Jessica Drew is a British superhero who was formerly a Hydra assassin.


Jessica has long black hair and a fair complexion.


Orphaned Edit

When Jessica's family visited her father's friend Herbert Edgar Wyndham in Sokovia, they were taken to Baron Strucker's castle and Hydra base and Herbert murdered her parents after the discovered he was in Hydra. He took Jessica to Strucker and had her imprisoned along with Pietro and Wanda Maximoff.

Gaining Her Powers Edit

Herbert used The Scepter and machinery hooked up to Jessica to attempt to enhance her like Hydra did with Pietro and Wanda. The attempt was successful and Jessica gained her spider-like abilities.

Assassin For Hydra Edit

Jessica was brainwashed by The Scepter and trained as an assassin alongside Pietro and Wanda for Hydra. She went on many missions with Pietro and Wanda.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Jessica can use "venom blasts" that are pain-inducing hexes that she can fire from her hands.
  • Jessica's fingers can stick to walls.
  • Jessica's finger tips can produce webbing when pulled against something.
  • Jessica can produce pheromones that can induce fear or attraction.
  • Jessica is skilled in hand-to-hand combat

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