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      Iron Man 5 is a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the first movie of Phase Six and it will release in July 2024. It is a sequel to Iron Man 4. Robert Downey Jr. will again reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Synopsis Edit

After Galactus is defeated, and Iron Man and War Machine have taken a short holiday, go back to New York, which is taken over by Justin Hammer. He is back and he is more dangerous than ever be. He has made his own Iron Man armour. M.O.D.O.K. is also back, he now works together with Crimson Dynamo, which is angry on Iron Man because he killed his son. Iron Man, with the help of War Machine and others, have to stop them.

Plot Edit

The movie will start with a flashback. Anton Vanko sees that his son, Ivan Vanko is killed by Iron Man. Anton wants revenge and creates his own Iron Man suit, Crimson Dynamo. He starts working for the Soviet Government and takes his job. He has to sabotage Stark Industries and defeats Iron Man. He goes to the United States.

Justin Hammer later sees the dead of Carl Creel. He is very angry and also wants revenge. He also creates his own suit to defeat Iron Man.

Tony is later with Happy Hogan in New York City. A lot of Journalists wants to interview Tony. Happy acts as a bodyguard. Tony comes out of his car and walks inside a building. Rhodey is inside. Tony walks before a lot of journalists. He goes standing before them and says: Welcome everybody, after all my long work I have decided to take break. The Journalists start shouting. No further comments, Tony says and walks away in his car.

Justin Hammer is watching it and laughs: Now I can be the new Iron Man and take his place, then I will be the millionair and will everybody likes me. After that, He laughs like a psychopath.

The logo of Iron Man 5 follows.

2 weeks later, Tony is on holiday with Carol in Italy. In New York, Justin Hammer is talking to Christine Everhart. She is filming it. A lot of crowd watches it. Justin Hammer says that Iron Man is witg pension. I will take over his job and protects New York. Everybody is very glad and shouts.

Black Panther and Vision see it happen. Vision doesn't know where Iron Man is. Tony has to come back otherwise this wil totally go wrong: Black Panther says. I will call him: Vision says.

Iron Man is lying with Carol on a beach. Happy and Rhodey are also with them. Tony is later called by Vision. You have to come back, Vision says. Why??, I am on holiday. Justin Hammer finds it out and sends some agents to Vision and Black Panther. Justin Hammer wants to take over New York. You have to come back and stop him, Vision says. Okay allright: Tony says.

Cast Edit

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