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This is a MCU movie for Phase 4.


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After Thanos' defeat and the deaths of many of the Avengers, Stephen Strange creates the Illuminati to safeguard the Infinity Stones from future threat.


Attack on Kamar Taj Edit

Only a few weeks after Infinity War, Doctor Strange, Adam Warlock, and the sorcerers sense great evil. Kamar Taj is in the possession of all six Infinity Stones. In the library, Strange is reading in his astral form, when he sees and astral demon- appearing with no features at all, just a pure black figure- approaching him. Strange tries to return to his physical body, but for some reason he can't. The demon clutches Strange's throat and begins to choke him until a orange aura surrounds the demon and pulls in into itself until it is a fiery wisp that adsorbs into the Soul Stone. Strange reenters his physical body- which is covered in scratches after the encounter- and thanks Adam for allowing the Soul Stone to adsorb the demon. At that time, the room shakes. Strange and Adam determine that the Stones in one place is attracting evil forces. Strange uses his sling ring and opens a portal to the New York Sanctum. The Cloak of Levitation is on a coat rack. He whistles and the cloak flies through the closing portal and onto Strange. Strange runs over to the observatory and opens up a compartment which houses the Infinity Gauntlet. He puts it on and runs to his private collection and smashes the additive rune on the cover and inside is the Space Stone (they hid the Stones throughout Kamar Taj). He places it in the Infinity Gauntlet and uses it to open a portal to where the evil is coming from. The air in front of him spiderwebs in cracks and a blue-lit portal breaks away. Strange leaps through it, and it closes behind him.

Strange floats in total blackness- no ground, nothing. He hears hissing. He tries to yell, but his voice doesn't work. He looks around in fear, and from behind two giant, red, bony hands lock over his shoulders. Strange screams and he materializes in the library. He looks at the Infinity Gauntlet. The Space Stone is gone.

The sorcerers meet as a council. The table consists of Strange, Adam, Wong, Hamir, and Tina Minoru. The council discusses the massive dangers of keeping all the Stones in one place, and now one is in enemy hands. Wong sets a book on the table and opens it to a bookmarked page. He reads a myth about a demon named Mephisto. He says that the demon in Strange's experience in the void could have been Mephisto. Strange debunks it and says that all Wong is reading is myths and tall tales. Wong reminds him that he though spirit and magic was a myth as well. The end result of the meeting is that a team of the most powerful people in existence should spread out throughout the planet each protecting one of the Stones. Strange- as Sorcerer Supreme- forms the team.

The Illuminati Edit

Strange and Adam travel to New York to meet with Vision at the Avengers Facility. Strange tells Vision- who already has the Mind Stone- about his proposal. Strange talks about the fictional "Illuminati" from pop culture and he thinks that it should finally be made for real. They asks about Wanda for the Reality Stone, but Vision tells them that she can't control any more power and putting an enhancement on the most powerful person in the world would result in the apocalypse. Vision agrees and Strange and Adam travel back to Kamar Taj. As they leave, we the back of Mephisto gazing over the Avengers Facility from the astral plane. We see the side of his head, and he smirks- knowing about Vision's worries.

Resurrecting Tony Stark Edit

At Kamar Taj, Vision suggests the one ordinary man that managed to live through three potential world-ending events and a myriad of smaller threats- Tony Stark. Strange laughs this off as Tony died in the Infinity War. Vision points to the Soul Stone in Adam's chest. They travel to Malibu- where Tony was buried- and at his private Iron Man shaped grave marker. Strange tells Vision that Tony is not fit to safeguard the embodiment of reality. Vision tells him that if any human can do it- it's Tony. Adam unclasps the Soul Stone and the ground around the marker burns away and laying six feet underground is the body of Tony- only slightly deteriorated. The Soul Stone glows and Tony's body rises from the ground and lowers onto the surface. His skin glows golden-orange and the decomposing bits of him are reformed. After about thirty seconds, Tony awakens. They explain to him what happened and Tony agrees to safeguard the Reality Stone. The trio travels back to Kamar Taj.

Carol Danvers Edit

Tony suggests Carol Danvers- his romantic interest- to protect the Space Stone- her being "space-like and stuff". Vision points out that Carol is an extremely powerful being and he agrees. Strange tells Vision and Tony that the Space Stone was taken by Mephisto. But Strange says that when they get the Stone back, Carol should protect it. Strange and Adam agree as well. Carol is staying at her home in Washington D.C., and Tony visits her- alone- to invite her to the Illuminati. Tony shows up and after a tear-filled conversation, Tony explains how he was resurrected. She agrees, and asks when they'll be leaving to go to Kamar Taj, but Tony winks and says that they'll be staying in D.C. a little longer. They sleep together and a couple days later they return to Kamar Taj. Strange asks them where they were, and Tony says they had much needed "business" to attend to.

Inhuman Representatives Edit

Strange rolls his eyes and he tells the two of them about their last member that Adam sought out- Blackagar Boltagon and Medusalith Amaquelin of the Inhuman Royal Family. Tony asks what they can do and why they're two of them when there is one Power Stone. Strange tells them that Black Bolt (Blackagar) can't talk without causing devastating damage to the planet, so Medusa (Medusalith) serves as his telepathic interpreter. Tony makes a mute joke and Strange tells Tony to watch is tongue as Black Bolt's whispers are the equivalent of a nuke. Adam enters the council room with Black Bolt and Medusa. Medusa says that Black Bolt is honored to be a member of the Illuminati. Medusa gives off a hesitant vibe.

The Stones Edit

The other team members enter and Strange asks them to follow him. He leads them to the courtyard, where he opens a portal with his sling ring. They step through and enter into a giant room with black walls, a black floor, and a black domed ceiling. Strange says that this room is physically located under Kamar Taj and there's another entrance to it through the Kamar Taj council room. There's an oblong black desk in the room with six chairs around it- one at the far end, and three on either side of the table. Strange asks them all to take a seat. Tony attempts to sit at the end seat, but the Cloak of Levitation flies off of Strange and picks up Tony and moves him to another seat. The Cloak returns to Strange and he sits in the end chair. Carol next to Tony, and Adam sits on Tony's other side- closer to Strange. Vision sits across from Adam, and Black Bolt and Medusa sit in the other two seats- with Black Bolt in the middle. Strange pulls out three wooden orbs and places one at each seat, except for the seats himself, Vision, Adam, and Medusa. Strange sits and pulls a newly repaired Eye of Agamotto out and places it around his neck and tells everyone that the green Time Stone is within. He tells everyone to open up their orb. They do, and inside are a Stone for everyone to safeguard- except for Carol's orb which is empty for now. Tony has the red Reality Stone, Vision has the yellow Mind Stone, Adam has the orange Soul Stone, and Black Bolt has the purple Power Stone.

Notes and Deleted IdeasEdit

This movie takes place after Guardians of the Galaxy 3, so Adam Warlock has already made it to Earth and is staying in Kamar Taj.

I'm also assuming that Black Bolt and Medusa are present on Earth.


Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange- Benedict Cumberbatch

Tony Stark/Iron Man- Robert Downy Jr.

Vision- Paul Bettany

Adam Warlock- Jared Padalecki

Blackagar Boltagon/Black Bolt- Anson Mount

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel- Brie Larson

Mephisto- Christopher Walken

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch- Elizabeth Olson

Medusalith Amaquelin/Medusa- Serinda Swan

Wong- Benedict Wong

Hamir- Topo Wresniwiro

Tina Minoru- Linda Louise Duan

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