner of the screen identifies it as Bludhaven Borough. A garbage truck is driving through the busy streets of this island of Gotham City. The door opens up and the driver rolls out. The garbage truck keeps going until it crashes and overturns into the Bludhaven Police Station. The station is rocked by an explosion and is ignited in fire. The scene cuts back to Joker. He claps slowly and laughs. He clicks some keys. The scene cuts to a shot of the streets in Bleak Borough. A man is driving a car and he parks next to one of the police stations. He gets out and walks down the street. A cop yells at him. "Hey! What are you doin'? She yells. The man keeps walking. He is wearing a clown mask. The car beeps and explodes, wiping out the cop and the prescient.

Hunting A Madman Edit

We see a long distance shot of the main police station in Bleak Borough- the front half of it blown to near nothing. We see Harvey and Gordon resting in a intact room. Harvey sees the Commissioner badge on Gordon's shirt. "Loeb passed it to you...before he passed?" Gordon looks up. "Yes, but I'm not Commissioner. There won't be a Commissioner until Joker is out of the picture...until Loeb is avenged." "You're not an avenger," Harvey tells him. Gordon laughs. "Yeah, but I'm a damn good cop and I'm going to bring this son of a bitch in." Harvey stands up. "Well you're not going to do it alone." Gordon looks up into the sky. He sees the edge of the skyline of Bludhaven. Black smoke pours into the blue sky. Gordon gets up "Shit. He hit Bludhaven too." Harvey gets up and looks in the other direction. Through the skyscrapers, there is black smoke rising into the air. "Fuck. He hit 'em all. The other precincts. We've got nothing." Harvey looks directly ahead. Black smoke is rising farther down the island. The scene cuts to a police car pull up to the mangled station. Jason steps out of it. His eyes are wide. "NO!" He runs into the station and sees the paramedics bringing out bodies. He runs up to Mackenzie Bock. "Bock! I came from the north end of Bleak. The precinct was wiped out. What happened?" Mackenzie looks down at the floor. "That clown happened." Jason's eyebrows raise. 'What clown?" Mackenzie continues. "It's my fault this happened. I charged and arrested him." "What did he do?" Jason asks. "Bombed an elementary school. And now he bombed us." Jason looks down. "It is not your fault Bock." The scene cuts to Harvey and Gordon in a police car driving down the roads. It is dark out now. They all of a sudden see the green van Joker escaped in. They hop the curb and speed after it. The sliding door of the van opens up and Joker swings his body into Gordon and Harvey's view. Then Joker lets go. He fall out of the van- on purpose-, however; at the same time the van stops and swerves horizontal, pushing Joker's body directly in front of the police car which is going fast. Joker's body is hit by the car's tires, causing it to bounce limply into the air into view of the cops. The car swerves to a stop and Gordon and Harvey rush outside of the car and draw their pistols. Gordon approaches Joker's body while Harvey approaches the van. Gordon looks down at Joker's battered body. He is grinning widely and is not blinking or moving at all. Harvey yells back and says that the three goons slit their own throats. Gordon tells Harvey that Joker isn't dead but he's injured enough that law forces them to take him to a hospital. They bind Joker and bring him to the nearest hospital.

Confliction Edit

We see Jason at a funeral for Loeb and all the other cops that perished at the hands of The Joker. Bruce is also there. It is raining and Jason holds up a black umbrella to shield himself from the rain. Sad music is playing and the scene uses tones of blue to convey a terribly sad moment. Loeb's casket is lowed into the ground. Jason's eyes water. After the funeral, Jason leans up against a tree and chugs a beer. Bruce approaches him. "You can't drink away your problems kid." Jason exhails. "I'm not a kid Bruce. I should have been there when that nut stuck." "Your not responsible," Bruce says. Bruce touches Jason's wrist. Jason jerks Bruce away. "Get off me you prick." Bruce tightens his lip. "You should watch your tongue Todd. You need to back off." Jason stands up from the tree. "Maybe you should." Jason smashes the bottle over Bruce's head. Bruce stumbles back and Jason sweeps his leg through Bruce's and then spins around and punches Bruce in the chest. Bruce collapses. Bruce is on his back and jumps off the ground, kicking both of his legs into Jason's ribs. Bruce- now on his feet- continues to punch Jason back. They continue to fight, and Alfred sees them fighting and runs over to them yelling at them to stop. We see Jason pull his pistol out of his jacket and point it at Bruce's stomach. He fires. At the same moment, Alfred pushes Bruce down and the bullet nails Alfred in the side of the chest. Alfred collapses and blood drips down his chin. Bruce stands up from checking on Alfred and growls and socks a shocked Jason in the face. Jason's nose crunches and Jason collapses against the tree, his face covered in blood. Bruce picks up Alfred and runs over to his sports car. He sets Alfred in the passenger seat and gets in.

