Jason Todd was the second Robin and later became the Joker, Arkham Knight, and Red Hood.


Jason had medium-length brown hair and striking blue eyes. His skin was fair but on the pale side. He wore the grey body armor and cape the Batman created for him.


Becoming Robin Edit

Jason Todd was a police officer and a good friend to Bruce Wayne. When Jason discovered that Bruce was Batman, Jason was recruited as his sidekick Robin.

Arkham Knight Edit

They went on many missions, but when they were tracking the Joker, Jason was taken by Joker into a shack and shot and beaten with a crowbar, resulting in him almost dying and his teeth being knocked out. Joker faked Jason's death and he experimented on Jason and brainwashed him into believing that Batman was evil and the only thing to stop crime is death. Jason was tattooed and was given metal teeth. He became the high-tech Arkham Knight and came into conflict with Batman- who found out that Jason was still alive, and he convinced Jason to join him again and Jason

discarded the Arkham Knight armor, as it had gotten a sinister reputation. He made a modified and more causal version known as the Red Hood- named after the old crime ring and he fought crime as a vigilante often separate from Batman.

Becoming Joker Edit

On one mission, Jason tracked down Joker and went after him to kill him. Batman tried to stop Jason, but Jason fought Batman and beat him down so Jason could go kill Joker. Joker overcame Jason and used his past manipulation techniques to make Jason's brain convert to the way it was when he was Arkham Knight. Jason became less brainwashed than before- but still enough. Joker faked both of their deaths and took Jason and drove him purely mad and insane. Jason- the new Joker- became a crime-lord rather quickly and his actions landed him in Arkham Asylum and grew close to Harleen Quinzel, he convinced her to take the fall for his "murder". She did and got

sent to prison. Jason did this so he could keep living peacefully, and Joker would not go to prison so he could be brutally killed by Batman which was sort of revenge for Jason. He succeed.

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