In Sync is an upcoming college sport flick revolving around a gang of (non-frat) boys (not yet men) who decide to form a synchronized swimming squad in an attempt to set an example of counter-feminism.


Synchronized swimming is one of the few remaining Olympic disciplines that is restricted to a single gender, the female one in this case. One day, in a Sociology 101 class they are taking only half-assed, friends and roomies Wil and Guy realize that this is discriminatory. One night, soon after, they recruit a whole squad of guys with very different backgrounds and motives for their synchronized swimming team that is to be founded.


Deleted ScenesEdit



  • The boys
    • Leo comes from an athletic family and was recently kicked out of the Football/Baseball/Basketball/Hockey team; tall, athletic, black
    • Guy, named for Guybrush Threepwood by his ubernerdy single dad; average physique, his mother's origin was obviously a different continent than his (ginger/blond) father's; computer science major
    • Wil, oldest of 6 kids of Jewish-Greek parents and the only son; preparing for med-schhol
    • Huey, claims he's 6/8th native American, but everyone thinks he's at least half Japanese due to his fascination with everything manga, probably gay; social sciences
    • Chuck; engineering major
    • JR, exchange student from a Romance-speaking country
    • Bob, has a scholarship in a different sport
    • Jimmy
    • Cole
  • The sidekicks
    • dean of sports


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