The Hospital Incident Edit

We see an unconscious Joker lying in a hospital bed while a single nurse checks his injuries. The nurse feels for Joker's pulse...and nothing is felt. The nurse panics and calls for help. She begins CPR while several doctors and nurses flood the room. His pulse returns, but very slight. The doctors gurney him to an x-ray room where they x-ray him to see if they can pick up what happened. One of the doctors is absolutely shocked. He says that a capsule with several needles stemming from it has punctured several blood vessels. He says it looks like the capsule was swallowed, and then it opened up and pierced the vessels. The doctors rush him into emergency surgery. They put a probe into him and one of the nurses is shocked. She says that appears that the capsule's needles were supposed to do this and the needles are injecting neurotoxins into the bloodstream. The doctors open up Joker's chest and remove the capsule and manage to patch the vessels and they sew his wound back up. Joker flatlines and the doctors begin shocking him in an attempt to revive them. The door to the O.R. is closed. Joker's eyes fly open, his pulse returning, and he elbows the doctor who was shocking him in the ribs. He twists around, his foot hitting another doctor in the face, and he grabs several sharp instruments off of the table and brutally murders all the nurses and the doctors in the room with their own instruments. He slams the bloody instruments on the table and grabs a phone out of his coat. He turns it on and calls someone. We see Gordon and Harvey sitting in the waiting room when a man with a short grey beard enters the room. with a backpack on. He walks up to the counter and gives them a badge signifying him as medical personnel. The desk employee lets him past- with his pack. He goes from room to room and we see him in the last room he visits. He unzips his backpack and pulls out blocks of C4. He piles them by the last of the building's structural supports. He sets the detonator for one minute and sprints out of the room and out of the hospital, causing Gordon and Harvey to get out of their seats. We see Joker walking down the hall, calm as can be. Any doctors or nurses that try to stop him, he backhands to the ground. He enters the waiting room and we see the timer at twenty seconds. Gordon and Harvey draw their pistols and point them at him when they see Joker enter. He laughs. "If I were you I'd get out before the sky falls." Harvey sighs. "What?" Joker laughs again. "Oh yeah..It wasn't the sky. It was the ceiling." The detonator hits zero and the bombs go off. Four blasts of fire erupt in the floor above, and the ceiling comes loose in multiple parts and in the back of the room, several people are crushed to death. As the section above the door, by Joker, Gordon, and Harvey, starts to fall, Gordon and Harvey push themselves and anyone near them out the hospital doors next to them. Joker laughs. "Yeah run. Get out of here!" He pushes through the doors as well and Gordon tackles him onto the street. Joker laughs again. "I wouldn't stop here. Now more than the ceiling his falling." Gordon looks up as the skyscraper-size hospital begins to collapse. "SHIT!" Joker elbows Gordon in the ribs and gets up and takes Gordon's pistol and walks away from the building. He shoots Harvey in the abdomen twice, causing Harvey to collapse. Gordon tells everyone to run and is sprinting towards Harvey's body as the building his the ground, causing a massive cloud of dust, plaster, and toxic plastic to erupt into a wave following a sprinting Gordon. He gets to Harvey and throws him over his shoulders and keeps on moving. He has to stop on a sidewalk. and he pulls Harvey's shirt over his mouth and nose and does the same to himself. The cloud of debris roars past him before fading away. Harvey and Gordon are plastered in dust. Gordon wipes his glasses and wipes Harvey's closed eyes. Joker is nowhere to be seen.

