Even though this is a 13 episode TV series, I'm posting it on this wiki in movie format, so I don't have to break up the episodes by event. I'll have a list of episode names, but I won't say what happens it what episode, it will just be one giant plot that in reality would be broken down into 13 episodes.


- Valeyard6282

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After K'un Lun's disappearance, Danny Rand is forced to return to Manhattan once again and return to his normal life in Rand Enterprises. However, an ancient evil returns after hundreds of years missing, and who Danny thought to be his friends, now become enemies.


1- Face of the New Order Edit

Danny returns to New York, The Ten Rings spreads like wildfire through the world when their long dead master returns.

2- Hands Grasp Us All Edit

Madame Gao rebuilds the Hand, Joy makes a dark deal, Danny sees what The Ten Rings is capable of.

3- One Step Further Edit

Joy returns to New York, Danny makes a fatal mistake, Coleen makes a risky choice.

4- Not All Of Us Know Edit

Rand struggles with Danny's absence, Gao makes her move, Danny learns more of The Mandarin.

5- Crime Doesn't Come Easy Edit

Danny makes a plan, Luke runs into an old ally of Danny's.

6- One Must Leave Edit

Danny escapes captivity, Coleen seeks help, Luke learns more of Davos' plots.

7- The Rings Await Edit

The Mandarin comes out of the shadows, Danny faces his fears, Ward confronts Danny.

8- Hand-Prints Stick Edit

Gao meets an old friend, Danny backs up Ward, Coleen arrives at her destination.

9- Fight Or Flight Edit

Danny must make a difficult choice, The Ten Rings join forces with The Hand

10- When One Door Closes, Another Opens Edit

Danny loses what he cares about, K'un Lun opens, Luke meets The Mandarin.

11- Hands and Rings Edit

The Mandarin releases vengeance on New York, Danny and Coleen return, Ward faces Gao.

12- One Way Or Another Edit

The Mandarin enacts his final plan, Davos and Joy escape, Danny wreaks havoc on Mandarin.

13- The Immortal Iron Fist Edit

Danny has the fight of his life, Coleen and Luke go after Gao, Danny must make a choice between two worlds.

Plot Edit

Notes and Deleted IdeasEdit


Danny Rand- Finn Jones

Coleen Wing- Jessica Henwick

Mandarin- Luke Evans

Luke Cage- Mike Colter

Trevor Slattery- Ben Kingsley

Madame Gao- Wai Ching Ho

Joy Meachum- Jessica Stroup

Ward Meachum- Tom Pelphrey

Davos- Sacha Dhawan  

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