James Montgomery Falsworth was a British soldier during World War One and World War Two. He was member of the Invaders and the Howling Commandos.


James had short blonde-brown hair and blue eyes. He had a very light beard and in World War One, wore a Union Jack emblazoned uniform and he had a Union Jack emblazoned armored mask he wore sometimes. During World War Two, James wore standard military uniforms and a maroon beret.


Joining the Invaders Edit

James was given an invitation to join the taskforce known as the Invaders. He agreed and became a link to other Allied countries.

Attack in France Edit

James was staying a fortified British military town in France when the Blitzkrieg bombed the town with shells of Adhesive X as a test run. He attempted to use an AA gun to take out gunners on the zeppelin, but he failed and had to take cover while almost everybody in the town was killed by the biological weapon.



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