This is Personal Edit

We see Bruce floor the car down Gotham's streets, heading to the hospital. Alfred is losing blood rapidly and is going to cardiac arrest. Bruce runs every red light and is speeding so far beyond the speed limit, but he manages to swerve around all the cars. He sees a massive cloud of debris carving through Gotham. It rocks over his car and a post of fragmented steel pierces through the windshield, injecting into Bruce's leather seat, missing him by inches. He walks out into a dust-covered city. Bruce pulls out the steel post and cracks the edges of the windshield. He gets back in and hits the windshield hard enough, that it comes loose and falls over onto the hood, shattering. Bruce floors the car and rushes down the street. He drifts into the hospital parking lot. There is no hospital- just a dust-covered mass of rubble. Bruce sees on the sidewalk across the street, that Jim Gordon and a doctor are preforming surgery on a man on the ground. Bruce gets Alfred out of the car and runs over to Gordon. Gordon is leaning over a man with two bullet holes in his side. There is a doctor crouching next to Gordon. They are using makeshift medical instruments along with what the doctor has with him to remove the bullets from the man's chest. Bruce sets down Alfred and yells to the doctor to help Alfred. "What happened?" The doctor asks. "He was shot," Bruce replies. The doctor starts treating Alfred on the sidewalk. Bruce asks Gordon what is going on. "Don't know what you know. School bombing, police bombing, hospital collapse. All leads back to some guy who calls himself 'The Joker.' He collapsed the hospital." Bruce sighs. "Shit. Alfred got shot." "By who?" Gordon asks. Bruce looks up. "By goddamn Jason Todd." Gordon looks up. "Are you shitting me? What the fuck! Why the hell did Todd shoot your butler?" "He was drinking at Loeb's funeral. I told him he should lay off and he wasn't responsible. The kid was scaring me. He was on verge of me not being sure if he was going to check out early. Jason...being an idiot...broke a bottle over my head and tried to shoot me. Alfred didn't let that happen," Bruce replies. "Who is that?" Bruce asks. Gordon looks at the man. "That's Harvey Bullock. Guy's got anger issues but he lays a mean punch. He's good ass cop. Joker shot him," Gordon replies. Gordon sighs. "I don't know where we're going to put this jackass." Bruce clenches his teeth. "Don't know about you but his actions affecting Jason like this to the point of Alfred being shot makes this personal. I'm either killing him or clearing out a special place for him in Arkham Asylum. Do have a picture of him?" Gordon pulls Joker's mugshot out of his jacket. "Recognize him?" Gordon asks. Bruce shakes his head. "I feel like I do...but I'm not sure." Harvey's eyes fly open he sits up coughing. Bruce stands up. "Gordon, I need to talk to you." Gordon tells Harvey to wait for a minute and Gordon goes over to Bruce. "What is it?" Bruce sighs. "I'm gonna go after him." Gordon shakes his head. "You can't're not freaking Batman. You can't do stuff like this." "NO!" Bruce yells, "I'm gonna kill that bastard. You stay here with Alfred and Harvey. Can you do that for me Gordon as a friend?" Gordon nods. "I can. But I swear to god if you don't come back-" "I will," Bruce interrupts. Bruce sprints away and around a corner.

Joker and Todd Edit

We see Joker- soaking wet- walk into a cemetery. Water drips off the mausoleums. The graveyard is empty except for one person leaning limp against a massive willow tree, its branches clawing into the dull sky. Joker sloshes over to the person- walking to the back of the tree. We see Joker empty his pistol's bullets onto the ground and put the magazine back in. Joker walks over to the back of the tree and crouches down, and we see him get up from the other side- not seeing what he did behind the tree. Joker sees Jason Todd leaning up against the tree, his face stained red with blood. Joker pulls Jason's wallet out of his jacket and takes all the money. He also sees the badge and Jason's name. "Damn cop." Joker pulls out Gordon's pistol and points it at Jason. He pulls the trigger. The hammer flies back in slow-motion and the bullet strikes Jason in the belly. Jason's body twitches and his eyes fly open and Jason vomits a wave of blood. "Morning sunshine," Joker laughs. Jason looks up. "'re him." Joker frowns. "Who's him? I'm the Joker after all." Jason looks at his wound and then looks around. His gun is around the trunk of the tree. "Why haven't you killed me?" Joker laughs and says grimly, "Because the torture is fun." Jason is breathing rapidly. "You kill countless people in a couple hours! Why are you doing this?" Joker smacks his lips in similar manner to Heath Ledger's Joker. "I do this because I'm necessary. I'm the chaos this city needs. Gotham is dying boy. Men like me are the only ones with the guts to do what it takes to stir up the insanity the lies dormant in all of us. I complete this city and this city completes me." Jason spits out blood onto the rain-soaked grass. "You incinerated an elementary school! How can you feel no remorse? What kind of twisted mind is crammed into your skull? This city is no place for someone like you. Hell is the only place you belong." Jason swings his arm around and grabs his pistol and shoots. A flag reading "BANG" flies out of the barrel. Joker slaps his knee and laughs. "Well Mr. Todd, you are KILLING me! HA HA HA HA!" Jason attempts to get up but winces and collapses back against the tree. Joker stops laughing. "In all seriousness Mr. Todd, I'm not going to kill you and you're not going to turn me in. You're going to survive this. I'm going to take you to a cab and have you taken to Metropolis' hospital. You'll make it...we're not far from the bridge. Joker puts away Jason's pistol and leaves the gag gun. Joker throws down a joker playing card into a pool of Jason's blood.

Rule Breaking Edit

We see Bruce run into an alley and hop onto trash cans and fire escapes, and in a few acrobatic movements, Bruce is on the roof of a building. Meanwhile, we see Joker walk away from Jason's cab and he sees a lone semi truck. Joker pulls out Jason's pistol and points it at the driver's window. He fires and puts a hole in the glass, but doesn't hit the driver. The truck swerves to a stop and Joker approaches, keeping the gun pointed ahead of him. As Joker is opening the truck door, the driver slams it into Joker, causing him to drop the gun. The driver and Joker get into a fight and they make it into the cab. Joker is losing badly, however; he picks up a pencil that was on the dashboard, and uses his other hand to slam the driver's head into the pencil, killing him. Joker pushes the man into the passenger seat, grabs his gun, and slams the door. He turns the key and swerves around and floors the truck. "Time go out with a bang." Meanwhile, we see Bruce running and jumping between buildings, trying to see Joker- who couldn't be too far. Bruce crouches on the edge of a building- Daredevil style- and sees a semi truck barreling through the empty nighttime streets of Gotham. Bruce looks at the other end of the long highway that goes through most of the city. He sees Ace Chemicals on the other end of the street, at crossroads. Bruce runs down his building in the same direction as Ace an jumps off. Bruce grabs hold of a fire escape ladder which slides down, allowing Bruce to roll onto the trailer of the passing truck. We see Joker hear the thump of Bruce landing on the truck. Joker picks up his pistol with his right hand and tries to fire out the window back at Bruce, but he misses. Joker shakes his head and puts the gun down. Bruce crawls up the trailer, struggling at the high speeds, but he makes it to the cab. He reaches into the open driver-side window and grabs Joker's neck and slams Joker's head into the side of the truck, causing the truck to hit the curb and flip into the air. The flip causes Joker to rise out of his sky-facing window- still in Bruce's grasp. The truck hits the street and skids down it, and Joker and Bruce are thrown into a neighboring alley- the same alley Bruce fought Jason/Joker in at the start of the movie. They get up- both unarmed and Bruce raises his fists, however; Joker doesn't do anything. Joker laughs. "I assume you want to kill me. You could of let me do that myself." Bruce speaks up. "I have a rule. I don't kill criminals. I just punish them to the point of them wishing they were dead. I'm considering breaking that rule. This isn't just crime. This is personal." They begin to fight.

Manhunt Edit

We see the cab drive into Metropolis and drop Jason off at the hospital, where doctors bring him into an OR. The scene cuts to Harvey lying in a two-bed hospital room in the same Metropolis hospital. The door opens up and Jason is wheeled in and transferred to the other bed. Harvey looks over, takes off a headset and shuts a laptop. "Jason Todd. What the hell happened to you?" Jason looks at Harvey. "Joker shot me." Harvey smirks. "Well that's one thing we have in common." The door opens up again. Gordon walks in and sees Jason and Harvey. "Aw hell. Jason what happened." Harvey speaks up. "Same as me. Punk ass clown shot him. You should of let me give him brain damage at the station!" Gordon sighs. "You're probably right." Harvey laughs. "I am right!" Gordon sits down in a chair. "Sorry Gordon but visiting time can't go on. I've got a manhunt on Joker going right now. We've got a swat team sweeping the city." Harvey hands Gordon and Jason headsets and puts his back on. Harvey clicks the laptop back on. They begin to listen to the team's reports. One speaks. "I think I've got him." Harvey replies to the soldier. "Shoot on sight." We see the swat soldier lying on a rooftop with a sniper rifle. We see his view in the scope and see Joker and Bruce fighting in the alley. The soldier calls in to the trio of cops. "We've got another man combating with the target...what the hell? Is that Bruce Wayne? Do you want me to take a shot?" Harvey yells into the com. "YES, YES! I don't care what you do to kill him!" The soldier fires his rifle and the bullet whizzes by Joker and Bruce and slams into a metal fence. The soldier calls back in. "I can't get a clear shot on him. If one goes down, the other will too. This will be harder to sweep under the rug like you asked sir." Gordon calls in. "What the hell do you mean?" The soldier bites his lip. "Shit. I thought we were on a private line." Gordon whips off his headset and looks at Harvey. "What the hell did I just witness? Are you fucking corrupt?" Harvey sighs. "Gordon, you don't understand." Gordon slams his fist on the nightstand. "To hell I don't understand. You're relived from your duties Bullock!" Harvey breathes heavy and sits up, wincing. "You can't do that you son of a bitch." Gordon gets in Harvey's face. "You're damn right I can. I'm Commissioner. I can do what ever the hell I want to you." Gordon whips off Harvey's headset and turns the entire communication on speaker. "Soldier, I'm very pissed off, but you were just following orders from a dumbass. I need you to do what I say." "Yes sir," the soldier replies. The soldier calls back in again. "I'm looking in a reflection in my scope. On the building above me their are three enemies. They have assault rifles pointed at my skull. I'm sorry sir. I lost a sister in that school bombing. I'm ending this. The soldier disconnects the com. Jason screams. "DON"T SHOOT!" The soldier, unable to hear any orders fires his rifle. In slow motion we see the bullet leave the gun, and then see the soldier's head blow apart by Joker's goons. Normal motion returns and the bullet- which was aimed for Joker's head- slams into Joker's spine as Bruce pushes him into the air during the fight. Joker collapses on the ground. His face is already beaten in. The white face paint is rubbing off with blood. There is a nasty gash on his forehead where his skin is peeling down. Bruce exhails. "You're done." Joker laughs hysterically. "I may be at a low. But you're the one that is done." Bruce sees the goons on the roof with assault rifles. Bruce curses and ducks behind a dumpster for minor cover. Meanwhile, we see Jason force himself out of his bed and head out the door. Gordon runs after him. "What are you doing? You need to stay here." Jason continues to limp, his limp slowly fading away. "He's my friend. I don't care if I go out there with my hands cut off. I wronged him and I will help in anyway possible." A nurse stops Jason in the hall, but Jason demands that he be released on order of the Commissioner. Jason looks at Gordon. Gordon nods. "Let him go." Gordon pulls out his pistol and keys and hands it to Jason. We see Jason exit the hospital wearing a brown leather jacket and a red t-shirt over black jeans. Thin bandages brace gashes on his face. He pulls out Gordon's pistol and cocks it. Jason gets in Gordon's car and floors it down the Metropolis-Gotham bridge. Jason speeds down the bridge and Gotham's roads. No one is on them at this time of the night. The car reaches its max speed of 132 MPH. We see Bruce make his way around the side of the alley and climb up a fire escape. He gets on the roof and ducks behind a ventilation unit. We see Bruce pull his one other batarang out of his jacket. He throws it and it ricochets off of a vent unit and kill one of the goons, who drops his gun, causing it to fire into another's foot, who drops his gun in pain. Bruce gets up and charges. He manages to slug the wounded goon in the face, however; the armed goon- too shocked to have fired seconds ago turns and points his gun at Bruce. Bruce hears a gun fire. He looks down at his chest and then looks up to see blood drip out the eyes of the goon's clown mask. The goon collapses and Jason is standing behind the goon- pistol in hand. Jason and Bruce hug and forgive each other.

Joker's Escape Edit

We see Joker crawl through the alley, leaving a thick trail of blood behind him. He is going for a purple van parked across the street, from where the goons came from. He crawls across the street, highlighted by street lamps. He makes it to the van and knocks on the door. The door opens up and one more goon is sitting in front of the wheel. Joker pulls open the sliding door of the van and pulls himself in, screaming in pain. "Drive and get the body."

Death in the Family Edit

We see Bruce and Jason in the police car driving through Gotham. "Where do you think he is?" Jason asks. "The trail of blood went across the street...probably to a get-away ride," Bruce replies. "Stop my the manor on the way." We see a long-distance shot of the car driving into Gotham's wooded outskirts. We see a shot of a ratty shack in the wooded outskirts. We see the inside of the shack and Joker is inside- standing up. He is holding a staple gun and staples his peeled skin back onto his face. Staples ring around the upper part of one side of his face. Joker has a complex metal brace holding his spine together. The brace continues down his legs and they lock around his shoes. Joker is wearing black dress shoes with purple slacks and suspenders over a tucked in white button down shirt with an open collar. Joker picks up a can of gasoline and splatters the liquid all over the shack. Joker puts an empty matchbox and a two decks of cards in his pocket. He picks up the can again and exits the building through a back door and splatters it in a trail behind the shack. He goes around front and splatters it all over the base of the trees. Joker returns in the shack. The batmobile pulls into the lot. Joker hears it pull in. He kills the light- being a single light bulb on a string. Joker smiles. We again see the batmobile. A full-suited up Batman and Robin step out. Robin-Jason- pulls two batons off his belt and whips them open. Batman- Bruce- walks forward with Jason behind him towards the shack. Bruce smashes the lock of the door and throws it open. Their feet splash in the gasoline. Bruce smells the air. "Is that gas?" Joker- who is standing a considerable distance from the shack, by the puddle that his gas trail lead to, pulls out his matchbox and a joker playing card. He swipes the corner of the card against the striker on the box and the card ignites. Joker holds it up- the card covering half of his smiling face. He drops it in the puddle. With a whoosh, a wave of fire travels down the gas trail and hits the shack. It explodes. Bruce is knocked through the wall and into a tree, however; Jason- who is deeper inside- is blown up. We see the shack's fragments in front of a fireball, Jason's body flailing in front of it all. Jason hits the dirt with a crack. He is missing his left leg from just under the knee down. We see him from the shoulders up- his arms extended in front of him- lying on the ground. He pulls his right hand back and his middle, ring, and pinky fingers stay behind. When his hand and three digits separate, a stringy mass of pink flesh and red blood stretches between them. Joker looks through the trees. "Today can't get any better! Bomb, bomb, bomb, death, death, death. Bruce Wayne! And now the Batman and his sidekick Pigio-I mean Robin!" Joker pulls his pistol out and sprints between trees in the darkness. "Come out batty batty batty! I usually don't put to much trouble into one person, but you're making it too fun! HA HA HA!" Joker begins to move. Bruce gets up from the tree and sees Jason on the ground. Bruce's eyes widen in anger. He pulls a credit card sized piece of metal from his belt and throws it into the area where Joker's voice came from. Midair, the flat device slides open, making it longer, and it his the ground, and a shockwave of blue light rocks the trees, causing a bath to carve out by the trees swaying dramatically to both sides. "Over here batty!" Bruce turns to his back where Joker's voice came from. A gunshot rings out and the flash illuminates Joker's body. The bullet whizzes through the air and hits Bruce in the stomach. Bruce staggers. He crouches down. The camera zooms out into an aerial view. Bruce, Jason, the shack, and the batmobile are in a clearing with one exit being the dirt road, the rest walled in by thick trees. In the clearing there is an intact, smaller shack to the side. We hear Joker's laugh echo through the trees. Another gunshot fires, illuminating Joker again. The bullet pounds into the dirt. Bruce throws a batarang at where Joker was, but it slams into a tree. Joker shoots again, in a completely different part of the woods. The bullet hits Bruce in the thigh. We see Joker run through the woods, hopping over logs. He pulls out his magazine and sees two bullets is left. He slams it back in and fires. The bullet hits Bruce in the back and he collapses onto his chest. Bruce leans to his side and sees the bullet went straight through him and sees the crunched bullet on the ground under him, in a pool of blood, being added to by blood gushing out of Bruce. Joker tires to pull out his last magazine to reload, but it is struck in his pocket. He yanks it out, put it breaks his suspenders loose and one of the belts' claws snaps Joker in the forehead. Joker falls back and drops the gun, causing it to fire into a tree. Jason get on his one intact leg's knee and picks up one of his open batons. He throws it, seeing where the Joker is because of the gunshot. The weapon spins through the air and, as Joker is standing up, the brute end hits Joker in the back of the head, cracking open his skin. He collapses out of the ring of trees, his green hair slowly becoming red with blood. Bruce forces himself to get up. He charges at Joker and kicks him in the ribs over and over. Jason sees Joker slowly pulls a switchblade out of his pocket. "Bruce look out!" Joker swings the opening blade around and stabs it into Bruce's ankle, causing Bruce to fall into the trees. Bruce falls right next to the pistol. He grabs it. Joker stands up. Bruce stands up and whips around firing the gun. Joker doges it. Bruce fires again, but the gun clicks- it is empty. Joker smiles and laughs and lights a joker playing card....and drops it. The burning card hits the gasoline and fire whips though the trail and surrounds the entire ring of trees in fire. Bruce jumps farther back at an angle, as the fire runs down a small trail of gas right where he was standing into another puddle, where the gas explodes and sets the trees ablaze. Bruce is trapped in small section of non-burning woods, which are surrounded by burning trees and a wall of fire. Joker walks away and slugs Jason down. Joker grans Jason's collar and drags him into the second shack. Joker locks the door. We see a close up of his hand wrapping around a crowbar. He hefts it up and tosses it around. He smacks Jason with it once. "What hurts more? 'A' or 'B'?" Joker slams the crowbar into Jason's ribs again. Jason falls unconscious. Joker strings Jason up by his arms to the ceiling. Joker turns on a flickering light bulb. "Jason....Jaaaason. Wakey wakey..." Joker hits Jason with the crowbar. Jason's eyes flicker open from unconsciousness. Jason sputters. "Where am I?" Joker laughs. "You're with me silly. It's been six months since Batsy abandoned you." Jason coughs. "Six months....I don't remember this. He wouldn't do that." Joker laughs. Jason spits out blood onto the wooden floor. "Batsy abandoned you when he met a new young sidekick Burt! I've kept you under my wing, as my sidekick. We're a regular dynamic duo you know!" Jason winces. "No, no, no..." Joker laughs. "I'm sorry were thrown out like a unwanted puppy by Batty." "No..I..wasn't," Jason growls. "I'm not the bad guy here. Batsy is!" Joker laughs and intimates a little girl begging for a puppy. "You've been a bad boy. You must be punished! Prepare yourself for a severe spanking, young man. But let me tell you right from the start... this is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me." Joker says. He hits Jason with the crowbar. Joker approaches Jason and raises his crowbar and swings. "One for sorrow, two for joy!" After every line, Joker hits Jason with the crowbar. "Three for a girl, four for a boy! Five for silver, six for gold! Seven for a secret, never to be told! Eight for a wish, nine for a kiss, ten for a bird you must not miss!!!!!!!" Joker slams the crowbar into Jason's head. The blow makes Jason's body swing like a pendulum into the wall. Almost all of Jason's teeth fly from his mouth. Jason's limp body hangs from the ceiling, blood dripping from it, making a puddle on the floor. Joker smiles and drops the crowbar onto the ground. Joker walks up to Jason and pulls off Jason's armor. Joker carries the armored chest piece to a table and he pulls out a can of yellow-green spray paint and spray paints "Joke's on you Batman!" on it. He sets down the armor. Joker picks up a sharp knife and walks back over to Jason. He stabs it into Jason's belly and twists it. Jason jerks awake, screaming. Joker yanks out the knife. He grabs Jason's hand and begins to rip off Jason's fingernails. Jason screams in agony. Joker rips them all off and sets them on the table. He then grabs Jason's head and uses the knife to cut off Jason's hair, also removing some skin. Joker throws down the knife and picks the crowbar up again and holds it like a golf club. "FORE!" Joker swings the crowbar into Jason like a golf club. He pulls open a drawer and many sharp instruments and tattoo and branding equipment are inside.

He picks up a branding iron with "HA" being its end shape. Joker pulls up his sleeve revealing the same mark on his forearm. "It worked for me Jay jay." Joker walks up to Jason and slaps him across the face. "Your turn pumpkin." Joker picks up a blowtorch and heats up the iron until it is glowing red hot. He slams it against Jason's bare chest, yanks it back, slams it back onto Jason's skin, and repeats over, and over, and over. Jason screams in agony as this happens and each time Joker picks up more speed every time he brands Jason. Jason continues to scream. Joker's face shifts from pleasure to anger. "Shut up!" Joker growls. "I'm trying to paint a pretty picture!" Joker says as he furiously brands Jason. He sets the iron down and laughs. We see what is burned onto Jason's body. The "HA" brand is pressed over and over, overlapping, and it covers all of his left pectoral and his entire left arm. Joker returns to the drawer and heats up a new brand- a "J". He slams it under Jason's left eye. On that brand, the burn is additive. Joker grabs a pair of closed sharp-ended pliers and walks over to Jason's body. He stabs the tool into Jason's lower belly and yanks it out, only to stab it back into Jason's body, in and out, in and out, in and out. Joker slams the tool onto the table. Joker laughs happily. "Pretty."

One Guess Edit

We see Bruce as the wildfire spreads to where he is. Sirens ring through the night. A firetruck and a convoy of police cars race down the dirt road, and the firemen immediately put out the fire enough that Bruce can stumble through. He tells Gordon what happened and they open up the second shack together. "Holy shit!" Gordon vomits onto the floor. Jason's mutilated- and dead- body hangs from the ceiling, dripping blood onto the now red floor. Bruce grits his teeth. "I'll give you one guess on who did this." The screen goes black. A title card reads 'One Week Later'.

Judgement Day Edit

We see a court trial for Joker- who has no makeup on his face, however; his hair is still green with red splotches from his blood. The judge sentences him to death. However; Joker's lawyer- Mateo Flores- tells the judge that Joker has mental diseases and insanity, and therefore is no applicable for the death sentence and should be placed in a safe home for the rest of his life. The judge looks over some documents and sends Joker to Arkham Asylum. Gordon and Bruce are sitting together in the jury. Bruce looks furious. "He should be butchered for what he's done." Gordon looks at Bruce. "I want him dead as much as you do but he will rot in his own insanity." What was his name anyway?" Gordon shrugs. "No idea. The guy has no records. Fingerprints lead to nothing. The guy's a ghost story." The police escort Joker past the jury. Joker stops walking. "Do you know what America? I'm not insane!" Everyone gasps. "I'm perfectly sane. It's all an act. So, thank you Mr. Flores. Thank you jury." Joker smiles at Bruce. "I say this from the bottom of my twisted heart. Thank you for setting me home free. And I can't be tried for the same crime twice. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you all are a bunch of idiots." Joker smacks his lips. We see a shot of him from behind being escorted out. Joker is laughing his trademark laugh. Roll credits.

Post Credits Scene Edit

We see Joker- still with no makeup- sitting on his bed in Arkham Asylum wearing a hospital gown. A doctor enters the room. She has blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. "My name is Harleen Quinzell. What's your name?" Joker smirks without looking at her. "Joker. I'm the Joker."


*The Joker- Matt Smith

*Jason Todd- Bill Skarsgård

*Batman- Ben Affleck

*Older Jason Todd- Jared Leto

*Harley Quinn- Margot Robbie

*Alfred Pennyworth- Jeremy Irons

*Jim Gordon- David Harbour

*Harvey Bullock- Sean Penn

*The Candyman- Tommy Flanagan

*Commissioner Loeb- Ed O'Neill

*Jeannie- Julianne Moore

*Young Dick Grayson/Robin- Quinn Lord

*Able Crown- John Leguizamo

*Mackenzie Bock- Derek Luke

*Mateo Flores- Gincarlo Giannini

*Derek- Christopher Heyerdahl

*Doctor Street- Misha Collins

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Trivia and Easter Eggs Edit

  • Joker is a new version of Heath Ledger's portrayal- which is, in my opinion, the best villain in film ever.
  • Joker's use of Ledger's "Why so serious" catchphrase is an Easter Egg and reference and is not used to the extent Ledger used it.
  • Robin's short briefs on his suit are reference to how the original Robin costume looked- a short-sleeved colorful top with green underwear.
  • The reason the bus caused a massive explosion is the fact it was loaded with C3H6O or Acetone- a highly flammable chemical which was sold to the Joker by Candyman.
  • Harvey telling Gordon that he's not an avenger is a reference to Marvel's Avenger team.
  • Bruce crouching Daredevil style is a reference to Ben Affleck once playing Daredevil.
  • The gag gun is a reference to Joker's trademark weapon in the comics.
  • The pencil murder is another reference to the Dark Knight.
  • Joker referring to the fake Robin as Burt is a reference to Burt Ward, who played Robin in Batman 1966.
  • The song sung by Joker is One For Sorrow